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"A small child. No one of consequence."

-Carl, SUPERGIRL #35, Aug '99

Supergirl #35
David, Kirk, Riggs
"For Those Who Came in Late..."

Note: This issue will be annotated in a transcript form featuring the ‘voice-over' between the issues hosts. Scene descriptions will only appear for pages 1, 9, 21, & 22, this is to ensure you buy this essential issue.

35.1.1 - The scene: a high-tech chamber with a huge viewing monitor. Two chairs site in front of the monitor screen which shows the battle between Supergirl & Parasite. The chairs are shadowed, the on the right reviles only the legs of the seated figure (Viewer), but the one on the left has a shadowed arm sticking out which holds a smoking cigarette. Smoker - "There's the subject of our get-together, sir. Supergirl, the maid of might... presently in not-so-gay Paris, fighting for her life in the grip of the energy-draining Parasite."
Viewer - "Who says there's never anything good on television?"
35.2.1 - Viewer, "I'm still not entirely certain why you called this meeting, Carl. What is there about Supergirl I don't know?"
35.2.2-35.2.9 - Carl, "In answer to your first query: I called it since I felt it well past time that we got acquainted. As to the latter... I think it imperative you realize how much Supergirl has changed in recent months. Observe for example... ...her winds. You must have heard hey exist... but not known why. The fact is, they are a manifestation of her status as an angel. Impressive. Already her healing ability is compensating for the energy lost to--"
Viewer - "Wait. Back up. Did you say... angel?"
Carl - "Why, yes."
35.3.1-35.4.1 - Carl, "You are familiar, of course, with the residents of Heaven and Earth. However, there is a third type of being, with ties to both. They are called Earth-Born Angels. They do God's work on Earth, and man's work in Heaven. At least the truly advanced ones do. At any given time, there are three... and of all the celestial beings. They are among God's favorites. They govern Fire, Light and Love. Now Supergirl... the current Earth-Born Angel of Fire. She has flame vision which is simply an all-purpose burning tool... and her wings. She is presently under the impression that the wings affect only those whose intent is to do harm. She is, however, wrong. Her wings only impair those who believe, at some level, that they deserve to be punished. A litmus test of the soul if you will. For instance... ... in an early battle with Despero, her wings were lethal to him. [Issues #17-18.] To some degree he regrets his activities... not that one would know it to look at him. But an agent of mine-- Fracture-- has no guilt over his actions and so was relatively undaunted. [Issues #21-22.]"
Viewer - "Wait-- we just left Supergirl letting the Parasite fall to his death. Is she going to allow that to happen...?"
Carl - "Never. Because she knows-- instinctively-- that if she kills... ...she will fall from grace. And that would have most serious consequences..."
35.6.1-35.6.4 - Carl, "Now this is a creature known as "Buzz." We believe he was involved in the creation of the current incarnation of the Earth-Born Angel of fire. With him in the picture is his erstwhile girlfriend, one Linda Danvers."
Viewer - "I don't quite understand the "creation" aspect of all this. And who is Buzz?"
Carl - "An Earth-Born Angel is a being created under very special circumstances. One who is deemed worthy must sacrifice his or her life to save one who is, in every way, beyond hope. We believe that the demon, Buzz, acting in accordance with the wishes of the Chaos Lords, utilized Supergirl as the sacrifice. It was shortly after her encounters with Buzz that Supergirl began to manifest those powers associated with an Earth-Born Angel. And since there was a voice due to the fate of the previous Earth-Born Angel of Fire."
Viewer - "What happened to that Angel? To Supergirl's predecessor?"
Carl - "Trust me, my dear fellow... ... you don't want to know."
35.9.1 - Viewer, "You said that she was "merged" into this Earth-Born Angel state. Who is she merged with?"
Carl, "We're not quite certain. You see, we paid no attention to Supergirl until her Earth-Born aspect manifested, so we've been playing catch-up. We managed to un-cover some information, but there are still gaps in our knowledge. Buzz knew... but he and the Chaos Lords have kept that information to themselves. She does, however, have friends and associated, and that may lead us to her. One such is the girl you saw before-- Linda Danvers. Miss Danvers fell in with Buzz, who in turn appealed to all her worst traits. Of which there were many."
35.9.2 - Two scenes appear on the screen in front of Carl and his fellow ‘Viewer'. One is of a beer party in the woods Buzz and Linda were involved with. The other is over Linda sitting on a park bench with a playground in the background as she listens to Wally.
Viewer - "Who's the boy here with Danvers? He looks like..."
Carl - "A small child. No one of consequence. She was once reported as missing, presumed dead. Supergirl reportedly "saved" her... and since then, Miss Danvers has been something of a model citizen."
Viewer - "The maybe she's the person that Supergirl merged with."
35.9.3 - Carl, "Possibly. Then again, people have been knwon to change without benefit of being superheroes. Although it's interesting to note that Miss Danvers is in Paris at the moment... as is Supergirl. However, Supergirl's presence might be attributable to this individual..."
35.10.1-35.10.4 - Viewer, "Wait a minute... now we're inside of the buildings? Do you have cameras everywhere in the world, Carl?"
Carl, "Not yet. We do have extensive, and subtle, mobile units, However. Most disguised as birds, cats, squirrels. Next time you feed a fuzzy creature in the park... be sure to wave at us. No as I was saying... This is Mattie Harcourt, a bright young medical student and close friend of Linda Danvers. She's also had direct dealings with Supergirl, ranging from being saved by her to having had a major difference of opinion during a demonstration at Stanhope University. [Issue #23.] Richard Malverne. Wealthy family, but Richard prefers to make his own way... although he is not averse to a few perks, such as a horse and a fancy car. We believe he... fancies... Miss Danvers. And then there's-- --Elizabeth Perske, Philanthropist and a former Supergirl mentor who's not quite as bright as she likes to think she is. But even if she were half as smart as that, she could still pose a problem..."
35.12.5-35.13.1 - Carl, "In addition to the "judgment" aspect, the winds also give Supergirl a sort of "shunt" ability, creating a wormhole-like tunnel that enables her to go anyplace that she has seen first-hand."
Viewer - "And she's maintained her strength, TK blasts, invisibility and shape-shifting?"
Carl - "‘Yes' to the first two. She never turns invisible anymore. We're not sure why. And we theorize that she maintains her shape-shifting transfer to her merged identity. Ah... Let's watch as the Parasite destroys himself. You see trying to steal the powers of an Earth-Born Angel is a mistake. They are Heaven-sent. It rebounds to the detriment of the thief ...always..."
35.14.1-35.14.4 - Viewer, "So what we have here is an other dimensional, shape-shifting, protoplasmic being who was willing to sacrifice her life to save someone... and consequently was morphed into an "Earth-Born Angel" with winds that could best be described as supernatural."
Carl - "I know, I know. You've heard it once, you've heard it a hundred times."
Viewer - "Does she have any other associates?"
Carl - "Well, there's this individual: Cutter Sharp. A reporter who resigned his position with the Leesburg tribune and became Supergirl's publicist. He arranges speaking engagements and generally tries to present a positive public face for her. Of course, you'd thing that being a superhero would be positive enough. But I fear the public tends to destroy that which it once idolized. And super-beings have far loftier heights from which to fall."
35.15.6-35.15.7 - Carl, "... And this is Fred Danvers, Linda's father. Newly promoted to plainclothes detective. Since Supergirl aided in the recovery of his daughter, he appears to have developed a soft spot for our heroine. In fact... ...he and his wife, Sylvia, seem to look upon her as a second daughter."
35.21.1 - The monitor is turned off and Carl announces, "So.. That brings you current. Therefore I'd like to know if you're interested in assisting me..."
The Viewer replies with his elbow on the silhouetted chair, "You still havent' told me how."
Carl answers with, "Information. Resources. As assortment of ways I'll be happy to share with you in future chats."
35.21.2 - Close-up of a silhouetted Carl reviling he has his fingers clasp in front of him, his face hidden behind glasses is angled towards the ‘Viewer' as he puffs on his cigarette. "In return, I will show you how to safely harness that unearthly power you saw her displaying."
35.21.3 - Silhouet of the legs of the ‘Viewer' with the darkened Carl in the background as the Viewer replies, "I shall... consider it. Although to be blunt, I suspect you've been less than candid with me. I think there's information you're holding back... perhaps her "merged" identity, or other items. Still... I can understand that. Even respect it. Knowledge is power, after all."
35.21.4 - In the foreground Carl has his hands clasp as he answers back, "No, It's not, Lex. You can have knowledge without power. That's philosophy. And power without knowledge neatly summarizes the history of mankind. Only power is power."
With this Lex Luthor gets up from his chair to be greeted with his midget retainer who has brought him his trench coat.
35.21.5 - Close-up of Lex Luthor as he puts on his trench coat. Lex snidely remarks, "Very droll, Carl. Very Droll. How do you come up with such sage observations, anyway?"
35.22.1 - The smug Carl replies reviling himself to be dressed in a gray business suit with a brown sweater underneath and a gray colored bow tie on,
"God knows."

Supergirl #36
David, Kirk, Riggs
"Heck's Angels Part 2: Justice Delayed"
36.1.1 - Atlas Corp. where the moto is 'We carry the weight of the world.'
Carl is at the lab for a tour as the doctor greets him, "Mr. Carnivean! This is an honor, sir!"
36.1.2 - Doctor, "You rarely take such a personal interest in our work here."
Carl, "Oh, I consider the Matrix creature to be quite a specail case, doctor. How are your tests proceeding?" All around the massive lab scientist are testing items and reporting their results and un on the catwalks high-tech security gaurds are monitoring the lab.
36.1.3 - The Matrix creature is banging on the glass of its' confinment tube as the doctor says, "Apace, sir. It's still quite violent. See how it keeps trying to break free from its encasement. Unfortunately. We've still had no luck establishing any sort of communication with it."
36.1.4 - Cal replies "Indeed." He then steps forward to get a better lock at the creature.
36.1.5 - The Matrix creature brings its' head right up to the glass, but Carl doesnt' flinch.
36.1.6 - The creature then screams and turns back to protoplasm.
36.1.7 - Carl smugly asks, "You see doctor?"
36.1.8 - "There's more than one way to communicate."
But, before the doctor can comment Carl's assitant inturrupts, "Mr. Carnivean..."
36.2.1 - "There is a matter which requires your attention."
Carl bends down to ask, "Really, Mr. Stubbs? Then let us attend."
Mr. Stubbs replies, "It's concerning Dante..."
36.2.2 - 36.2.3 - As the two walk gown a long well light hallway Carl comments, "Dante? The amateur who stumbled upon a cavern of demonettes and now fancies himself an underlord? Overreaching little mortal. Still, he's been worth some amusement until now, and he causes misery in his own small way, so I've never sought to hamper his operation. Is there a problem with him?"
Mr. Stubbs replies, "Not a problem. An interesting confluence of events."
36.2.4 - The two reach the viewign chanber and Mr. Stubbs turns on the moniter and says, "The first event is that Dante has vistors."
36.2.5 - Carl replies as he watchs the screen, "Ah. 'Young Justice." Arrowerre remains quite the fashion nightmare, I see. And the second event?" [* see Young Justice #12]
36.2.6 - 36.2.7 - "Dante has recently 'acquired' Tammy Neil. He snatched her simply because she inherited sizable fortunes from the deceases Wanda Lee. [* see issue #24] But he doesn't know of her connection to ember. You, however, do... and I thought that might make this of interest to you..."
Carl smuggly replies, "And to Supergirl, as well and accidents can happen..."
36.2.8 - "I think it's time for Supergirl to learn of the new Chaos Stream, don't you?" Carl finishes as a delighted grin fills his face.

Supergirl #37
David, Kirk, Riggs
"Heck's Angels Part 4: Demon In The Bottle"
37.4.1 - "Something is... VERY wrong," Carl says as he watches the viewing screen while smoking a cigarette.
37.4.2 - "Watching Young Justice go berserk in Leesburg... seeing Supergirl down, almost out... ...these things should be pleasing me."
37.4.3 - "And yet... Ah, well. Time for a change of scene," Carl sighs as he lifts a remote control and clicks the button.
37.4.4 - A scene of high-tech series of towers on a mountain with a stairway going up to the city appear on the scene. "There we go. As Luthor observed: who says there's never anything good on TV?"
37.4.5-37.4.6 - Carl walks up to the screen, drops his cigarette on the floor, and passes through it. Then he begins to casually stroll up the starts to the summit.
37.5.1-37.5.4 - Carl reaches the summit and is greeted by streets filled with people and creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colors all bowing and greeting him. Carl continues his journey until he reaches the blacksmiths shop.
37.5.5 - Carl picks up a pair of glasses that are laying on the table and says, "Stubbs."
Stubbs is busy pounding something and replies, "G'day, sir."
37.5.6 - Carl - "How does it go master forger?"
37.5.7 - Stubbs - "It goes, sir. It goes."
37.6.1 - Stubbs holds up the sword that he has been working on for Carl to inspect and asks, "I have your new terrible swift sword, sir. Satisfactory?"
37.6.2-37.6.3 - Carl takes out a new cigarette and replies, "Brilliant as always." He then lights the cigarette using the searing metal as a lighter.
37.6.4 - Stubbs the cools the sword as Carl comments, "There's something wrong in the air, stubbs. I can sense it... smell it... but I'm not sure what it is."
37.6.5 - "Perhaps it's the business with Dante, sir. He has brought Supergirl straight to 'Dis,'" Stubbs replies as he hands the finished sword to Carl.
Carl - "Indeed that is some-what unfortunate... although not totally unexpected."
37.6.6 - Carl holds up the intricately designed sword with jagged blades and replies, "Dis is aware of what he is to do, I take it? That he is not to actually try to kill the Earth-born... but instead cause her to fall? That nothing... even Dante's own life... is to supersede that goal."
37.6.7 - Carl continues, "They do so... at their peril." He then holds out the sword and it bursts into flames and changes into a black umbrella.

Stubbs replies, "That has been made clear to him, sir. But Dis is one of your stronger-minded creations. He has something of an attitude. Your endeavors here, in Paradise Found, and your creations such as the artificial Dis... they're masterful mirrors of what was left behind, Sir. But it would appear sometimes they deft even your control."

37.11.5 - Carl and Stubbs are gazing in to the coals to see the battle going on in Hell. Carl says, "Well, well... Dante may yet serve his purpose. She's badly hurt... becoming desperate..."
37.11.6-37.11.7 - "...Now, my child... now is the moment... Now, is--," Carl's eyes become wide and he takes the cigarette from his mouth and smiles widely to revile his fangs.
Dante takes his whip and knife and charges towards Supergirl screaming, "--Too late for your Earth-Born!"

37.13.3 - Carl angrily watches the coals and yells, "Dis... you fool! You unmitigated fool! This was never about you! Never!"
37.13.4-37.13.5 - Carl claws his hand and reveals his teeth, now back to normal, in disgust, "She might very well have killed Dante, such was her pain and anger! But you killed him in your eagerness to get at her! To try slay that which you have no business slaying!"
Stubbs intercedes, "If I may be so bold, sir... repeated 'His' mistake you gave His free will."
37.13.6 - Carl replies smugly, "Yes, well.. I giveth, and I taketh away." [Note: the demons that are controlling Arrowette and Robin suddenly disintegrate.]

37.21.6-38.22.3 - Dis reaches the streets of Leesburg ready for vengeance when suddenly the lava creature turns completely to ice and shatters.
38.22.4 - Carl and Stubbs watch the conclusion of the battle as stubbs comments, "My, my, I knew you were angry, but I had n Idea you'd dispose of Dis in that manner."
38.22.5 - The situation begins to dawn on Carl and he gets worried as he replies, "I didn't. As insane as this sounds, Stubbs..."
38.22.6 - "... I think Hell is freezing over."

Supergirl #38
David, Kirk, Riggs
"City of Angels"
38.8.3 - Supergirl and Zaurel are fighting demons in the WB movie lot, during the Day of Judgment event, as Supergirl comments, "The presence. You mean God."
Zaurel - "Of course."
38.8.4 - Supergirl, "Um, is God a little kid with a hat and a baseball bat?"
Zaurel- "What?"
38.8.5 - "Yeah, about this high. With glasses and... ...and..."
38.8.6 - "-Sigh- Forget it."

Supergirl #39
David, Kirk, Riggs
"On Ice"
39.4.4 - Reverend Varvel asks, "Supergirl, if it's not presumptuous... could you tell me something... anything... about the almighty?"
Supergirl, "Hmm..."
39.4.5 - Supergirl smiles and answers, "He bats righty."
39.4.6 - Supergirl then takes her leave by flying out the window saying, "Take care."
39.4.7 - Cutter then ponders, "Hunh. I didn't know God even liked baseball."

39.22.1-39.22.5 - The Angel of Light walks out of the room and sighs as a gloved hand hands her a light cigarette. "A cancer stick? Bless you. Little witch almost tore my throat out. So now what?"
Carl replies, "Now what? Now nothing. Now tomorrow... ...we do it all over again. And once we've brought her over... she'll bring us Supergirl... ...and then... ...then she's doomed."

Supergirl #41
David, Kirk, Riggs
"Ember After"
41.12.5 - Satan Girl is clarifying the fall of Ember, "[...] I performed dread rituals and called to the carnivorous one for power. He honored my request and gave me power."

With Carl Carnivean's plans for Supergirl in full swing right now, this site's goal is to not spoil any of the surprises from the issues leading up to Supergirl #50. So when that issue finally comes out and the reaction fads, I will bring this web site up to date. Keep up the great work guys. ^_^

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