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The Linear Men: Summaries & Annotations Part VII

The Kingdom #1 (December 1998)
The Kingdom reveals how Gog is traveling backward through time, stopping each day to kill Superman in new and horribly inventive ways. But with each earlier murder of the man of steel, Gog creates a new time paradox, further weakening the fabric of reality. Hunter, of the "Linear Men" who guard the Timeline, sets out to help stop this rampage... and protect a mysterious secret about the nature of space-time itself.
Arriving on the day that Wonder Woman gives birth to her and Superman's son, Hunter is unable to help the heroes of Earth stop Gog. The crazed, time-traveling villain takes the super-child and proceeds directly to 1998 Kansas to complete his mission of destruction.
The only course of action left is Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to accompany Hunter back to 1998 and battle Gog there. But even if they succeed, their journey will alter the time stream so much that their own future, the world of Kingdom Come, will be erased from reality!
And so, as the three greatest heroes the world has ever known depart on their final mission, the people of the future wait for their lives, their entire reality, to be erased. But four young heroes Nightstar Offspring, Kid Flash and Iban al Xu'ffasch will join forces to somehow fight the inevitable doom that waits them...

Son of The Bat #1 (December 1998)
1.22.5 - Iban & Nightstar embrace as Iban desides never to leave her again and they deside to try to save the present. Suddenly, Hunter appears to say, "Just the sort of dedication I'm looking for."
Iban turns and utters, "Who--?" (Note: The picture is different in Nightstar #1)
1.22.6 - Close up of Hunter as he says, "My name is Rip Hunter. And I am your only hope. If there are others like you who are willing to risk everything... To trade all their tomorrows for one yesterday... Gather them together. We have work to do."

Nightstar #1 (December 1998)
1.24.5 - Iban & Nightstar embrace as Iban desides never to leave her again and they deside to try to save the present. Suddenly, Hunter appears to say, "Just the sort of dedication I'm looking for."
Nightstar turns and utters, "Who--?" (Note: The picture is different in Son of the Bat #1)
1.24.6 - Close up of Hunter as he says, "My name is Rip Hunter. And I am your only hope. If there are others like you who are willing to risk everything... To trade all their tomorrows for one yesterday... Gather them together. We have work to do."

The Kingdom #2 (December 1998)
Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman of Kingdom Come team up with their present day selves to stop the menace of Gog. The true meaning of "The Kingdom" is reveled... And the DC Universe will change forever.

DCU Heroes: Secret Files & Origins #1
Miscellaneous character entries and mentions.

DCU Villians: Secret Files & Origins #1
Miscellaneous character entries and mentions.

Impulse: Bart Saves The Universe PF (April 1999)
Extant, the villain that nearly destroyed all of DC's greatest heroes in Zero Hour, has returned, and opnly Bart Allen stands in his way. And not even Batman, three Flashes, the JSA, and the Linear Men are enough to stop Extant, so this battle hinges on the stable, clear thinking of Impulse.

Action Comics #754 (May 1999)
Immonen, Miller, Marzan, Jr.
754.3.3 - Superman is lost in the Phantom Zone until a series of images begin forming infront of him of "Dominus and Kismet, Waverider and the Linear Men... The confrontation between the Justice League, the young Supermen of America and my peacekeeping robots... The last stand at the Fortress of Solitude..." (Note: Only Waverider appears riding the time stream with an energy ball following him. No Linear Men appear in this panel.)

All Star Comics #2 (May 1999)
In the epilogue to the story Hourman II appears to the dying Hourman at Vanishing Point where Extant is doing battle with the rest fo the Justice Society of America. (Note: Vanishing Point appears but the Linear Men do not.)

JSA: Secret Files & Origins (Aug 1999)
Waverider mentioned in the Extant Bio.

DC One Million: 80-Page Giant #1,000,000 (Aug 1999)
The 853rd Century Superman is just about to 'boom-suit' Alchemo back to Pluto when the Super-Oracle Alarm goes off.
1,000,000.6.3 - As Heartiac and Alchemo stand behind Superman, he answers the destress call with, "What's the problem, son?"
The hologram version of the future Superman replies, "Hunter's Law of Time forbid's me from divulging the specifics Superman, but you must do exactly as I say or all is lost. Our future demands you assume Alchemo's identity and attend a meeting of the Superman Revenge Squad in deep space."

Superboy #65 (Aug 1999)
K. Kesel, Grummett, D. Davis
The remaining Challengers of the Unknown & Superboy have just returned from their adventures in Hypertime and are reflecting on the events that led to their crashing into the Planet Krypton Restaurant. Mr. Michael Jon Carter (aka Booster Gold) has just offered Planet Krypton's basement as the new Challenger's Hypertime Headquarters do to its' natural weak point between realities. Prof asks Mr. Carter, "And how would you know, sir?"
65.7.4 - Suddenly Carter transforms into Hunter of the Linear Men and answers, "Because I'm Rip Hunter -- Carter's silent business partner, and one of the few who knows about the existence of Hypertime. My disguise was necessary to deal with the employees earlier. I've traveled this timeline -- time after time -- and knew everything that would happen today... except your answer to my offer. As you know, the timeline isn't always straight -- anything is possible."
65.8.1 - Hunter appears in the background behind Superboy as they stand in the center of Planet Krypton.
65.8.3 - Hunter comments on Superboy's reply to Prof's offer with, "I don't know if I'd be so sure about the project, Superboy. I believe there's word on the internet says... ...Cadmis is hiring a replacement for you -- right now!"

Man of Steel #94 (Nov 1999)
94.17.1 - As Strange Visitor suddenly remembers who she is and how she came to be, Waverider is shown and mentioned, "[...] With the aid of Superman of the time-spanning Linear Men, Kismet's essence was spared... ...and transported to Superman's own past where Kismet's essence was secreted in the body of a young girl named Sharon Vance, who otherwise would have died... [...]"

Secret Files & Origins Guide To The DC Universe 2000 #1 (Mar 2000)
Timeline Text by Robert Greenberger & Phil Jimenez
1.92 - 2 Years Ago
"Stealing the chronal energies of Waverider, the villanious Monarch renames himself EXTANT and joines forces with Parallax to collapse the time stream and create a new reality of their own design. Parallax wipes out a host of potential timelines and draws a score of heroes to "Ground Zero," the beginning of time. The Justice Society's Atom, Hourman, and Doctor Mid-Nite are slain by Extant during this conflict. Green Arrow and Green Lantern join forces to end Parallax's threat."

Entertaindom's The Multipath Adventures of Superman: Waverider Character Preview http://www.entertaindom.com/pages/multipath/superman/main.jsp
Waverider, "When I was simply Matthew Ryder. I lived in a dark future, a time when freedom was a distant memory.
Our ruler, the mad warlord Monarch, was afraid that research into time travel would give his enemies a way to defeat him.
He selected me to find a way to... control time. But, his machines... merged me with the time stream. Making me into something else... Waverider.
I can now see the endless pathways each point in time can branch into and sometimes help put events that are off track... back in line."

Entertaindom's The Multipath Adventures of Superman #2: Menace of Metallo #2
Waverider is monitoring a tesseract when he discovers timelines are dying. He tapes into a possible future to find Superman powerless to stop Metropolis and the world from being destroyed. He goes back to Vanishing Point with his report and plan for action. He intern gets a lecture on the Linear Men's charter and Waverider's personal involvement in past adventures from Travis O'Connell, Liri Lee, and Hunter. [Note: Travis O'Connell is used instead of the Linear Men version of Matthew Ryder due to the nature of Ryder's complicated background as both a Linear Men and as Waverider.] Waverider decides that he will not interfere, but will help insure other possibilities still exist and asks permission to warn someone who does have the ability to alter history.
Waverider's background and the Linear Men's background are given as possible options. The annotation of the Waverider entry can be found with the Waverider Character Preview.' (above) The Linear Men background is told by Waverider and states:
"The Linear Men, Hunter, Liri Lee, Travis O'Connell, and myself, Waverider. Time Travelers from different points in history. I'm part of this... organization, if that's what you want to call it. We stand outside time, observing from our headquarters in Vanishing Point, a citadel that exists outside normal time and space. But, we only observe, never to interfere. None of us know how the Linear Men began. But, we know our mission, to protect the time stream from being changed by those who would remake the future or the past in their own twisted image. It is the most important responsibility in all existence."

Entertaindom's The Multipath Adventures of Superman #10: Boxing the Parasite #5
After Superman defeats the Parasite, Waverider appears to Superman informing him that they need to talk. The option is given for Waverider to give a briefing in which he states, "With the two weapons in his possession, Superman is doing very well. At least for now, the game could change at any moment, and the currents of time are moving so fast now that even I, Waverider, with almost a total mastery of time travel can not clearly see what lies ahead. I can only hope that Superman is able to stop the tragedy that is coming before time is irreversibly damaged." Waverider shows Superman the disappearing timelines form the vantage point of the time stream and further explains the grave situation. Someone or something is behind the dying timelines and the source of the disturbance is Metropolis in Superman's present. Waverider gives Superman what little information he can give on the weapons he has gathered and then wishes Superman luck as they part ways.

Entertaindom's The Multipath Adventures of Superman #11: Bizarro Battleground #1
Superman recaps the story so far and ponders Waverider's warning.

Entertaindom's The Multipath Adventures of Superman #16: Time's Arrow #1
The Vanishing Point computers come on line as another timeline is distroyed. Waverider monitors the situation and tires to calculate the probability of any timeline surviving the distrubance and but the data is uncacluable. And if the present situation isn't averted, all timelines will collapse and be distroyed in three solar days. Waverider then begins a personal log where he ponders the future and how he is useless to intervien.
Waverider's Mission: "I am one of the Linear Men, custodians of the universe who watch over the very follow of time itself. Coming from various points in the time/space continuum, we have agreed to use our knowledge and power to maintain the health of the time stream. Dyschord's mad quest to change time not only threatens the future and the past, but all of time as well. The very fabric of time will be reality will be torn to shreds if Dyschord is not stopped."
Vanishing Point profile: "The citadel headquarters of the Linear Men, Vanishing Point is neither at the beginning of time nor at the end. Rather it exists at all points in time, and outside of time as well. Built atop a floating asteroid, it is our window on the universe."

Entertaindom's The Multipath Adventures of Superman #21: Dyschord Inferno #1
As Superman races to Metropolis he recaps the events so far and tells what each item is capable of doing.

Entertaindom's The Multipath Adventures of Superman #30: Time's End #5
Waverider meets with Clark Kent in the aftermath of the Alien Invasion.

JSA #13 (August 2000)
13.5.2 - Aboard Hourman's Timeship the heroes have just learned that Extant is behind the present crisis. Courtney - "Wasn't he supposed to be a prisoner of the Linear Men or something? How did he escape?" Metron - "It is difficult to imprison a being made of pure entropic energy. Systems tend to break down around him--even the essence of time itself. Such was the case with his contrainment cell at Vanishing Point."

Action Comics #770 (October 2000)
770.18.1 - Waverider appears in the swirling vortex along with other cosmic entities in the Joker's mangled Universe.

Superman #165 (February 2001)
- Annotation Coming Soon -

Superman: The Man of Steel #109 (February 2001)
- Annotation Coming Soon -

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