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- Published Series -
Aoi House

My first series, Aoi House, made its grand debut on Seven Seas Entertainment's website, Gomanga.com, on January 24, 2005 with its first episode "Registration Blues." Originally featuring art by Jim Jimenez, Aoi House is a comedy webmanga in the spirit of Love Hina, The Real World and Comic Party that follows the trials and tribulations of two down-on-their-luck college boys who join an anime club dominated by crazed yaoi fangirls. A full press release is available entitled "Seven Seas Announces New Webmanga--Aoi House."

Aoi House's original 36 episodes received such a warm response that plans were made for the series to official make the jump to print. Now paired with female artist Shiei (Amazing Agent Luna), Aoi House was relaunched on May 23, 2005 and is currently still in production with the first volume set to be released in print in May 2006!

Aoi House recently began appearing monthly in Newtype USA as a color 4-koma comic strip. Click here for the full press release.

To read the series, please follow this link to start with page one:
Aoi House: Chapter 1, Page 1


LO Magazine Vol. 16 - September 2005

LO Magazine conducted an interview with me concerning Aoi House, Animefringe and my other work. I have included the interview pages below, but be sure to check out www.lomagazine.co.za for the entire issue!

NEO Magazine #14 - January 2006

NEO Magazine interviewed me concerning Aoi House and writing in general for a piece on World Manga.


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