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Space Museum

Space Museum


The Space Museum Is an institution on 25th-Century Earth that primarily holds exhibits dealing with the history Of Space exploration and colonization by Earth people since its beginnings In the 20th Century. It is said that them is a story of heroism behind each exhibit on display at the Space Museum. The Space Museum also contains displays dealing with Earth's super-heroes of the 20th Century.

Howard Parker would regularly take his son Tommy to the Space Museum once a month and tell him the story behind one of the objects that was on display. Howard would interrupt each story at a critical point and challenge Tommy to figure out how the object on exhibit was used in the course of the adventure.

Howard Parker had been a renowned major-general in Earth's space-marine cow, and was known as the "Wrecker" for being, the corps' toughest battle officer Before Tommy's birth. General Parker was ordered to command a task force to battle the alien Zurans, who had attacked, the planet Alvoris of the star Procyon, which was one of the worlds belonging to Earth. Parker's task force was transported to Alvoris in the Colossus, which was reputed to be the finest of Earth's starships, and which was commanded by the renowned Admiral Ann "Blondy" Gordon.

General Parker disapproved of women holding high military positions, but he was impressed with Admiral Gordon when she fought off a space creature and alien vessels that attacked the Colossus.

On Alvoris, Parker discovered that the Zurans were using a mind-control device in a city they had captured. Parker intended to destroy the device from afar with an advanced weapon that, however, became damaged in battle. Parker repaired the weapon using two of Admiral Gordon's blond hairs as its cross-sight (just as female blond hairs were used in bombsights during World War II). Gordon made a diversionary attack In the Colossus, Parker advanced on the City and used his weapon to destroy the mind-control device, and the Zurans were broad to sign a peace treaty.

Parker and Gordon fell in love With each other and were married. Both had left the military by the time their son Tommy was visiting the Space Museum, and one of Gordon's hairs from the cross-sight was displayed as an exhibit.

As an adult Thomas Parker took his own son Gardner to the Space Museum every month to tell him stories about the exhibits.

A night watchman at the Space Museum, Michael Jon Carter, was Impressed by the enthusiasm children showed in being told stories about Earth's past heroes by their parents at the Museum. Carter was inspired by the exhibits about Earth heroes. Finally; Carter took the Museum Security robot Skeets and equipment from Museum displays and, using Rip Hunter's time machine (see Rip Hunter), which was on display there, went pack in time to 20th-Century Earth. There Carter used the equipment to become the super-hero Booster Gold.

First Appearance: (Space Museum, ward and Tommy Parker) STRANGE ADVENTURES #104; (Ann Gordon) STRANGE ADVENTURES #124; (Gardner Gordon) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #206

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