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Time Breakers Vol. 1 #2

Time Breakers
Vol. 1 #2
Febuary 1997 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Chris Weston (Cover Art); Raian Hughers (Logo Design); Roberta Tewes (Cover Color)

Story: Mind Out of Time (22 Pages)

Credits: Rachel Pollack (story); Chris Weston (art); Roberta Tewes (colors); Ellis de Ville(letters); Julie Rottenberg (assitant editor); Stuart Moore (editor)

Supporting Characters: Leo; Juta; Luis; Aithon

Villains: The Knowers; Gershon (first appearance; The Knowers Leader; 22 BCE)

Other Characters: 22 BCE: Pietro, Arthur, Yokhana; Paradox Pond: Hamilton

Comments: |The chapter begins with Gershon in 22 BCE as he learns of Attis's death. The origin of the Knowers and Time Breakers are reviled. Leo takes Angela to the 21st century only to find Time is running backwards causing a Time Storm that is distroying time.


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