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Paradox News

Welcome to "Paradox News". Keeping with the tradition of the Chronos: Yesterday's News, comes a page dedicated to linking many of the reviews and pages pertaining to Rachel Pollack's epic comic book work, Time Breakers. If you know of Time Breaker's mention that I don't have listed, don't hesitate to contact me. - Adam Arnold

Time Breakers Articles
Beek's Books - Time Breakers (comicbook reviews) - Indepth review of the sci-fi aspects with pictures.
Alternate Universe and T. Travelers' Advisory - Small plug for the series dated 12/8/96.
Books by Rachel Pollack - A list of books by the author of Time Breakers.
Michael Rawdon's Home Page - Comic Book Reviews: Time Breakers - A short review of Time Breakers.
Burning Sky: Rachel Pollack - A page dedicated to Rachel Pollack's works.
Introduction: Time Breakers - An early draft of Rachel's text for the first page of Time Breakers.
PETE'S STUFF #6 - First Looks (Week of March 19, 1997).

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