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"You say you're God. Prove it."

-Supergirl, SUPERGIRL #19, Mar '98

Supergirl #21
David, Kirk, Rollins
"Through A Fractured Prism"
21.4.1-21.5.8 - First the Millennium Giants, now this Comet business. But Supergirl/Linda takes a break to solve a mystery all her own. Linda changes and goes to the library.
"Wally the God Boy" told me I was an... an earth angel. Or something. Recommended I read a book called "ANGELS ON EARTH" by one Professor R.K. Simpson. This might be some sort of massive hosing... ...but the bottom line is that I've got no better ideas to figure out what I've become."
"One sub-genre of Angel. Written of in only a few rare texts, is the ‘Earth-Born Angel', or ‘Earth Angel.' Similar to earth's elementals, Earth Angels are part of both the seraphim and guardian Angel orders... ...Bridging the gap between heaven and earth. There are three at any given time, over-seeing Love, Light and Fire, respectively. And earth-born angel is believed to be create under very specific circumstances when one person selflessly sacrifices himself or herself for the purpose of saving one who is, in every way, beyond hope."

Supergirl #25
David, Kirk, Riggs
"Desperate Times"
Supergirl has just been charged as a ‘Racist' for her involvement in a rally that turned ugly at Stan-Hope University in Issue 23. Times are fixing to get rougher....
25.4.1-25.4.6 - Andy Jones, a stand-up comic who once dated cutter, drives up on her motorcycle beside ‘Dicky' and explains her ‘true' feelings and get's the "Yeah. Yeah, we're cool on it." in return.
25.4.7 - Andy drives off saying- "Great! See Ya!"
Dick asks himself- "Wonder what that was all about?"
25.4.8 - Wally walks by with his left hand in his pocket and his bat over his right shoulder and replies- "Andy's gay and thinks Linda is too."
25.4.9-25.4.10 - Dick smiles and waves- "Oh, Okay! Thanks..." A shocked look then comes over him- "...kid..."

25.7.4-25.7.5 - Ma and Pa Kent are over at Linda's apartment trying to comfort her in regards to the recent events. Pa turns on the TV and there is another ‘Supergirl Supporting the Nazi's' ad on TV. Pa say's he is sorry and Linda puts her head to the window- "Not your fault. But I need something to go right in my life. Even if it takes a..."
25.7.6 - Outside Wally is waving to Linda. Linda- "...miracle?"
25.7.7 - Flashback to Linda's mother in one of her stupors- "I don't even take God on faith anymore."
Linda- "I'll tell him that next time I see him."
25.7.8 - Linda rushes out of the apartment as she answers Ma on "Linda? Where are you going?"
Linda- "To see a man about a miracle."
25.7.9-25.8.4 - Linda rushes out the house, jumps over Dick's car running towards the park, overhead Comet flies overhead. ‘Oh, great, and there goes the amazing disappearing love interest, Comet, who I can't get out of my head...and I've no idea why. He vanishes when I want him, and probably Wally has, too...'
25.8.5 - Linda runs up to the baseball field to see Wally swinging at the plate. "Hi. Working on my swing."
25.8.6 - Wally smiles with Linda in the background over his left shoulder- "You looking for me?"
25.9.1 - Linda- "Okay...For once...just for once...let's cut the baloney. You know who I am?"
Wally taking a swing- "Who do you think you--?"
25.9.2 - Close up of Linda getting mad- "DO I LOOK LIKE I'M IN THE MOOD TO PLAY AROUND?"
25.9.3 - Wally, leaning with his right hand on the bat with his Left hand in his pocket- "All right. You're Linda Danvers, A.K.A. Supergirl. I acknowledge it. Now... will you acknowledge who I am?"
25.9.4 - silhouette of Wally and Linda- "You say you're God. I want you to prove it."
Wally- "We've been through this. And the fact it..."
25.9.5 - Wally tipping his hat and turning away- "...I don't have to prove anything."
25.9.6 - Linda grabs Wally- "I've had it with you, you little creep!"
25.9.7 - Linda thrusts Wally against the fence- "I'm sick of you romping around on the outskirts of my life, for months now! Of your crazy claims and knowing more than you're telling! If you're God, FINE! Then I want your help! Not in dribs and drabs! Now!"
25.10.1 - Wally bashes Linda in the stomach.
25.10.2 - Wally falls back on the ground as Linda gasps for air.
25.10.3 - Wally stands and waves his bat in the air over Linda- "Now I'm teed off."
25.10.4 - Wally swings his battle and it collides with Linda sending her fling backwards.
25.10.5 - Linda flies backwards and hits the ground with a ‘WUDD.'
25.10.6 - Wally walks the trench he has caused towards Linda- "Take it from me--"
25.10.7 - Linda sits up clasping her head as Wally speaks- "--your prayer technique needs a lot of work."
25.11.1 - Linda- "I...I just...I feel like my whole life is spiraling out of my many unanswered questions, so much dangling..."
Wally crouches down and holds out his hand- "Life dangles. You want tied-off threads, read a comic book. Look, you think I haven't helped you before? When Buzz was trying to bring you down...I gave him just the briefest glance into my true face. I didn't take control of him. But when someone truly sees me, they can't help but be changed. Okay. I'll help you two more times. Small stuff only. And you don't need me for you're P.R. problem, just a good publicist. So...what do you want?"
25.11.2 - Linda- "I want my mother's spiritual crisis solved. And I want to know what Comet's hiding from me."
25.11.3 - Wally sits ‘Indian style'- "Invading Comet's privacy? Not very angelic."
Linda- "It's the human part of me talking. Boy, I can take a hit, but I sure felt that one."
25.11.4 - Wally smiles again- "You only think you felt it. If I'd really let you feel it, you wouldn't be feeling anything anymore. Linda...If I do these things fro you...will you believe I'm who I say I am?"
25.11.5 - Linda answers- "I..won't completely believe in you. But I won't completely disbelieve."
Wally stands back up- "Good enough. But since I'm helping you now..."
25.11.6 - Wally turns and lets out a small frown- "...I won't help you when the carnivore comes. And that's unfortunate, because that will be when you could have used me most of all. And remember...I help those who help themselves."
25.11.7 - Close up Linda pulling her fingers through her leaf covered hair- ‘Cripes, I just roughed up a deluded kid on the off-chance that he can fix my life. How desperate was that?'

25.14.1 - Danvers's house. Mrs. Danvers is laying on the couch still sporting her broken noise and arm. She is channel surfing- "We'll return to "HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN" in just a minute." CLIK "And now, Back to "TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL."
25.14.2 - "Next on Showtime... Denzel Washington is heaven=sent in "THE PREACHER'S WIFE." CLIK
25.14.3 - "Next on HBO... John Travolta in "MICHAEL." CLIK
25.14.4 - "Next on Encore... "OH GOD," followed by "OH GOD, BOOK II," and "OH GOD, YOU DEVIL." CLIK
25.14.5 - "Nicolas Cage... Meg Ryan... "CITY OF ANGELS"... Now playing in a theater near you..." CLIK
25.14.6 - Mrs. Danvers throws the Remote at the TV and the batteries go flying.
25.14.7 - Mrs. Danvers puts her ‘Cliker' arm over her head when their are two knocks at the door- "It's open! If you're a mugger, make it quick!"
25.14.8 - Wally- "Hi. I'd like to talk to you about God."
Mrs. Danvers sitting up- "Oh, Swell."
25.14.9 - Mrs. Danvers- "Aren't you a little young to be a Jehovah's witness?"
Wally smiles with both hands on his bat- "Actually. I'm more of a material witness."

25.18.1 - Wally and Mrs. Danvers are sitting on the coach. Wally is sipping on his glass of water. Mrs. Danvers looks down and says - "I'm sorry...once upon a time, God made sense to me. Now he doesn't. And if he doesn't make van I believe he exists?"
Wally answers back- "Trigonometry doesn't make sense to a lot of people. That exists."
Mrs. Danvers- "You're a child. You don't could it be that..."
Wally- "That if God is Omniscient, why does he let bad things happen because he's know about them and stop them if he cared."
Mrs. Danvers- "Why...yes. Exactly."
25.18.2 - Wally- "You don't get what Omniscient means. It relates to why humanity is here."
Mrs. Danvers looking at Wally- "Oh? And you do get it?"
Wally- "Sure I Do."
25.18.3 - Wally- "Omniscient means that God knows all there is right now...but not all there si to know."
Mrs. Danvers- "Is that a fact?"
25.18.4 - Wally- "Sure. That's why God put mankind on Earth: to learn about stuff. So he could be the best God possible by knowing as much as there was to know...and give that knowledge back to humanity..."
25.18.5 - Close up of Wally- "Look...take the garden of Eden, for instance... God put the Tree of Knowledge in the garden, and said to Adam and Eve, "Don't eat from it." But he took no other action. You think he couldn't have really prevented it? Put up barbed wire, a fence, put it on the top of an unscalable mountain, anything. But all he did was say, "Don't." Basically, he was the parent, and they were the children."
25.19.1-25.19.4 - Wally- "Now, the moment you say to a child, "Don't touch something," the kid's gonna touch it. "Don't eat." Kid eats. Every dimbulb newbie parent knows that. Why didn't God know it? Because it had never happened before. He figured, what with being God and all, saying "NO" would be enough. So Adam and Eve disobey, and God says, "whoa, wasn't expecting that! New one on me!" And from that came both the first punishment and the first dysfunctional family."
(Chibi-images of Adam and Eve with God's hand pointing to the tree. The snake tempting the couple. The two eating the Apple. And the Punishment are pictured while Wally narrates)
25.19.5 - Wally- "Mankind is here to be god's Lab Rats, to God can continue to learn and, through God, man learns, too. And God's in each of us, and as we serve each other, we serve him as well."
25.19.6 - Mrs. Danvers begins to laugh and Wally asks- "What's so funny, Sylvia?"
Mrs. Danvers- "I'm *snicker* I'm sorry, I..."
25.19.7 - Mrs. Danvers holding her face- "No. I'm not sorry. I haven't laughed in ages. You've been very pleasant company, Wally. Thanks."
25.20.1 - Wally getting his things together- "No problem, so..are you going back to A.A. and find a way to reconcile with your husband? And accept Linda's continued presence as the miracle it is?"
Mrs. Danvers- "Wh..what?"
25.20.2 - Mrs. Danvers getting up- "How...How did you...? Who are...?"
Wally puts on his hat and smiles- "Wanna see a trick? Last time I did it was for an artist thirty years ago."
25.20.3 - Wally holds his bat at the mid-point with the barrel pointing upwards and the grip downwards- "I'm pulling for Linda, you see. And in the dark times ahead of her... ...she could use her mom. In A.A. terms, think of this as..."
25.20.4 - "...A Divine Intervention!" Wally slams his bat down to the floor with a WOMP! And a bright flash of light envelopes the room.
25.20.5 - Mrs. Danvers is standing in awe as the light subsides.
25.20.6 - Her eyes begin to widen.
25.20.7 - Tears begin to stream from her face.

So how does Wally play a role in the unveiling of the true identity of Comet? Well, he doesn't appear in the final two pages. But, the final outcome is a ‘shocker' in it's own right. To find out who it is read this is, SUPERGIRL #25.

Supergirl #26
David, Kirk, Riggs
"The Flying Game"
While Linda is reeling from the effects of the Comet revelation, a strange ‘pink-flesh-eater' is killing people. The effects of Wally's final revelations begin to fruition.
26.7.1-27.7.6 - Fred Danvers and 2 fellow officers from the force, Carrie and Mike, "volunteer to help" him with moving out from his house. They arrive in a ‘Haul It Yerself!' moving van and Fred exits leaving the others in the van as he goes into his house to pick up his things. He urges his wife "not to start another fight over this, okay?"
26.7.7 - Fred stands in the doorway to the kitchen. Sylvia stands, center floor. Her hair now has white streaks on both sides of the front of her bangs. She is drinking something. Fred stutters, "Syl? Wh... What...?"
26.8.1 - Sylvia smiles and holds up the glass to say, "Oh. Don't panic, Fred. It's just grape juice. Taste it if you don't believe me."
Fred quickly rebuttals with, "No, I mean... Your hair.. The gray streaks... Why...?"
26.8.2 - Sylvia answers, "I had an epiphany, Fred."
Fred is confused, "What, is that like a perm of something?"
Sylvia replies, "It was so strange: I took a nap, and when I woke up, I suddenly felt revitalized... like everything made sense. I'll be going back to A.A. tonight, in fact."
26.8.3 - Sylvia continues, "And I want to have Linda over for lunch tomorrow. I never questioned that she was our daughter before I knew the truth. Really, there's no reason for me to question it now, either. If she's here, it's for a reason. Everything happens for a reason, and tends to work out if you let it. I just wasn't willing to let it. But now I am."
26.8.4 - Fred quickly snaps back, "No... No. This is too pat. You're just trying to change my ming about the divorce."
26.8.5 - Sylvia and Fred stand just feet apart from the couch. A bat lays on the floor half way under the couch. Sylvia begins to walk forward, "Oh, Fred. I can't hold on to you if you don't want to stay. If that's your decision, I respect--"
26.8.6-26.8.7 - Sylvia's foot grazes the barrel of the bat and she trips. "Whoooff! OH!" Sylvia falls into Fred. The glass of grape juice spills on to Fred's shirt.
26.9.1-26.9.9 - Sylvia quickly apologies to her husband and urges to get the Stain out of his favorite shirt. At first Fred is hesitant but gives in and takes off his shirt and hands it to Sylvia. "Heavens you've been working out," Sylvia notices and puts her hand on Fred's chest. Emotions of love begin to show and soon the two are back in each others arms taking a much deserved embrace filled with a passionate ‘Big Red' moment kiss. The shifts back to Fred's two moving companions who were expecting the wait...

26.17.1-26.18.10 - Martha and Jonathan Kent pay a visit to Fred and Sylvia in order to try one last time to talk the two out of "making a terrible mistake." After a stern talking to Fred and Sylvia embrace in another tender kiss and the Kents are flabbergasted. It seems the Kents had already "missed something" that changed Fred and Sylvia's minds. But, Sylvia instructs them to tell "folks in the U-Haul" that "You made us see the light."

26.22.1-26.22.3 - The phone rings as the Comet business is finally calming down. Linda picks it up, "Linda? Hi. It's your mom."
Linda is shocked, "Mom?"
26.22.4 - Tears of joy flood Linda's eyes as Sylvia talks, "Your dad and I. Well... we thought it'd be nice to have our only daughter over for dinner tomorrow. Are you free?
Linda answers, "Oh. God, yes."
Sylvia continues, "Bring a friend, if you want."
Linda replies, "I.. Think I will bring a friend, yes."
26.22.5-26. 22.7 - The scene is the outside of the apartment as Linda continues, "Mom, I... well... well, I prayed you'd call... that we'd work things out... prayed ‘til it hurt, actually... ...But it was worth it... ‘cause I've got a feeling only good things are happening from now on." The killer looms in the shadows.

Supergirl #27
David, Kirk, Riggs
"Space World"
Good things abound as Fred is promoted to ‘Detective Lieutenant' and gets the case of ‘protoplasm murderer' and Linda's life is finally looking up for a change.
27.17.1 - "It's about time that I thanked Wally for the help he gave me..even though I'm not evtirely sure what he did. All I know is, Mom seems better...and at least I have some idea now of where I stand with Comet. Wonder if a kid who thinks he's God would want Space Girls tickets." Linda thinks as she opens the gate and walks towards the house.
27.17.2 - Linda opens the screen door and knocks on the glass door. A bird sites on the porch roof. "Then again, if he's God, he probably has some already."
27.17.3 - A white girl with long tan hair and glasses answers the door and Linda asks, "Oh..Hi. Can I speak to Wally, please?"
The girl replies, "I'm sorry...I don't know any Wally. You must have the wrong house."
27.17.4 - Linda rebuttals with, "No, this is it. I got the address from... Well, I know this is the right place. Wally Johnson? Lives here with his grand-father?"
27.17.5 - The girl smiles and replies, "Miss, Trust me. You have the wrong house. My family and I have lived here for the last ten years or so. Now is there anything else I can help you with?"
27.17.6 - Linda puts her hand to her neck and turns her head away, "N...No. No...I guess not."
27.17.7 - Linda turns her eyes back forward just to see the girl close the glass door.
27.17.8 - Supergirl flies away in disgust, "This day justs gets stranger and stranger."

Young Justice #5
David, Nauck, Strucker
"First, Do No Harm"
5.14.1 - In the midst of Impulse saving bystanders and Superboy rushing to take on Red Tornado who is distroying a Catholic church, Wally Johnson is spotted looking up at the battle zooming past overhead.

  • Wally Watch Hotline Sighting spotted by Kevin Tomaszewshi of Earth Angel: The Legend of Supergirl and also Yolande House.

    Supergirl #31
    David, Kirk, Riggs
    "A House Divided"
    31.1.1-31.1.4 - Supergirl & Matrix have merged into one leaving Matrix in complete control. Now, Linda & Supergirl spin in the void of Matrix's mind thinking... 'Could... Matrix be right...? But... I'm an angel...
    ... Lord Satanus told me that first... but... ... he's evil... evil as her me... I've done... such bad things... and...
    But... Wally said it, too ...but... ...but he's gone... and maybe he was in with Satanus...
    All a sick joke ...maybe... I... I don't know...'

    Supergirl #33
    David, Orfalas, Riggs
    "Above A Murmur"
    33.7.5 - Supergirl is sleeping in her sleep as she visualizes the city scape out her window. 'Geez... first I get Wally, the cryptic kid who thinks he's God... and now I get Cassandra, the cryptic woman who thinks she sees the future. Doesn't anyone just say what's on their mind?'
    33.15.5 - Supergirl is clutching her arm after an axe blow shatters her bone. 'My God... he barely tagged me with that axe of his... but it cut through my invulnerability as if it wasn't there. I haven't felt a hit that badly since Wally smacked me around with that blasted bat of his.* [*Issue #25.]

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