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Time Breakers Vol. 1 #3

Time Breakers
Vol. 1 #3
March 1997 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Chris Weston (Cover Art); Raian Hughers (Logo Design); Roberta Tewes (Cover Color)

Story: Agian and Again Time (22 Pages)

Credits: Rachel Pollack (story); Chris Weston (art); Roberta Tewes (colors); Ellis de Ville(letters); Julie Rottenberg (assitant editor); Stuart Moore (editor)

Supporting Characters: Leo; Juta; Luis; Aithon

Villains: The Knowers; Gershon

Other Characters: 1909-1919: Ramanujan, Martin, Captain Hardy, Mrs. Callan, ect.

Comments: Angel leaves for the harvest with the knowledge of ten years, and returns with Nchaka dead. She si debreifed and the next mission becomes clear; Give Srinavasu Ramaujan the bueaty of Mathamatics so that one day Josian Sung will build on Ramanujan's ideas and creat the Time Breakers. The mission suckseads but in the end Aithon is stuck down by The Knowers.


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