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Linear Authority Dossiers:
Time Masters

Rip Hunter - The brilliant scientist/adventurer uncovered a total of six methods of time travel and used the original two to save Booster Gold from a deadly deseace. This trip to the future made Rip aware of a conspiracy that weaved through all of time. With the help of a paid team of associates they bent the rules of time and found that changing history is almost impossible when you don't know when to see the good that comes from the bad. Rip Hunter was last seen in pre-history after a battle with Vandar Adg and is currently a member of the time-spanning Linear Men.

Jeff Smith - Rip's assistant and best friend. Jeff help Rip to bring the methods of time travel to life. Jeff was forced to the sidelines for a short time after he was shot during an adventure in the old west. During his recovery period he became very fond of Bonnie Baxter. Jeff was last seen in the company of Cave Carson.

Bonnie Baxter - After a failed affair with Professor Carson, the beautiful researcher joined Rip's quest for the money it offered. Bonnie steped from the airport and found herself in the middle of a conspiracy she couldn't escape. After romances with both Rip and Jeff, Bonnie learned the true answer to solving the worlds problems. Bonnie was last seen helping rebuild the world in the future.

Corky Baxter - Bonnie's rock-and-roll loving younger brother who tracked down his sister so he could live with her. Corky soon found himself on Rip's bad side after he wasted a trip for his own enjoyment. After this event, Corky became severely depressed and hung himself from the near-complete Time Sphere.

Dan Hunter - Rip Hunter's rich cousin who helped finance Rip's experiments after the Metropolis Research Center stopped the funding on time research. During Dan's first mission he feel in love and refused to return to the present. Dan was last seen in the past where he died by being tied to a tree and skinned.

Antonia (Tony) - The tomboy computer hacker. Tony was forced to join Rip's crusade after she was caught trying to steal the hubcaps on Dan's car. Tony was last seen living with her sister.

Cave Carson - The former spelunker turner professor was enlisted by Bonnie Baxter to save the team after a bomb was discovered at the ranch. Cave was eager for adventure so he decided to finance the team and let them set-up shop in an old cavern he had found. Currently Cave Carson is the leader of the reformed Forgotten Heroes.

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