Carl first appeared in Supergirl #35.



"God knows."

- Carl - Supergirl Vol. 2 #35 (Aug, 1999)


Alter Ego: Carl Carnivean
Occupation: Self-Proclaimed God
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Humanity
Group Affiliation: None
Height: ?'?"
Weight: ? lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


Little to nothing is known about Carl Carnivean's past. However, he has near constant surveillance throughout the world and dossiers on people and beings critical to his plans. His servant, Mr. Stubbs, helps Carl keep track of goings on in the world while Carl is tied up with other matters.

A recent meeting with Lex Luthor began the first steps towards a partnership between Carl and Lex for information and equipment exchanges. However, Lex Luthor is still a little uncertain over this deal due to Carl not being totally forthcoming with his information on Supergirl.

Carl is considered the lord and creator of a kingdom full of angels and demons which he is able to visit through his viewing screen in his office.


Carl carries a terrible swift sword which changes to a black umbrella. Carl has the power to posses his servants by taking on the characteristis of the servant. To this effect his will can be carried out from afar.

Carl heads an unidentified organization which has agents scattered throughout the world who gather information, approach viewed suspects and even intervene in certain situations. The organization also has a network of mobile cameras, with some disguised as birds, cats and squirrels, almost everywhere in the world.

Carl gains new allies and operatives by offering information and resources in exchanged for other information and resources for the greater good of their database. The reason for this is the organization doesn't start trailing suspects until an event has happened and then they are forced to play catch-up.

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