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"Boy oh boy, if you want to have everything spelled out for you, go read a gatefold cover or something."

-Wally, Team Superman: Secret Files & Origins #1, May '98

David, Kirk, Smith
15.9.1 - In the peaceful two story house sit Gramps, Grams, and Wally in the living room.
Gramps- "Wally... We need to talk to you."
15.9.2 - Left-side-view of the family. Gramps- "We're worried about you, Wally. You never have any friends over. We wonder if you have any friends at all. Your grandmother and I want you to have a life."
Wally- "I do have a life. You know that I have everybody's life."
15.9.3 - Back-head view of Wally. Gramps- "Oh, Wally. We're not back to that again, are we? We've been over this! You're not--you know..."
Wally- "Can we talk about this later, Gramps? I got stuff to do."
Grams- "Wally, we're concerned. Your grandfather and I, we've been thinking maybe you should see someone. A therapist."
15.9.4 - Grabbing his bat and running down the hall Wally shouts, "Don't need one, Grams. Gotta Go!"
Gramps getting up, "Wally! Come back here!"
15.9.5 - Gramps runs out on the porch to see only the white wash fence gate still swinging.
15.6.6 -Close up of Gramps putting his hand to his head. "Dang! Boy moves like greased lightning."

15.17.1-15.17.6 - Linda's mom is still reeling from the revelation that Linda gave her in issue 13. She is at the church. The percher has just given her his notes to type. He tells her that he has "made some inquires as to your ministry studies." Sylvia announces she quits and leaves as if she has lost her religion.
15.17.7 - Wide-screen shot of Sylvia's face as she leaves the church, "So I don't give a damn about him, anymore." Wally is standing to the left just to the side of some bushes with his bat over his right shoulder. A frown is on his face.

Supergirl #16 -BLONDE JUSTICE
Peter David, Leonard Kirk, Cam Smith
Downtown Leesburg...
16.17.1 - Gramps and Grams are walking together discussing what they should do with Wally.
Gramps- "He's such a good boy. If only he didn't have this... this fixation."
Grams- "Wally can't help it, Honey. He's been through so much, what with his father taking off ‘for he was born and poor Melba dying in childbirth... He's never been in control of his life. It's natural he'd try and "Take control" by believing he's... Well... You know."
16.17.2 - As the elderly couple pass ‘Ryan's Bar'...
Grams- "At any moment, he probably feels like her could lose everyth— —UNHHHH!!!"
16.17.3 - Grams grabs her chest and Gramps brings her down on the pavement, "Sweetie! SWEETIE!! SOMEBODY CALL 911!"
16.17.4 - The door opens to the bar to revile Sylvia getting drunk. "Tony. There's an old woman out there, looks like she's having a heart attack."
16.17.5- The barkeep is dialing the phone and says, "I'm on it! Sylvia, do you know CPR?!?"
16.17.6 - She downs her drink and looks at him, "Me? I don't know anything."

David, Kirk, Smith
17.1.1-17.3.5 - Sylvia leaves the bar in her own car. Night has fallen. The radio is playing ‘LEADER OF THE PACK'. Suddenly someone is standing in the road. She slams on the breaks. A three eyed purple skinned creature (Despero the Justice League America villain) grabs the car and throws it into a tree.
17.16.1 - Scene: Leesburg Hospital, the newborn viewing area. All the babies are crying.
17.16.2 - Wally stands at the glass looking in.
17.16.3 - Wally utters "SHHHH."
17.16.4 - He is smiling. The nurse is shocked, "Good lord, they stopped. It's a miracle." In the background Linda and Mattie rush by.
17.16.5-17.17.2 - Linda's dad asks why she is there. Linda asks her dad what's happening. No answer. Linda asks to be alone with her dad, Mattie agrees.
17.17.3 - Back at the observation window, Gramps walks to Wally.
Gramps- "So. This is where you got off to."
Wally- "It all comes back around, Gramps. You start out young, helpless, not in control of your body... and end up the same way. Perfect symmetry."
17.17.4 - Front view of Wally and Gramps looking in. Wally- "Death isn't to be feared, Gramps. It's as natural as birth."
Gramps- "Well, I got news for you sport..."
17.17.5 - Right side view of Wally, Gramps forward, "I am feared of it. And your Grams, she's a fighter... But I don't know how much fight she's got left in her."
17.17.6 - Back view of the two as they walk to the waiting room.
Gramps- "Maybe when you're older, you'll understand, Wally."
Wally- "S'okay, Gramps. I understand now."
17.17.7-17.18.5 - Father and daughter have a short chat/yelling session about the current situation. Suddenly Linda sees a brawl in effect outside and rushes out the door at super-speed.
17.18.6 - Gramps and Wally enter to see Mr. Danvers inside.
Gramps- "Whoop. Breezy in here."
Mr. Danvers- "Yeah, you could say that."
17.18.7 - Gramps- "One of Leesburg's finest, I see. I'm Noah Johnson."
Mr. Danvers shakes Noah's hand and answers, "Fred Danvers."
Gramps- "And this is--"
17.18.8 -Close up on Wally holding up his hand and smiling, "Hi. I'm god."
17.18.9 -Mr. Danvers is wide eyed.

David, Kirk, Smith
18.1.1 - Scene: Leesburg Hospital. Gramps, Mr. Danvers, sit in the Waiting room. A bat lays on the floor. Wally is standing as he plays with a red yo-yo.
Mr. Danvers- "So, uhm... How long has your grandson there thought he was God, Mr. Johnson?"
Gramps- "Oh, call me Noah, please."
Mr. Danvers- "I'm Fred."
Gramps- "Now Wally, he's been through a lot, y'gotta understand."
18.1.2 - Back view of Fred and Noah. Gramps- "Wally's mom died in childbirth, and he never knew his dad. Raised by his aunt and uncle ‘til they died in a fire when he was three. Poor Wally almost died himself during that. After he recovered he came to us and then, a year or so ago, calm as you please, told us he was the almighty."
18.1.3 -Front view of Noah, "I keep asking him to turn my water into wine, or at least a bud. My wife tells me to stop playing into it. She--"
Wally- "Gramps..."
18.1.4 - Front view of Wally who is rolling up his yo-yo. In the background are Noah and Fred.
Wally- "...I'm sorry."
Noah- "Sorry, Wally? About wh--?"
Voice- "Mr. Johnson?"
18.1.5 - A doctor steps in.
18.1.6 - Doctor- "Mr. Johnson... I'm afraid we ...weren't able to revive her. I'm sorry."
The look on gramps face is pure sorrow.
18.1.7 - Wally and Gramps in brace each other with a hug. Fred has his hand on Noah's back.

18.7.1-18.7.3 - An ambulance arrives and victims of Supergirl's fight with Despero. Mattie informs Fred that his wife is out of surgery and she is stable nut she has an "emergency down in the E.R..."
18.7.4 - Wally walking in, "Don't worry she's going to be all right."
Fred- "Oh, that's right. You'd know ‘cause your God."
18.7.5 - Fred- "Didn't you go with your grandfather to fill out forms or something?"
Wally- "He thinks so I'm where I need to be."
18.7.6 - Fred- "And now you need to be with me?"
Wally- "Well, no. Sometimes I just do stuff I feel like."
18.7.7 - Wally- "If you read the O.T., you'll read I'm kind of moody."
Fred- "And why are you "Kinda moody"?"
18.7.8-18.7.9 - Fred walks over to the window and looks out.
Wally- "Well, being one God and everything ...I'm not just an independent entity. I'm sort of a combo of all different Gods, melded by the collective consciousness of humanity. That's not uncommon, you know. Combined beings. Maybe you've met one?"
18.8.1-18.8.2 - Fred ponders the statement and the turns to ask, "Wait a minute. What are you talking about? What do you know?"
18.8.3 - Wally smiling big, "What do I know?! HEL-LO? Duh! "Omniscient" ring a bell?"
18.8.4 - Wally and Fred just look at each other as Mattie walks in to say, "Mr. Danvers... you can see her now."
18.8.5 - Walking out with Mattie ha tells her, "Hold on, Mattie. I... Forgot something. Be right back."
18.8.6 - Fred- "Look kid. Just what--? Huh?"
18.8.7- Fred stands in the doorway of an empty room.
18.8.8 -Fred walks back to Mattie and mutters, "Geez, I hate hospitals."
18.8.9 - Gramps in siting, crying, as he fills out the forms. "I-Is this how we all wind up? Just... names on forms?"
18.8.10 - A hand with a holds a tissue out to Gramps. "Here y'are, Gramps."
18.8.11 - Gramps wimps his eyes and says, "Thank you, Wally."

18.9.1-18.9.9 - Fred walks in to see his wife. She is all cut up and bruised. He nose is broken. He places his hand on hers and says. "Look, God... uh... I haven't asked you for much, okay? But... could you, y'know... cut us a break?"
18.14.1-18.15.7 - Fed tries to get his wife to squeeze his hand with no avail. He walks out to find Mattie and asks her, "What do you think of Supergirl?" Mattie thinks he is kidding but she gives him a real answer, "She's saved my life. Saved Linda. Saved who-knows-how-many more. She's a genuine angel of mercy, Mr. D. Everybody knows that." Fred realizes what he has to do and rushes out of the hospital and hopes a ride to the Supergirl war zone.
18.17.1-18.20.7 - Fred gives Supergirl a few choice words of encouragement, "Hey, L-- Supergirl-- Do me a favor, willya?! KICK HIS BUTT!!" And needless to say she does just that with her newly gained Wings and Flame vision. Ashes fall like snow and Fred walks up to Supergirl to say, "You'd... you'd make any father proud." Tears flow from Supergirl's eyes and Father and Daughter embrace in a much earned hug of acceptance.

18.21.1 - Wally is looking out the window in the waiting room as Gramps walks in to say, "There you are! Every time I turn around you're somewhere else."
Wally- "Lots to do, Gramps. What with being omnipresent and all..."
18.21.2 - Gramps raise his hands and yells, "I've had enough with this! Enough with this stupidity! You're not God!"
18.21.3 - Wally grabs his bat and runs out saying, "I am too!"
Gramps- "Oh, yeah? OH, YEAH?"
18.21.4 - Gramps runs out into the hall yelling, "Show me a miracle, then, "GOD"! Hurl lightning bolts!"
18.21.5 - Gramps- "Part the ocean! No... something small, simple!"
18.21.6 - Gramps- "BRING BACK MY WIFE!!"
18.21.7 - Gramps- "It was too soon! She wasn't ready! I wasn't ready!"
Gramps runs right past Mattie who is carrying a tray of breakables, "HEY!!"
18.21.8 - The tray falls to the floor and everything breaks, "What're you, nuts?!"
18.21.9 - Mattie runs ‘round the corner after Gramps who is shouting, "YOU SAY YOU'RE GOD, WALLY!? THEN BRING HER BACK!!!"
18.22.1 - Gramps is kneeling down at Wally's level in front of the new-born viewing area.
Wally- "I already did, Gramps."
Gramps- "Wh-what?"
18.22.2 - Wally points and replies, "Right there. Second row, second to the left."
18.22.3 - Close up of a sleeping new-born.
18.22.4 - Tears flow from Gramps eyes as he glances in.
Wally- "Did I do okay, Gramps? Gramps?"
18.22.5 - Gramps hugs Walls.
18.22.6 - Mattie opens the door to see the situation has worked its' self out.
Gramps- "Yeah ...Yeah, Wally... did fine."

David, Kirk, Smith, Hazlewood
19.1.1-19.3.1 - Supergirl is doing a public appearance so people won't associate her as an "angel of destruction." So she is ice skating in a Superman Blue outfit on. Mr. Danvers calls her over to him for an autograph. Father and daughter talk in secret.
Mr. Danvers- "Sorry. I'm new to this "secret identity" thing."
Supergirl- "I know, but that's okay. I've made arrangements. You'll understand later."
Mr. Danvers- "Oh. Okay. Sounds Mysterious."
Suddenly a bunch of kids gather for autographs.
19.3.2 - Mr. Danvers- "Guess you like to move in mysterious ways. Like Wally."
Supergirl- "Wally?"
19.3.3 - Mr. Danvers- "Weird little kid with glasses and a bat. Thinks he's God. Met him at the hospital. Poor kids grandmother just passed away."
19.3.4 - ‘Waaaaiit a minute.' Supergirl thinks as everything comes into perspective.

19.6.1 - Gramps and Wally stand in winter clothes in the snow covered land scape of the cemetery. Gramps- "She was something when she was young, Wally. She was a flapper, y'know."
Wally- "I know, gramps."
Gramps- "She could cut up the dance floor. She was a pistol, she was."
19.6.2 - Gramps- "she was something else." Gramps begins to dance with his soul-mate who is dressed in a pink flapper outfit.
19.6.3 - Wally- "I'll be back in a few minutes, Gramps."
Gramps dancing in cadence, "that's fine, Wally."
19.6.4 - Wall walks off with his bat over his shoulder.
19.6.5 - Wally leans up against a tree and says, "You can come out now."
19.6.6 - He knocks once on the tree and a hand brings the trunk apart. (RE: Pre-Crisis Kara)
19.6.7 - Supergirl emergences. Wally- "Impressive. Make it yourself?"
Supergirl- "Some unsavory types I used to know built it as a hiding place."
19.7.1 - Supergirl- "Thought I'd hide here during the funeral. Now that it's over, well..."
Wally- "Save the condolences. I'm fine. Say what you wish."
Supergirl- "Okay. So, uhm're god."
19.7.2 - Wally- "Yup."
Supergirl- "A God named "Wally."
Wally- "Variant on "Yahweh." So... what can I tell you?"
19.7.3 - Supergirl- "You can tell me why you're always hanging around the outskirts of my life. You can tell me why I should believe you."
19.7.4 - Supergirl bends down to Wally's level and continues, "You say you're God. Prove it."
19.7.5 - Wally bawls out laughing, "P-P-Prove it?! Bwaahhahah!!! And how would you suggest I do that?!?"
Supergirl- "A miracle is the traditional method."
Wally- "We live in a miraculous world, my dear. How would I stand out? Transmute elements? Metamorpho does that. Change form? Martian Manhunter. Control Weather? Weather Wizard. Telepathy? Aquaman. Change the course of mighty river? Bend steel in my bare hands?"
19.8.1 - Supergirl- "Okay. Okay. So I just have to believe in you, then."
19.8.2 - Wally places his hand on Supergirl's shoulder, "You don't "have" to do anything. That's called "free will."
19.8.3 - Wally turns and walks away. Supergirl- "But if I do believe. Then it's on no evidence."
Wally- "And that's called "Faith." Humans do it all the time."
19.8.4 - Supergirl floats beside Wally, "Can I ask you some more questions?"
Wally- "You haven't asked any yet. Just made skeptical comments. You may ask me three questions."
19.8.5 - Supergirl- "Only three?"
Wally- "Yes. Two left."
19.8.6 - Supergirl- "That counted? Are you kidding?"
Wally- "Yes. No. That's three ‘bye."
19.8.7 - Wally walks past and Supergirl clasps her face in stupidity. ‘D'oh!'
19.9.1 - Wally finds a patch of grass that is still growing and picks a three leaf clover, "Okay, okay. Three more just don't ask why I need a starship. I'm sick of that joke." (RE: Star Trek V)
19.9.2 - Supergirl- "Well, if you're God, why do you have a grandfather and family history?"
19.9.3 - Wally plucks a leaf from the clover, "I created them. A child alone attracts attention. I try to keep a low profile so as not to upset the "God is dead" people. Next."
19.9.4 - Supergirl- "Why here in Leesburg, of all places?"
Wally plucking another leaf, "It's not just here. I'm everywhere. You know like Elvis. Last?"
19.9.5 - Supergirl- "What am I?"
19.9.6 - Wally- "You're an earthborn angel. Go to the library, read "ANGELS ON EARTH" by Professor R.K. Simpson. Gotta Go."
19.9.7 - Supergirl- "Of course. Don't want to leave your fictional grandfather alone too long."
Wally turns to answer, "Oh, I'm not worried. Right now, he's in a world of his own."
19.9.8 - The band is playing and Gramps is dancing with his soul-mate on the dance floor.

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