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Time Breakers Annotations: Issue One

"Angela Attenborough is a normal suburban '50s housewife until she's visited by the Time Breakers--a society of time travelers whose mission is to creat time paradoxes, without which the universe would run down and die. Armed with a newfound weapon and self-confidence, Angela begins an odyssey of self-recreation in which she must alter the course of her own life in preparation of the day when, inevitably, the Time Breakers will return for her."

Time Breakers #1 -LIVES OF OUR TIME

(January 1997)

Story- Rachel Pollack ~Creators~ Art- Chris Weston

Colors- Roberta Tewes ~~~ Letters- Ellie de Ville

Associate Editor- Julie Rottenberg ~~~ Editor- Stuart Moore


Timeline: Angela Attenborough, 1958 C.E.

A lush estate stands with trees and perfectly sculpted plants everywhere. A gathering of 8 people is underway. The four women in the chairs in there own little click, and the four men gathered by the car. The women are discussing the hostess, Angela's plans for the future. The women believe that Angela is 23 and they want her to have a child so she can have something to do. The men, each doctors, are discussing their patents.


A flash of light in the woods.

Angela- "I don't want a child just for something to do. Men never need to look for ways to occupy themselves."

Marian- "Oh here we go again."

Angela- "But what do we know about them? I mean , their work?"

Another flash of light.

Marian- "Angela. Darling, they're doctors. And they make us a lot of money. That's all we need to know."

Angela- "But much of that money comes from those special treatments of theirs. Shouldn't we at least learn what those are?"

Marian- "No. Leave men's business to the men."


Angela is compelled by the light to journey into the woods. She tells her husband, Philip, that "I'm going for a little walk."

Philip- "That's fine, Honey. If you get lost we'll send a search party."

And with that fare skinned Angela with her short brown hair cut just below the ears with a pink party dress on that cuts off mid shin. Angela stops in the middle of a clearing. Suddenly a flash of blue little startles Angela and when reality is regained. In front of her stands Two men and a women all dressed in odd clothing. The man on the left is in a red roman style tunic with a sword and sandles on. The man in the middle is in Shakespearian garb with tights and all but with purple John Lennon glasses on. On the right the woman is dressed in a turtle neck white t-shirt with gray sweat pants and big tongued shoes with no socks on. Each of the three have jewels embedded in their hands, chests, and shoulders. The woman is holding out a object that is creating a blinding light.


Angela screams to Philip to come, but he is too busy. The woman reassures Angela that "You don't have to worry. Trust us. We're not going to harm you." The woman holds out the object to Angela. "Here. Beautiful, isn't it? Take it. You can use it to commit your crimes."

Angela- "That's ridiculous. I'm not committing any crimes."

Woman- "Please. Take it. Experiment with it. Think with it."

With that Angela takes the circular object with arrows pointing towards a jewel in the center and the three vanish. Angela thinks about the situation and then experiments with the object. "Think with it." She holds the object out, a beam of light shots forth, and a tree is blasted apart. Angela lets out a small smirk.


That night. Angela is awaken by voices discussing "special treatments." She gets dressed, sneaks into her husbands den, finds his safe, and uses the object to open it. Angela goes through her husbands classified treatments which make "people sick just so you can cure them!" Angela is caught red handed as Philip and police man come in. Philip dismisses the cop and begins to yell at Angela. And when he reviles some have died Angela blasts him with the talisman.

"So you're alive. Good. But that's more than we can say for your victims, isn't it? Good-bye, Philip. Good-bye."


Paradox Pond. The Timeless.

A single mountain sits in the middle of an endless ocean. On top of the mountain sites a advanced laboratory which harnesses the environment.

Inside an African woman dresses in blue jeans and boots and a man with blonde hair and blue eyes dressed in total black watch as a portal with the three travelers emerge.

African woman- "Ah. At last. Leo? What do you think? Does Angela seem all right? She looks weak."

Leo- "Of coarse. She's just begun the creation of her own PRIME PARADOX. That will weaken anybody--Even her."

African Woman- "Angel! I greet you."

Leo- "Welcome back, darling."

Angel (with white bands in the middle of all her brownish/red hair) shakes in uneasiness and grasps her head. "Strange. I've created so many paradoxes--So many loops and twists in time. You'd think this one would be easy. Instead--Oh go..." And with that Angel lays down on her stomach on the floor. Leo bends over and places his hand on her back. "I know. You want to warn her of everything that's going to happen. But you can't. Sleep, Angel. This paradox has only just started."


Timeline: Angela Attenborough, Paris, 1962 C.E.

Angela has just dropped off a neckless at the jewelers and "Inspecteur Carre" comes up to Angela and speaks of a Robbery last night. "Only an Angel could of done it."

The Inspecteur walks Angela to her car. "Some aspects of the case recall the way a certain Dr. Philip Attenborough was exposed a few years back. Anonymously and quite cleverly."

With that Angela is helped in to the car.


That night-

Angela is on a mission to steal something. She descends from the from to a window where she uses the talisman to the glass and it dissolves. A series of lashes occur far below but Angela ignores it. "Rule number one in the jewel thief lexicon: Avoid complications."

Suddenly a load "FAAM!" comes form outside. "No time for Subtleties tonight. Rule number one: When there's trouble, disappear as quickly as possible."

Angela walks outside onto the ledge overlooking the chaos below. People dressed in Arab garb are fighting time lost warriors.

She heads back inside thinking, "I should not be doing this. Rule number one: Take no chances. Rule number two: Avoid distractions. And rule number three: Do not allow yourself to be seen. This is crazy. I know I've never done this before. So why does it feel I've done this endless times? And will keep on doing it, over and over?"


Angela makes is onto the street to see a bizarre battle of out-of-time people with advanced weapons fighting one another to accomplish a minor victory in the heart of Paris. Angela recognizes two of the fighters just in time to see a man, named Nchaka, dressed in a ceremonial African head dress get decentigrated by a crystalline weapon. A armored Angel sheds a tear for her fallen comrade and runs over to Angela shouting "Angel! We need you. We need the disk."

Police sirens echo in the distance. An enemy si ready to blast the roman, named Aithon, but Angela holds out the disk and blast the man. The hit man begins to pull apart and his essences swirls and vanishes.

Angela- "What is it? Tell me what's happening?"

Angel- "It's the disk. It alters probability waves. The disk flattens the wave, so he exists in all states at the same time."

Aithon- "Good. The police are here. If Angel remembers this right. We're almost finished."

The police rush in and point their guns at the enemy as they vanish leaving Aithon, Another traveler, Angel, and Angela surrounded by the Paris police.

Angel- "There's not much time. The crystal from the disk. Press it against your chest!"

Angela- "Against my chest? What do you--OH MY GOD! You're me!"

Inspector- "Handcuff them! All of them!"

With that Angela in a puzzled state of mind presses the disk to her chest. A incredible heat begins to emit form the disk. Angela screams in agony. And it is done. A red gem lay embedded in her chest.


Angel- "Now please. Take my hands."

As the police get ready for the nab Angel and Angela touch and the party vanish.


They appear in a room full of artifacts and people each form a different era clapping. Angela is greeted by the African woman and Aithon. Angela notices that Angel is gone.

Angela- "You. Tell me where she is."

Aithon- "She is nowhere you can reach her right now."

Angela- "What are you talking about? She was right here. She was right next to me."

Aithon- "And now she is gone."

African Woman- "Yes, Angela. We know of coarse how hard it is for you. But now you must rest. Come, Angel. Come sit down."

Angela- "Get away form me. And don't call me that. I just want to see--That woman."

The man with round glasses on is know standing in the center of a Canadian Mountie and a British police officer. The man informs Angela, "You will meet her in another time. And another manner. For now. Angela Attenborough, I bid you welcome. Welcome to the INFINITE CIRCLE of the life you have made and will make for yourself. Welcome to Paradox pond! WELCOME TO THE TIME BREAKERS!"

The Story of the Time Breakers continues in issues 2-4 of the Helix mini-series.

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