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Adam Arnold's Portfolio

Hi, and welcome to my online portfolio. First, let me introduce myself--so cue some cute anime music. My name is Adam Arnold, and I'm a freelance writer. In 1999, I co-created an anime webzine known as Animefringe Online Magazine, and I have contributed a wide array of articles since that time--many of which have been used to plug various products.

My work as both a writer and a layout editor for the magazine has helped me grow in more ways than I could have ever have imagined. In many ways, you could say I started as a simple fan of anime, manga, video games, and comic books--but slowly grew into a person who can see past the simple, one-sided arguments that affect so much of fandom.

In 2002, I began work on the hit series Love Hina as a freelancer for TOKYOPOP. During the four years I freelanced for TOKYOPOP, I worked on the English Adaptations of such series as the kid-friendly Mobile Fighter G-Gundam, two text-heavy Gundam Technical Manuals, Ken Akamatsu's earlier work A.I. Love You and Koge-Donbo's wonderful shoujo manga Pita-Ten.

In addition to my rewrite work and Animefringe duties, I was a columnist and reviewer for the bi-monthly periodical Request Magazine up until its cancellation and have been lucky enough to be called upon by Wizard Entertainment Group to contribute articles and side-bars for both Anime Insider and ToyFare. TOKYOPOP has also asked me to write a series of articles detailing the history and personalities associated with the animals of the Chinese Zodiac for the series Fruits Basket and I have even had various quotes from my articles used to plug products.

At present, I am acting webmaster in charge of updating and hyping new content for Seven Seas Entertainment's Gomanga.com, recently became the Senior Editor in charge of licensed manga and novels and am actively writing my own very series entitled Aoi House, which can be found everyone Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Gomanga.com and as a color 4-koma comic strip each month in Newtype USA.

Feel free to browse my portfolio and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to drop me an e-mail.

DISCLAIMER: The characters, story, and likeness of all the A.I. Love You and Pita-Ten manga characters are trademarked by TOKYOPOP an imprint of Mixx Entertainment, Inc., the Japanese licensers Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo and Media Works, Inc. and their series creators Ken Akamatsu and Koge-Donbo and are used on these pages for informational use only.
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