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Rip Hunter... Time Master: The Realities


  • Rip Hunter... Time Master (RHTM) - The original time master who teamed with Bonnie, Corky, and Jeff to have adventures in time and space. Later join Forgotten Heroes to regain lost youth and defeat Vandal Savage. Wiped from history by Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  • Rip Hunter... Silent Knight II (RHTM-SKII) - The events of DC Challenge have Rip Hunter living years of his life in the feudal past as the second Silent Knight.


  • Rip Hunter (RH-Prime) - The re-booted time master who saves Booster Golds life and later uncovers a conspiracy that is weaved all through time against the Time Travel restrictions set on humans. Last appearence of Rip Hunter (Prime) is Time Masters #8. (Note: Time Travel Restrictions)
  • Hunter (H-I) - Mentioned in Who's Who Update '93 #2. "Young Matt grew up and went on to meet and study with the noted time researcher Ripley Hunter. [...] Others came to join Ryder from various eras of time...adventurer Travis O'Connell, archivist Liri Lee, even Ryder's former mentor Rip Hunter. Together, they became the Linear Men, devoting their lives to maintaining the equilibrium of the time stream and preventing unwarranted divergences." Appears as a Linear Man after Superman discovers their existence and later dies during the event called Zero Hour.


  • Rip Hunter... Time Master (RHTM-C4) - Alternate future time-line, seen at Chronolopolis in Chronos #4, this space-suit dressed Rip Hunter dies as Vyronis unleashes his power. Note the costume on underneath the orange space-suit, it is the Pre-Crisis costume complete with the language translator.
  • Hunter (H-II) - The current Hunter was a reckles youth who wandered blindly through time until he nearly unravels time. The Linear Men rescue him time and time again, and make him a member of The Linear Men just in time for O'Connell to set off on his history making journey. (At this point it is impossible to figure out which Hunter did what with the Linear Men.)
  • Hunter (H-Infinity) If a Linear Man falls you can always dip into the time-stream before the death and pull them out of dangers way to fight again. (Featured in Superman: Dominus storyline)
  • Rip Hunter (RH-II) - Only mentioned in time-lines of Chronos #1, JLA In Crisis: Secret Files and Origins #1, and DCU Heroes: Secret Files and Origins #1. All that is known is Chronos saved Rip Hunter years after the battle with the Immortal Man and Vandal Savage.
  • Hunter (H-LA) - Linear Athority member (Hunter II) who recounts his story to Chronos II in Legends of The DC Universe: 80-Page Giant #1.
  • Hunter (H-III) - Hunter who rebels against the Linear Men to help Kingdom Come heroes and present day heros stop Gog, but inadvertantly break Hypertime barrier.
  • Rip Hunter... Time Master (RHTM-II) - Appearing in the flashback at the begining of Resurrection Man #25 appears a Post-Hypertime overview of the classic DC Comics Presents #77-78. In this flashback the original RHTM appears in all his Pre-Crisis glory.


  • Rip Hunter... Teen Titan (RHO-Tangent) - Tangent '98: Joker's Wild #1 features Rip Hunter... Teen Titan as he tracks the Joker and the Atom.

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