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Armageddon 2001

Armageddon 2001


In the world of 2030, Monarch is another word for menace! Though Earth's future seems bright and wonderful and filled with technological advances undreamed of by modern man, the citizens of 2030 pay a terrible price for their utopia: their lives are ruled by the all-seeing, all- knowing tyrant called Monarch! According to legend, this depraved despot was once one of Earth's heroes-no one was sure exactly which one-and had, by the and of the new century's first decade, turned evil, slaying all of Earth's super-powered champions and declaring himself ruler!

Though most of Monarch's subjects are unhappy living under this potentate's iron rule they have learned to quietly accept their fate. Only one man, Matthew Ryder, has the courage to try to alter Earth's destiny-though his scheme is madness! In an audacious attempt to change history, Ryder volunteers for a perilous time-travel experiment that will hurl him back to the year 1991! Lying to Monarch, Ryder swears to preserve the series of historical events that originally led to Monarch's sovereignty, but his actual agenda is to somehow locate-and exterminate-the hero who will become Monarch!

Buffeted by the weird currents of the time stream, Matthew Ryder-now Waverider-arrives in present-day with the power to unveil, at a touch, a person's most probable future. Using this ability, he peers into the tomorrows of all Earth's champions -and then turns to Superman and the Justice League for help! Together, the world's greatest super-heroes succeed in changing the future-but as a result they unwittingly unleash tomorrow's Monarch into the world of today!

Text taken from DC Comics 1992 Series 1 (cards)--163 through 165 in a series of 180


  • ARMAGEDDON 2001#1
  • Superman Annual#3
  • Batman Annual#15
  • Justice League America Annual#5
  • Action Comics Annual#3
  • Flash Annual#4
  • Hawkworld Annual#2
  • The New Titans Annual#7
  • Detective Comics Annual#4
  • Adventures Of Superman Annual#3
  • L.E.G.I.O.N.'91 Annual#2
  • Hawk And Dove Annual #2
  • Justice League Europe Annual#2
  • ARMAGEDDON 2001#2
  • Armageddon:The Alien Agenda#1-4
  • Armageddon:INFERNO#1-4
  • epilogue) Superman#61


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