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Time Breakers Vol. 1 #1

Time Breakers
Vol. 1 #1
January 1997 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Chris Weston (Cover Art); Raian Hughers (Logo Design); Roberta Tewes (Cover Color)

Story: Lives of Our time (22 Pages)

Credits: Rachel Pollack (story); Chris Weston (art); Roberta Tewes (colors); Ellis de Ville(letters); Julie Rottenberg (assitant editor); Stuart Moore (editor)

Feature Character: Angela Attenborough (first appearance; aka Angel; appears in all subsequent issues of this title; see Comment for chronological information)

Supporting Characters: Philip Attenborough (first appearance; 1958 CE); Leo (first appearance; Time Breaker; Paradox Pond); Aithon (first appearance; Time Breaker; Paradox Pond); Juta (first appearance; Time Breaker; Paradox Pond); Luis (first appearance; Creator of the Time Breaker; Paradox Pond)

Villains: The Knowers (first appearance; a rival group of Time Travels)

Other Characters: 1958: Angela's 3 girlfriends ; Philip's 3 Colleges; Robbert the Cop; 1962: Clarence; Inspecteur Carre; Paradox Pond: Other Un-Named Time Breakers

Comments: The story opens with Angela, in 1958 CE, at a social party where she wanders off and meets three Time Travlers who give her a disk to commit her crimes. That night she uses the disk to find evidence to convicte her husband. Next in 1962 CE Angela steals a few things from a museam and winds up in a war zone of 'timeless' warrors. A Knower falls as does a Time Breaker. When pressed by the police Angel instucts Angela to press the jexel agianst her chest. The jewel embeds itself and they travel to Paradox Pond where Angela meets her fate.

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