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The Legion of Super-Heroes Reference File

The Legion Help-File was created/maintained by Chaim Keller. It runs under Windows (Or any system with a compatible help browser). Just download from the link below, unpack and enjoy.

Download the Help File - 1.60 Megabits

System Requirements:

  • Windows (3.1+,'95,'98, ect.)
    Or system with a compatible help browser.
  • Unzip program (Winzip, Pkzip, ect.)

    lshhlp.zip File Contents:

    Program Installation: (Directions based on Windows '98)
    1.) Download the lshhlp.zip file.
    2.) Find the download folder in Windows Explorer.
    3.) Extract the contents of lshhlp.zip using an Unzip program
    (optional: create a new folder for this program).
    4.) The two files should now of been extracted and operational.

    Optional- Icon Installation:
    5.) Highlight the file named 'Legion.hlp'.
    6.) Right click the mouse button and choose 'Create Shortcut'.
    7.) Drag the shortcut that was create onto your desktop.
    8.) On your desktop, highlight the shortcut and right click the mouse button and choose 'Properties'.
    9.) A properties window will open, select 'Change Icon...'
    10.) Type the path to the directory the two files are located in (if it is not the present directory).
    11.) Find the Legion.ico file, select it, and press 'OK'.
    12.) The Properties picture should be the Legion icon.
    13.) Congratulations, the Legion Help-File has been installed!

  • DISCLAIMER: The character, story, and likeness of Legionnaires and other DC Comics Characters are trademarked by DC Comics and are used on these pages without permission for informational use only. Visit DC comics home page for more info.
    [Legion Help-File © Chaim Keller.] Original Material © 1997-2016 Adam Arnold, All Rights Reserved.