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Rip Hunter... Time Master: Summaries & Annotations

Showcase #20
Chapter 1: Prisoners of 100 Million B.C.
Chapter 2: The Modern Day Cavemen
Chapter 3: The Great Beast Stampede

Showcase #25
Chapter 1: Captives of the Medieval Sorcerer
Chapter 2: The Valley of the Monsters
Chapter 3: The Sorcerer's Siege

Rip Hunter...Time Master #1
Part 1: The Thousand-Year-Old Curse
Part 2: Don't Sell Nature Short!
Part 3: The Secret of the Volcano Creature
Part 4: The Wizard of the 10th Century

Rip Hunter...Time Master #3
Part 1: The Throne of Doome
Part 2: The Duke with the Creature Powers
Part 3: The Battle of the Warriors

Rip Hunter...Time Master #5
Part 1: The Secret of the Saxon Traitor
Part 2: The Creatures of Doom Valley
Part 3: The Ancients vs. the Aliens

Rip Hunter...Time Master #7
Part 1: The Lost Wanderers in Time
Part 2: The Last Dinosaur
Part 3: The Green Death

Rip Hunter...Time Master #9
Part 1: The Alien King of 1,000 B.C.
Part 2: Adventure on Planet Zark
Part 3: One-Man Alien Army

Rip Hunter...Time Master #11
Part 1: The Secret of Mount Olympus
Part 2: Dead End on Calypso Island
Part 3: The Invasion of Mount Olympus

Rip Hunter...Time Master #13
Part 1: The Menace of the Mongol Magician
Part 2: The Hijacked Time Sphere
Part 3: The Mongul Ambush

Rip Hunter...Time Master #15
Part 1: The Earthlings of 5,000,000 B.C.
Part 2: The Experimental Creatures
Part 3: The Day the Earth Died

Rip Hunter...Time Master #17
Part 1: Track of the Wizard's Beast
Part 2: The Wizard's Secret Weapons
Part 3: The Beast's Revenge

Rip Hunter...Time Master #19
Part 1: Cleopatra's Deadly Trap
Part 2: Rip Caesar -- Conqueror of Egypt
Part 3: Caesar's Forgotten Foe

Rip Hunter...Time Master #21
Part 1: The Beauty Contest of the Ages
Part 2: The Fury of the Sultan
Part 3: The Mystery Winner

Rip Hunter...Time Master #23
George Washington -- Enemy Agent

Rip Hunter...Time Master #25
The Missing-Link Monster

Rip Hunter...Time Master #27
The Robot Rulers of 2165 A.D.

Rip Hunter...Time Master #29
The Doom from Giant Valley

World's Finest Comics #225
Reprint of the story from Showcase #20

Showcase #21
Chapter 1: Secret of the Lost Continent
Chapter 2: The Forbidden Island
Chapter 3: The Doomed Continent

Showcase #26
Chapter 1: The Aliens from 2,000 B.C.
Chapter 2: Escape from the Doomed Village
Chapter 3: The War of the Gods

Rip Hunter...Time Master #2
Part 1: The Alien Beasts from 500 B.C.
Part 2: The Battle of the Alien Beasts
Part 3: Rip Hunter's Last Stand

Rip Hunter...Time Master #4
Part 1: The Bird-Men of 2,000 B.C.
Part 2: The Ancient Air Raid
Part 3: The Avenging God of Gilgamesh

Rip Hunter...Time Master #6
Part 1: The Secret of the Ancient Seer
Part 2: The Doomed City
Part 3: The Menace of the Meteorite

Rip Hunter...Time Master #8
Part 1: The Thieves Who Stole a Genie
Part 2: The Battle of the Genies
Part 3: The Attack of the Ommayads

Rip Hunter...Time Master #10
Part 1: The Execution of Rip Hunter
Part 2: Bonnie -- Queen of Palmyra
Part 3: All Hail the Conquering Creature

Rip Hunter...Time Master #12
Part 1: The 2,200 Year-Old Doom
Part 2: The Impossible Beasts of One Million B.C.
Part 3: Earth's Last Chance

Rip Hunter...Time Master #14
Part 1: The Captive Time-Travellers
Part 2: The Future Fugitive
Part 3: Prisoners of Time

Rip Hunter...Time Master #16
Part 1: The Criminal League of Time
Part 2: The Tournament of Doom
Part 3: The Prize -- One Time Sphere

Rip Hunter...Time Master #18
Part 1: Public Enemy -- of the 26th Century
Part 2: The Dinosaur of 2550
Part 3: Rip Hunter's Fatal Decision

Rip Hunter...Time Master #20
Part 1: Adolf Hitler's Greatest Secret
Part 2: Operation "Little Corporal"
Part 3: Hitler's Secret Ally

Rip Hunter...Time Master #22
Part 1: The Stowaway from ??? A.D.
Part 2: The Rip Hunter-Robin Hood Band
Part 3: The Strange Transformation of Rip Hunter

Rip Hunter...Time Master #24
Rip Hunter's Royal Wedding

Rip Hunter...Time Master #26
Bring Back the Cosmic Key

Rip Hunter...Time Master #28
Rip Hunter, the Time Creature

World's Finest Comics #227
Reprint of the story from Rip Hunter... Time Master #11

Justice League of America #144
"The Origin of the Justice League- Minus One"
This synopsis is lifted directly from The Official Justice League of America Index #5 FYI:
"While he is looking through the Justice League casebook, Green Arrow discovers discrepancies in the established "origin" of the team, and asks for the true story, which Superman and Green Lantern with the aid of a videotape account narrated by Martian Manhunter."
In February 1969 a panic is generated by the revelation of the presence of Martians (specifically J'Onn J'Onzz and his enemy Commander Blanx and his followers) on Earth. Unable to cope with the situation alone, the Flash, then a fledgeling as a super hero, summons the more experienced Superman, Batman and Robin to help out. When Roy Raymond, telejournalist and host of the "Impossible but True" TV program, learns of the situation, his public disclosure of the problem instigates a gathering of heroes, including the Blackhawks, the Challengers of the Unknown, Plastic Man, the Vigilante, Robotman, Congo Bill and Congorilla, Rex the Wonder Dog, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. The only prominent character missing is Green Arrow, who is involved in a case that takes him back to the island of his origin (as seen in Adventure Comics #256).
The assembled champions divide up into groups to search out further Martian activity: Plastic Man, Jimmy Olsen, and the Blackhawks accidentally run afoul of Rip Hunter's newly-invented Time Sphere. Vigilante, Robotman, Congo Bill, Congorilla, Lois Lane and the Challengers nare a near-encounter with Adam Strange and the Zeta beam. Finally, the remaining heroes discover Blanx and his men and rescue the captive Martian Manhunter.
The successful team, with the exceptions of Robin, Roy Raymond and Rex, consists of the same heroes who will make an agreement to unite formally as the Justice League of America some months later; even the future Green lantern is present, having encountered the Martians in his identity as test pilot Hal Jordan."

Challengers of the Unknown #85
Conway, Giffen, Celardo
"The Creature from the End of Time!"
A cube appears in Canada and nothing can be done to get rid of it, so the Challs (with Swamp Thing and Deadman tagging along) are called in to see if they can deal with the problem. But as Deadman tries to enter it, the spirit causes the cube to break, unleashing a giant monster. The team manages to bring the monster down and they take it back to their research lab so Prof can run some tests on the creature. Carbon testing results in a negative number, meaning the creature is from the future.
85.11.3-85.12.2 - Rocky, "You mean it came here through some kinda time travel?"
Prof, "Exactly. But time travel isn't my field... though there's a man I know who's a time master!"
Ace, "Who, Prof... and how can we reach him?"
His names Rip Hunter... and as for reaching him, you might have a problem. He's been missing for at least ten years!"
'Slowly, the invalid Challenger relates a story of pure adventure...'
"Years before a young scientist named Hunter received a massive inheritance from a distant relative... enough money to build the world's first working Time Sphere... With the aid of his friends, Jeff Johnson, a research physicist, and Bonnie Baxter, a young engineering student and her young brother Croky, Hunter completed the project-- --And traveled back and forth through the mists of time!*" [*Last seen in Rip Hunter--Time Master #29 Nov,-Dec, 1965-JCH!]
"For years, the team explored history past and future, battling prehistoric beasts in the Mesozoic Period-- --Cavemen a million years later-- --Indians in the tenth century after Christ-- --And Aliens in the far-flung future!"
Prof, "If anyone can analyze this creature's origins, Hunter can. But he's gone--and no one knows where!"
Ace, "You've told us where his lab was located, Prof-- We'll look there first."
Rocky, "Yeah--maybe he's just bashful!"
85.12.3-85.16.7 - June, Rocky, Ace, Swampy, & Deadman depart and come across more cubes as they make it to Hunter's lab. Upon investigating the area they find it deserted, until Swampy pushes a button which makes Rip Hunter's Time sphere reappear with a long dead future-human skeleton in the pilot seat. The group ponders if Hunter died in the future at the creatures hands. So they run a Carbon-14 test and find the "monster and the Time Sphere have come from the same year-- Twelve Million A.D."
The team decided that the only way to solve the mystery and stop the cubes is to travle to the future, so they prep the Time Sphere with supplies and journey to the future as a cube appears behind Prof back at Challengers Mountain.
85.17.1-85.17.4 - 'Time Travel: How to describe the indescribable? There is only a sensation of falling, a sensation which lasts a moment or an hour...'
Swampy thinks, "Oboy... this is giving me claustrophobia!"
Rocky, "How long have we been traveling, Ace?"
Ace answers, "Subjectively: Who knows? Objectively: For at least Ten Million years..."
'At last, the journey ends with the most prosaic sound imaginable: a dull thump of metal on concrete, as...'
Ace, "We're here... we're in 12,000,000 A.D.!"
Rocky, "Sure... but where's here?"
June, "Wherever it is Rocky... it seem's deserted."
Ace, "You mean abandoned. The design of these buildings is fantastic... but they're crumbling into ruins!"
Rocky, "Ace is right! There's nobody here!"
Voice, "Correction, Interlopers--"
85.17.5 - Rip Hunter is standing on top of a ledge with a eagle-like helmet on with a flaming sword leading a band of blood-thirsty impish people as he continues, "--You have trespassed on the streets of the sacred city... and for your crime... you all must die!"
Rocky yells, "It's Rip Hunter!"
Ace screams in realization, "And he's going to kill us!"

Challengers of the Unknown #86
Conway, Giffen, Celardo
“The War At Times End”
The injured Prof is attacked by six monsters from the cube that have materialized inside of Challengers Mountain forcing him to defend himself as he slams a barrier wall down in hope that he will find a way to stop the creatures before the crawl their way in. Meanwhile in the future Rocky, June, Ace, Swamp Thing, and Deadman find themselves up against Rip Hunter, his crew, and a band of mutants. Swamp Thing quickly protects the group from the blasts as Deadman possess one of the mutants and takes down Rip Hunter and the group escapes only to find the Time Sphere in the hands of a giant mutant. They fight the monster in vain as they are easily defeated and brought to their master and his servants, the Time Masters. The spirit, Deadman finds a new host and discovers the secrets the future holds...
86.14.1-86.15.2 - “Everyone on this whole blamed planet is now grown in somethin' called a Gene Vat, like some kinda human yeast. Not only that, but people are bred to fit their jobs– like that half-human mutant whose skeleton we found in Rip Hunter's Time Sphere. He was supposed to be a soldier–bred for obeyin' orders of superiors, killing–and nothin' else! Those cavemen Gestapo types are the army for the guys who rule this world, the Sunset Lords... but they're also science assistants, since the lords won't trust regular humans... Somehow, they and the lords fouled up a Gene Vat... producin' a whole bunch of monsters which threatened to overrun the planet-- --Until Rip Hunter showed up in his Time Sphere, givin' the lords a ready-made solution to the monster problem! Using his Sun Staff, the head lord took control of Rip's mind, forcin' him to reveal his time travel secrets... Now the lords are sending their genetic monsters back through time to our era in those Chrono Boxes... just like a bunch of kids sweeping dust under a blamed rug! Soon, the Sunset Lords are gonna realize they can expand their rule through time... when that happens... twentieth century, look out! They've gotta be stopped, and the one guy trying to do it is called Lucas Lawspeaker... He's the joker I've gotta find next...”
Meanwhile, June, Rocky, Ace, and Swampy are being held in a status chamber as Rocky tries to escape but only finds himself unconscious. Deadman on the other-hand discovers the slum area and takes over a villager just to be caught by the mind-reader, Lucas Lawspeaker who announces he will aid him and the Challengers with the full force of his organization.

Challengers of the Unknown #87
Carla Conway, Gerry Conway, Keith Giffen
“Twelve Million Years to Twilight”
Deadman learns that a battle will occur tonight and he is instructed by Lawspeaker to warn his friends. But, they are already being lead to the a chamber to be re-programed by the Persuader where they device a plan to escape which they put into action as they pass under an archway. They blast their way into the breeding vats room where they create an implosion destroying the vats. Meanwhile, Swampy faces off against the best-like, giant mutant and prevails in the battle.
As nightfalls, Lawspeaker's organization storms the tower as the Challengers and Swampy aid in the battle. Deadman takes over Rip Hunter and takes down the committee who are striving for survival of their ways. As Deadman leaves Rip Hunter's mind he successfully breaks the mind-control that made Rip into a slave.
With the an unconditioned victory on all fronts, the Challengers, Deadman, Swamp Thing, Rip Hunter & his crew, and Lawspeaker's organization meet for a final parting as Lawspeaker and his comrade ponder on the events that have transpired and where they will go from here.
87.17.5-87.17.6 - ‘And what of the time-travelers wedge together is the tiny sphere...?'
Rocky thinks, “Maybe I will tell June how I feel... yeah, why not? Just as soon as we're ...home!”
Ace reasons, “Hope Prof's all right.”
June ponders, “I wonder what's wrong with Rocky...?”
‘Back, back through the ages hurls the Time Sphere... ...returning its seven human passengers, the swamp-creature and a ghost, home--to 1978! And upon returning, the Challengers are once again reunited! Rip Hunter and crew, the Swamp Thing and Deadman bid farewell to the Death-Creatures and leave--to pursue their individual fates--each going his separate way--into the pages of history...'

Showcase #100
Kupperberg, Levitz, Staton
“There Shall Come A Gathering”
A band of heros have been called to the JLA Satellite as the Flash announces something is disrupting the fabric of time itself causing the Earth to be dragged out of its orbit. Now it is up to Green Lantern, Flash, Hawk & Down, Rip Hunter... Time Master & crew, Metal Men, Teen Titans, Atom, Aquamna, Adam Strange, Johnny Thunder, Anthro, Sgt. Rock, Fireman Farrell, Enemy Ace, Nightmaster, Jason, Lois Lane, Creeper, Challengers of the Unknown, Space Ranger & Cryll, Windy & Willy, Bat Lash, Angel & the Ape, Firehair, Tommy Tomorrow, Inferior Five, Binky, Sea Devils, Dolphin, King Farraday, Manhunter, Jonny Double, and countless other heroes to save the world on every front of the battle.

DC Comics Presents #37
Tiefenbacher, Saviuk, Colletta
“Whatever Will (Or Did) Happen To... Rip Hunter... Time Master”
Rip Hunter calls the team back into action so they can find out who has taken the back-up Time Sphere before they can use to alter time. As the team springs into action Jeff reveals he recognized one of the duo who punched him out as former classmate, John Charles James. Jeff and Rip beat James to a research grant when they were earning their doctorates when they found an element in a slagheap that would power their prototype time machine.
The team soon find themselves in Maryland, 4784 A.D. being attacked by a band of humans who mistake the team as the plunderers James and his pal. Placed in a prison-cell to be interrogated, the time-travelers tell their story and the beings believe their story, but their destruction is certain without the Nexus-Gem which the crooks stole. The only chance for the people is to get a replacement, but the raw gems that lie at the bottom of the ocean are deadly to the future humans, but not the Rip Hunter and his crew. With their newfound freedom, the crew agree to help the people by getting then a new Nexus-Gem.
With the mission complete the time-travelers travel to Southern New Mexico, 3709 B.C. hot on the trail of the missing Time Sphere, where they find a discover a terrified tribe of Native Americans. Believed to be demons the tribe escapes, causing one to have a heart-attack, so Bonnie performs C.P.R. on him, thus saving his life and restoring the tribes faith in their visitors.
Suddenly, the rouge Time Sphere swoops by and Rip Hunter and crew rush towards it as it lands, only to be stopped by gunpoint. James then steals Jeff from the group so he can pilot the Time Sphere and they vanish.
Rip Hunter, Bonnie & Corky Baxter follow in the main Time Sphere and find themselves on Rip's old college campus before he perfected the Time Sphere. A paradox is created as they run past Rip & Jeff's dorm room to find the lab where kidnappers are trying to destroy the original Time Sphere so they can change the past. Rip Hunter appears and blasts James Sledgehammer and Jeff takes care of his captor.
James tries to escape through the window and Rip follows him, but is to late as James takes off in the back-up Time Sphere so he can try situation again. But, Corky converges on the co-ordinates where the back-up Time Sphere is and rams it. The scrapped back-up sphere crashes to the ground below and Rip drags James out of it and ties him up. The team then takes off back to the present with James and his pal tied up with the scrapped back-up Time Sphere on a towing line.
Back in the present Jeff gets a confession from the criminals that they stole the Nexus-Gem, but he couldn't find it on either of them. Corky theorizes that it might of ended up in the lab's slag-heap and was the power-element Rip found. Next the team looks to see if the back-up sphere's power-element is still in place, which it isn't. Bonnie then theorizes that the back-up sphere's element, the artificial duplicate Rip made, is the same element that ended up in the slag pile. Rip Hunter then shrugs, “Great guns! Far from stopping us, James supplied the element that helped us beat him to the grant!”

Action Comics #540 - #541, #545, #552 - #554
The Birth & first mission of the Forgotten Heroes.

The Flash #342
Bates, Infantino, McLaughlin
342.11.1-342.12.6 - The trial of the Flash continues as Professor Kingsfeld is questioned before the court by the defense. Kingsfeld tells the court that it is his expert opinion that the Reverse-Flash, alias Eobard Thayne, could not possibly have perished at the hands of the Flash. His body died die of a broken neck, but Kindsfeld says that "many theorists believe that hypothetical astral body of a time-traveler would instantly return to his own era at the moment of 'Death.' In which case, Eobard Thayne could conceivably still be alive in some form in the 25th Century."
Once the defense finishes with the witness the prosecution doesn't even both to cross-examine the witness. Instead he rises to say, "The state would like to call its next witness..."
342.12.1 - Prosecution, "...Rip Hunter! Would Mr. Hunter please take the stand?*" [* Yes, reader--that's the famous Rip Hunter, Time-Master--last seen in Action #552-553! But back to the proceedings at hand...]
342.12.2-342.12.6 - Prosecution, "...Now, Mr. Hunter, would you please tell the court how you qualify as an expert witness on the subject of time-travel?"
Rip Hunter, "How? Well, I guess if you judge by experience... ...I'm a regular PH.D on the subject. Over the years I've logged 'Time' from the dimmest recesses of the primeval past to the most far-flung eras of the distant future. Along with my regular crew aboard the time-sphere, we've watched early Neanderthals cooking mammoth-meat over a flame... We've seen the ancient pyramids of Egypt when they were still brand new... We observed the Mayflower on its historical voyage carrying the pilgrims across the Atlantic... We've seen the--"
Prosecution, "Uh, thanks you, Mr. Hunter, I believe we get the general idea. Now let me pose a hypothetical question to you. Let us suppose during the Sojourn to the 14th Century, tragedy strikes..."
342.13.1-342.13.4 - Prosecution, "...And one of your crew-members is murdered by a 14th Century perpetrator. Now, Mr. Hunter, drawing upon your vast expertise as a time-traveler-- --even if you brought the murdered crewman back to his own 20th Century... ...Would he or would he not still be dead?"
Rip Hunter, "As dead as a carp belly-up, sir."
Prosecution, "To reiterate, Mr. Hunter--you're saying then, in regard to Eobard Thayne... ...There is no doubt in your mind his death was as real and irrevocable as that of a non-time-traveler?"
Rip Hunter, "You have a real way with words, sir. That pretty much says it."
Prosecution, "Thank you Mr. Hunter. No further questions."
342.13.5-342.13.6 - Nora and her husband, who are in audience, comment on how things are shaping up for Barry Allen.
Barry Allen asks his lawyer, "You're not going to cross-examine Hunter?"
Defense lawyer answers, "Slater presented him as an expert witness expressing and expert opinion. No room to maneuver. I have a different strategy in mind..."

DC Comics Presents #77 - #78
The Forgotten Heroes become famous and fight the Forgotten Villians.

DC Challenge #6
Maggin, Jurgens & Mahlstedt
"A Matter of Anti-Matter"
6.5.1-6.5.5 - Prince Brian, the young man secretly known as the Silent Knight, is forced to give up his other identity as he is crowned King.
6.9.4-6.9.5 - ‘The present. Or pretty close to it, anyway. The institute for advanced study at Princeton University.'
A black haired man is standing with Rip Hunter in the snowy courtyard in front of the Time-Sphere as the gentleman asks, "So, Dr. Hunter, this is your famous time machine! It has a certain kind of fifties' flavor, doesn't it?"
Rip Hunter, dressed in his red and green uniform, answers, "It works, Dr. Kemeny. In this case, form follows function. Are you sure you're willing to do this? The scientific community as a whole has been rather skeptical about my accomplishments."
Dr. Kemeny, "I'm not too sure I accept your theories and claims myself, Hunter. You haven't exactly been too liberal in your desire to share your information. That hasn't helped your credibility any."
Rip Hunter, "This Time Sphere could be a dangerous weapon. I guard it well."
6.10.1 - Rip Hunter continues as the two pier into the Time sphere, "In any case, Thanks for your volunteering to come and verify my time trip, Dr. Kemeny!"
Dr. Kemeny, "I stuck my neck out brining you here, Hunter!"
6.10.2 - Dr. Kemeny, "The least I could do was set it neatly on the chopping block too!"
Rip Hunter replies as the two board the machine, "We'll bring back an icon from Elizabethan England that is unmistakable."
6.10.3 - ‘As the unwieldy craft roars to life and prepares to take off...'
Young Onlooker, "Er, sir? Aren't you--umm...sir?"
Einstein, "What a nice day, yes?"
6.10.4 - ‘And as the sphere reaches speed, begins to rattle through the barrier of time...'
Rip Hunter, "Dr. Kemeny, what sort of phenomenon is that?"
Dr. Kemeny asks, "You mean..."
6.10.5 - Dr. Kemeny continues to stutter, "...you don't know... ...Mr. Hunter?"
6.10.6 - The Time Sphere enters a colorful rift in the sky and vanishes in a ‘plip.'
6.12.1-6.12.3 - The Time Sphere emerges in a lush forest and lands. Dr. Kemeny and Rip Hunter exit and start to explore.
6.12.4 - Rip Hunter, "The sphere circuits are shot, it'll take time, to repair. Hey! Will ya look at that--?"
6.12.5-6.12.8 - A suit of armor is hanging in a tree with a shield below it, a red winged helmet on a rock, and a horse behind it. A cloaked figure feeds an apple to the white horse as Rip Hunter asks, "Wh-where did you come from?"
Figure, "I... appeared! It you did not see, I vill do it again!"
Rip Hunter, "Another time, perhaps! Who are you?"
Figure points to the helmet and vanishes after saying, "I haff come to tell you dat dis suit of armor is yours... ...dat you are der new Silent Knight– –And dat you must now svear fealty to King Brian!"
Dr. Kemeny, "Something very familiar about that man's voice...!"
6.13.1 - ‘Nearby, at a gala coronation ceremony...'
King Brian things as he turns to the crowd, "They are my people now... ...I must tell them that for these years I have been the Silent Knight! They deserve to--"
.13.2 - ‘But at that moment, out of the blue the sound of galloping hooves... ...a cloud of dust... ...a flourish of colors... ...and the sound of silence--'
6.13.3-6.13.4 - The Silent Knight swears his loyalty to King Brian as he passes the sword over him and says, "Rise... Silent Knight! You are the first to pledge to me your loyalty– –so you will be ever the first among my knights!"
King Brian puts his arms on the silent knights shoulders as he thinks, "Apparently this magical suit of armor that gave me great power and taught me the proper use of weaponry... ...has chosen a new master! Well, good luck to him, whoever he is!"
Silent Knight thinks, "What now–?!"
6.13.5 - The figure shows his face in the crowd to be Einstein as he says, "I have done something good, I think."
6.14.1-6.14.2 - "It is years that they are here, but years during which neither Hunter nor Kemeny seems to age... They are the famed Silent Knight and his faithful Squire Kemeny, who, self-conscious about his late-English accent, is generally silent himself... Righting wrongs, slaying dragons, and rescuing damsels in distress all along the countryside of the kingdom of Brian the Valiant-- --But living the secret lives of two twentieth-century technicians desperately looking for a way home..."
6.15.1 - ‘Until one fine day–just when they are getting to like it here...'
The figure reappears as the two men are working on the Time Sphere to say, "Gentlemen... I haff goodt news for you!"
Squire Kemeny, "Eh?"
6.15.2 - A whirpool of color engulfs the Silent Knight and Squire Kemeny as Einstein says, "Poof! Gone! Ah, dis makes me feel young again!"
6.15.3 - ‘And at the critical instant that the Batman vanished from the world of Rann...' the Silent Knight and Squire Kemeny appear just in time to help Captain Marvel and Dr. Fate with a giant creature. But the creature swallows Captain Marvel and the Silent Knight
6.15.4 - Dr. Fate, "You let the thing eat Marvel and your companion! Who are you... fool?"
Squire Kemeny, "Someone with little to say about what goes on here... but be very carefull--"
6.15.5 - Squire Kement, "--Never to underestimate an experienced dragon-slayer!"
Silent Knight then jabs his sword into the monsters mouth to jam it open and he and Captain Marvel escape.
6.16.1 - ‘And very soon, inevitable, it seems, given the acquired expertise of the swordsman, the dragon is slain and our heroes find themselves back on Rann... ...Ending--after years of training, the suspension of time, and the solution of the unified field theory--the longest-resolved cliff-hanger in human history!'

DC Challenge #9
Roy Thomas, Don Heck
"All This and World War, Too!"
9.19.5 - On the Planet Rann, Hawkman, Jon, Silent Knight, Dr. Fate, Captain Marvel and others are battling against the last remnants of Bork's hordes.
Jon, "Dy the Aesir! It's been many a long northern night since Jon, The Viking Prince, has seen such sport!"
Silent Knight thinks as he battles, "And it's been even longer, since Rip Hunter, Time Master-- --stopped trying to figure out just how the devil he wound up as the Silent Knight!"

Who's Who (85-86) #19

Crisis On Infinite Earths #5
Wolfman, Pérez, Ordway
“World's In Limbo”
5.14.7 - The Time Sphere is being thrust violently by the merged time stream.
5.14.8 - Bonnie, “Rip--what's wrong with the Time Sphere? Why can't we land?”
Rip Hunter, “I wish I knew... something's happened to time... and we;re caught right in the center of it.”
5.14.9 - ‘While Rip Hunter, Time Master, seeks to save his valiant, time-lost crew... ..we will move on to Gotham City's Wayne Manor...'

Crisis On Infinite Earths #10
Wolfman, Pérez, Ordway
“Death at the Dawn of Time”
Instructed by The Spectre's grim message, Rip Hunter, Bonnie Baxter, and Jeff Smith help the rest of the heroes and villains to develop a way to get half of the heroes to the beginning of time to face the Anti-Monitor, and the villains to the planet OA, where history must be changed.

Crisis On Infinite Earths #11 - #12
A small band of Forgotten Heroes search for a way to stop the Anti-Monitor.

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Joe Harvey runs The Unofficial Justice League of America Homepage, a site dedicated to the Pre-Crisis JLoA featuring member bios, synopsis, JLoA Guide, and much more.

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