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Rip Hunter... Time Master: Variants

Chronos #4
Moore, Guinan, Leialoha
Rip Hunter appears at Chronolopolis in a rather 'Planet of the Apes' style outfit with Pre-Crisis uniform on the inside. He is ripped apart as time is distroyed.

Tangent '98 - Joker's Wild #1
Kesel, Simmons, Phillips, and Rodrigues
Meet the Tangent Reality Rip Hunter... Teen Titan as he tracks the Joker and the Atom. Rip Hunter is the 'field leader of the small JLA unit. "Without any real super-powers, he's been trained to survive an atomic event," notes Kesel.'

The Kingdom - Planet Krypton #1
Mark Waid and Barry Kitson
1.7.6 - The classic Rip Hunter... Time Master appeares as a phantom in the Planet Krypton Restaurant. (Note: This character could be easily mistaken for Jor El due to the yellow coloring of the sleve puffs. They should be red. But non-the-less the design of the character is Rip Hunter.)

Superman and Batman: World's Funnest #1
Evan Dorkin and friends
1.53.1 - As Mr. Mxyzptlk yells out, "You're time's run out, pest! And now you're gonna get what's coming to you," as he continues on his rampage to chase down Bat-Mite. The imp taughts back, "Ya ya ya, ya can't catch me!" as Mxy blasts through Rip Hunters's Time Sphere stranding the team in the time stream.

Suicide Squad #10 (August 2002)
"Time Passages"
Giffen, Severin, Medina, Sanchez
Rock drops by Bulldozer's house to chat and catch up on some recent events. Bulldozer and Rock start talking about the dinosaurs in a movie that's playing on TV and they remember back to some events that happened back in 1959.
10.12.1-10.15.6 - Rock and Bulldozer are sent to Area 51 and briefed on a new mission involving Dinosaur Island. They meet up with Dr. Rip Hunter and he explains to them the problem. Afterwards, the team members hash out the details and break down the problem. In short, "there's a temporal rift that's begun to expand" and it has formed "a rip in time." It's hard for the men to fathom, but they just take Dr. Hunter's word for it since he is the bases resident time expert. There mission is to got to Dinosaur Island, and use the Time Sphere to travel back in time so that they can seal off the rift before it can adversely affect the space-time continuum. Interestingly enough, when asked how it feels to travel through time, Rip Hunter answers, "It's like... ummm... ...Like being tickled from the inside out."
10.16.1-10.17.4 - After the group lands in the prehistoric past, Bulldozer stumbles outside and throws up on the ground. Rip tells the man that "you're going to have to clean that up back there. We have to take it with us." Bulldozer asks, "Joking, right?" Rip Hunter replies, "Dead serious. That's a potential biological contaminant you've laid out. Unless you'd rather change screwing up evolution as we know it."
10.17.5-10.21.6 - The men are shortly ambushed by a pack of Raptures and Bulldozer stumbles into the very time rift that they were there to close. Rock chases after him and the men awake back at Area 51 in the hospital. During the questioning it is learned that Rip Hunter told the military where the men would be, but no answer is given to whether the time rift was closed.
10.22.1-10.22.7 - Back in the present, the movie raps up and Bulldozer asks Rock if he knows the scientist guy's name. After some thinking, Rock says, "Rip, okay?! Rip... ...Something." The men then decide to order a pizza and finish their night.

JSA #59
"Time and Time and Time Again"
Johns, Phillips
16.3 - The Atom: "The names on your list... Rip Hunter, I wouldn't trust. Completely unorthodox and unqualified. The rest... villains like the Time Commander and the Lord of Time. Even the Android Hourman. All of them--locations unknown."

JSA #65 - #72
"Out of Time" story arc
Johns, Kramer, Champagne
NOTE: Rip Hunter plays a small guest role in this time travel story involving an alternate timeline created by the villian Degaton.

Prelude to Infinite Crisis TPB
Reprints JSA #72 panels of Rip Hunter returning the JSA to the present where Power Girl gets zapped.

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