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  • Alter Ego: Matthew Ryder
  • Occupation: Scientist
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: None
  • Base of Operations: Mobile
  • First Appearance: ARMAGEDDON 2001 #1 (May, 1991)
  • Height: 6'0" ; Weight: 185 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue ; Hair: Blond


    The year 2030 was not a very good one. A being known as the Monarch had been ruling for 20 years with an oppressive iron fist. His armored Peacemakers kept the people in order, striking fear into a populace that felt the eyes of their ruler following them at all times. Statues of the dark, armored leader dot every city, township and village. Life was certainly not ideal, but most people accepted the norm and made the best of it.

    Not Matthew Ryder. Sometime in the past, one of Earth's costumed heroes saved the young Ryder from a collapsed building. From that moment on, Ryder felt a connection - a kinship - with the heroes who became legends when they were alive. Ryder knew that something went wrong in 2001, and that one of the Earth's protectors began to change and become a force for evil. This hero became Monarch and within a decade conquered the Earth and killed its legends.

    Ryder was unhappy with his life and the oppressive rule of the Monarch. As research scientist, he continued to skirt the law by performing forbidden research into the past, seeking facts about the heroes, trying to find out what could make one turn into a Villain.

    Ryder grew increasingly dissatisfied with his mundane life, producing strains on his family. At work, he was considered brilliant but unstable, with ideologies that could cause trouble with the Peacemakers, or even Monarch himself. Thus, they rejected his request to be the human test subject in a time travel experiment using the rediscovered tachyon tracing principal, first used in the 1980s.

    The appointed test subjects failed, and Ryder was convinced the cause was that most people lost the inner will to fight and survive the trip, a will the Monarch had stamped out. In a desperate move, he brought the importance of possible time travel to the Monarch's attention. Hoping to use him to preserve the time stream he ruled, Monarch agreed to let Ryder become a test subject and prove time travel could work.

    The experiment proceeded and Ryder found himself successfully, merging into the time stream, becoming another being, a being able to ride the currents of time and read the timestream itself. A Waverider.

    Landing in the year 1991, Waverider sought out Earth's mightiest heroes to find the one who would betray them - and then the world. If he succeeds, the Monarch will cease to exist and his timeline will vanish, leaving Ryder without a family or home to return to. Ryder's mind is intact, but he is still learning exactly what ft is he has become.


    Waverider is able to access a person's "aura" and forsee that person's most probable future timeline. He can experience the events in a brief moment and leave the subject with no memory of the experience, protecting the "correct" timeline. In the case of multiple contacts with a person, Waverider is able to read varying futures, depending on recent alterations in a persons history. Each encounter becomes increasingly subject to variances, and is less and less "true".

    Waverider may appear able to control the timestream, but he cannot alter the past, an immutable rule of the timeline. All he can do is alter the actual events leading to a specific timeframe. For example, he cannot prevent President Kennedy from being shot, but he might cause the death to happen in a different city or time, creating a different future.

    In his new form, Ryder is learning what his body can and cannot do, and it remains to be seen what physical power it wields.

    Text: Robert Greenberger
    Created by Archie Goodwin & Dan Jurgens

    Waverider RPG Biography

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