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"Supergirl is Linda Danvers. But Linda Danvers is dead— Murdered by her mysteriously powerful creep of an ex-boyfriend, Buzz. As Linda lay dying, Supergirl infused the wounded girl with her own protomatter form. Now the two have become one, and Supergirl finds herself living Linda's life— a life, she has learned, that was tainted by evil. And as she contends with who she has become, she'd learning the hard way what it means to be human."

-SUPERGIRL #5, Jan '97

Supergirl #4 -BELLY OF THE BEAST
Peter David, Gary Frank, Cam Smith
4.11.4 - A Grodd possessed Supergirl has just made a withdrawal and sees something to her left. "I... eh? You there boy! What're you staring at?"
4.11.5 - A boy with glasses, derby, blue bow tie, Blue jeans, Brown vest with white shirt underneath, brown tennis shoes, and a baseball bat leans on a street lamp. A gorilla is in the left forward portion of the panel.
4.11.6 - We still see the boys legs as the gorilla passes in front of the view.
4.11.7 - The gorilla has passed and the boy is gone. Supergirl- "I said what are you st--?"
4.12.1 - Supergirl lands in the place the boy was standing. "That was weird. Hunh. He dropped something. Some blue piece of cloth..."
4.12.3 - Close up of Supegirl's widened eyes. "...Blood-stained from the look of..."
4.12.2 - Supergirl's hand reaches for the cloth, which is in the snow by the boy's shoe print.
4.12.4 - Close up of green cloth which reads ‘F. Danvers'. "No."

4.21.6 - In a hospital corridor Linda passes. Behind her stands a familiar boy with his right hand behind his back and his bat in the right with the barrel on the floor. His face is emotionless.

David, Frank, Smith
5.18.1 - Wally pictured in the background standing still as a bunch of people are running for safety.
5.22.5 -The same people are now standing embracing the rain. Wally is smiling in the background with an umbrella over his head.

Supergirl #6 -TRUST FUND
Peter David, Gary Frank, Cam Smith
6.8.1 - Linda sits pondering the recent events when a star studded purple ball roles at her feet.
6.8.2 - A little girl looks meanly at Linda as she asks, "Is this your ball?"
6.8.3 - Picking the ball up and holding it out. "Here you go. What's you name?"
6.8.4 - The girl runs away. Linda- "Hey, what's her problem?" Wally- "She doesn't trust you."
6.8.5 - Wally-"Kids have it drilled into them not to trust strangers... Because you never know if strangers are hiding anything."
Linda-"I guess yeah."
6.8.6 - Wally-"‘Course, there's all kinds of strangers."
6.8.7 - Wally-"Sometimes people in the same family are strangers to each other, hiding secrets."
Linda-"Yeah, and some hiding more than others."
6.8.8 - Linda looking down-"Strangers in our own skin, not sure if they're living a life or a lie. Trying to..."
6.8.9 - Linda looking up-"Wait a minute! Why am I telling you this? Who are you anyway?"
6.9.1 - Linda realizing the kid is gone, "HEY! Where's you go?"
Richard Malverne then walks up and Linda invites him to sit and they chat.

Supergirl #9 -TEMPUS FUGIT
Peter David, Gary Frank, Cam smith
9.1.1 - A peaceful two story house sits a mist a wide yard of a few trees and a white wash fence.
Grams- "Wally? You seem a little distracted tonight."
Wally- "It's nothing grams. Oh... I have to go out after dinner, okay, grams?"
9.1.2 - Close up of a chair with a boys legs hanging down. A bat sits with the barrel down beside it. "A friend needs me."
9.1.3 - Front view of an elderly couple with a boy at the head of the table.
Grams- "What friend, Wally? Or are you going to be mysterious again?"
Wally- "Well, I do like to move in mysterious ways. So... Is it okay?"
Gramps- "Well... Then I guess it's okay."
9.1.4 - Right side view of Wally for a face view of Gramps.
Gramps- "Don't stay out too late, though."
Wally- "Thanks, gramps."
9.1.5 - Wally grabs his hat and runs out.
Grams- "Should we be worried that Wally is so... Peculiar?"
Gramps- "Worried? Why, I'm thrilled he has any friends."

9.8.1 - Tempus and Buzz have moved away from the mess they have caused of Linda's house. Buzz, the Satanist, pauses to think of who he can ‘nail' next.
9.8.2 -Wally stands by a lamp post looking up. Buzz- "Hunh."
9.8.3 -Buzz points at Wally and says, "Tempus... nail that annoying-looking child. I don't like the cut of his jib."
9.8.4 - Tempus brings his sickles together and a ball of fire shots down at Wally.
9.8.5 - Wally brings his bat over his shoulder as the fireball edges closer.
9.8.6 - Wally swings! "WAK"
9.8.7 - HOME RUN right at Buzz, "BLOODY HELL!!!"

9.22.7 - Wally walks home from a busy day. Linda's mom in voice over- "(You make a child. Do the best you can...) ...And then just have faith it will all work out in The End."

Supergirl #10 -BAD THINGS
David, Kirk, Drost
10.1.1-10.2.5-Two boys are outside of a cave. A noise startles them. As they run away one boy, cliff, takes a few pictures.
10.16.3 - Linda takes some picturers out of Cutters briefcase. Cutter bought the pictures from some kids "said it was a Big News Story. Haunted Cave out by the foothills."
10.16.4 - "Gave ‘em ten bucks just ‘cause I felt sorry for ‘em."
10.16.5 - Linda taking the picture for a closer inspection, "I think I know the kids. They got grounded."
Cutter- "Small world."
10.16.6 - Close up of Linda's index finger on corner of photo. A kid in a derby with a baseball hat is on the outside rim of a dark cave. "Yeah..."
10.16.7 - "...And getting smaller by the minute." Close up of the boy looking into the cave.

Supergirl #11 -SOUND AND FURY
David, Land, Rollins
11.14.8 - Wally is propped standing up by a light pole with his bat in his left hand asleep as Silver Banshee passes by after taking out a few police officers. Banshee-"See? All mysteries are easily solved with a little thought."

David, Land, Rollins
12.8.1 - Wally runs down the street. Three punks stand across the street. One with a steel bat, "Hey, kid. Nice bat."
12.8.2 - Wally- "Thanks. Now please get out of the way. The fight moved a few blocks over and I want to keep up with--"
12.8.3 - Bat guy- "We could use another bat."
12.8.4 - Wally hits the green bandana guy with his bat in the face.
12.8.5 - Wally bashes a blonde haired guy in a pink shirt in the chest with the barrel of the bat.
12.8.6 - Wally blocks a blow form the steel bat with his wooden bat. "YOU LITTLE--!"
12.9.1 - Shadowed picture of Wally hitting Th attacker with all he has. He flies backwards.
12.9.2 - A enraged Wally brings his bat over his head ready for the final blow. The attacker screams, "AHHHH, God! Don't! Please don't God, No, PLEASE--!"
12.9.3 -Wally's brown eyes widen "OHHHH..."
12.9.4 -Wally points with his right hand, "Okay. But only ‘cause you said "Please."
12.9.5 - Wally smiles at the dumfounded punks and says, "Have a nice day." While walking away.
12.9.6 - Wally approaches the chaotic scene. "Oh, dear. Seems to have moved along without me."
12.11.3 - Supergirl is talking to officer Danvers when suddenly she turns to see Wally leaning against a store window with his bat propped over his left shoulder. "Him again! That weirdo kid! The one who was standing outside the cave! He's been popping up ever since that whole end-of- the-world thing..." (The Final Night Cross-Over)
12.11.4 -Close up of an enlightened Supergirl's face, "OH, LORD. OF COURSE."

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