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Anime Insider

Fall of 2003 brought a much-welcomed response from Robert Bricken, editor of Wizard's Anime Insider magazine, asking for my help with a unique lead news story involving Korean animation. The story was to be centered around the amazing influx of Korean animated feature films that were announced just weeks prior. It would also cover the evolution of the animation industry in Korea, spotlight five of their must see series/movies and would even require extensive quotes from convention chairmen, MTV representatives and even a Korean cultural firm. There was just one catch...it had a turn-around time of a week.

Needless to say, the article was delivered on time and it soon blossomed into other work. Other pieces that followed included an ill-fated franchise worth-chart (unpublished), a side-bar comparing the Gundam head to a Samurai helmet, a mind-numbing cover feature on the Japan-only SD Gundam series, a news byte on Rave Master coming to Cartoon Network (unpublished), an A.I. 5 showcase on Kaze No Yojimbo (unpublished) and a convention round-up piece. My work on Anime Insider even gave me the chance to expend into ToyFare Magazine with an article spotlighting the North American launch of Gundam SEED.

Anime Insider - August 2005

Con News: Bad Boys

Anime Insider - January 2005
Muyo Madness: Page 1
Muyo Madness: Page 2
Muyo Madness: Page 3
Muyo Madness: Page 4
Muyo Madness: Page 5
Muyo Madness: Page 6
Muyo Madness: Page 7

My original draft for the Tenchi Muyo article was considerably longer with several entries that had to be omitted or scaled down for the final printed article. Feel free to give my original "director's cut" draft of the Ultimate Tenchi Guide a read if you'd like to totally fall down the Tenchi rabbit hole.

Anime Insider - Aug/Sept 2004

Con Job [side-bar]
Move Over Miyazaki [DVD department sub-news]
Looking Better [DVD department sub-news]

ToyFare #80

Sowing the 'SEED' of Love: Page 1
Sowing the 'SEED' of Love: Page 2

Anime Insider - June/July 2004

Con Job [side-bar]

Anime Insider - February 2004

Tiny Toons: Page 1
Tiny Toons: Page 2

Anime Insider - January 2004

Head Games [side-bar]

Anime Insider - December 2003

Seoul Caliber: Page 1
Seoul Caliber: Page 2

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