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The Linear Men: Summaries & Annotations Part II

Adventures of Superman #476 This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE! (March 1991)
Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
Time and Time Again: Phase I - Lois tells Clark she is still uncertain about marrying Superman; a rogue Linear Man arrives in Metropolis using a time disturbance; the Linear Man has been sent to arrest Booster Gold (Michael Carter) for stealing devices and going into the past, he activates Skeets, alerting Booster; when Superman sees Booster being attacked, he joins in to stop the Linear Man; when Superman accidentally disrupts the Linear Man's controls after a time vortex has been opened, Superman finds himself transported to a future 30th Century and meets teenage Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl; the teenage heroes recognize Superman. (1st Linear Man)

Action Comics #663This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE! (March 1991)
Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Bob Mcleod
Time and Time Again: Phase II - responding to an exploding fuel storage, Superman finds himself bounced to the 1943 with blurred vision; Lexcorp is looking for Luthor Jr.; Superman works as a circus strongman for some weeks until his vision clears; in Metropolis and incognito he saves President Roosevelt from a Nazi assasin; Superman decides to find the Justice Society of America for help, but the Spectre prevents him and sends him to Warsaw.

Superman #54This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE! (April 1991)
Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Dennis Janke
Time and Time Again: Phase III - In Warsaw, Superman frees Jewish prisoners and sabotages the Nazi's research test on an atomic bomb being carried out by General Zeiten (Mr. Z); Superman carries the test bomb away from the Jewish people, then it explodes while he holds it.

Adventures of Superman #477This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE! (April 1991)
Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
Time and Time Again: Phase IV - the Linear Man has taken Superman from 1943 and tries to maneuver him to a time disruption that will send him back to 1991, but disruption caused by a sun eater causes Superman to end up in an earlier time in the 30th century; Superman helps adult Legionaires Lightning Lad, Wildfire, Ultra Boy, Shrinking Violet, Phantom Girl; the blast from the sun eater's implosion sends Superman out of time again.

Action Comics #664This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE! (April 1991)
Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Bob Mcleod
Time and Time Again: Phase V - Ma Olsen shows Lucy Lane baby pictures of Jimmy; with Sam Foswell at the Daily Planet, Perry and Alice decide to take a second honeymoon; Superman is in the past 100 million years ago and finds a stranded Chronos; Chronos tries doublecrossing Superman and Superman is sent by another explosion forward to a 500 thousand years ago; Superman finds the city-state of A'R'Ven and uses the takeoff blast from the H'V'Ler'Ni fleet to bounce forward again - this time to Camelot.

Superman #55This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE! (May 1991)
Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway
Time and Time Again: Phase VI - Morgaine Le Fey makes Superman a black knight and has him assault Camelot; Merlin frees him, and makes him a white knight; Camelot falls and Merlin decides to have his half-brother, the demon Etrigan, live within priest of the oak Jason Blood

Adventures of Superman #478This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE! (May 1991)
Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
Time and Time Again: Phase VII - Superman has been bounced from Camelot to 2995 meeting even older Legionaires after the Legion has disbanded; Lexcorp directors take charge of Lexcorp until Luthor Jr is found; Superman is told how the "pocket universe" Superboy died and that the Time Trapper's "pocket universe" has ended; Superman also learns how a Daxamite named Dev-Em from the 20th century sent into the future by Valor (Lar Gand) has become insane; Superman and the heroes stop Dev-Em destroying the Moon by detonating devices left by a splinter group of Dominators; the Linear Man says Superman has altered history and reactivates the devices destroying the moon, and using the blast to send Superman home where Lois says he's been missing only a couple of hours. (Death of The Linear Man)

Action Comics #665This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE! (May 1991)
Roger Stern, Tom Grummett, Jose Marzan Jr.
Present Day Aftermath of Time & Time Again - Superman blown back in to the Present. Baron Sunday uses his powers to turn six cellmates into super strong zombies, which attack Superman; after Superman breaks the spell, Sunday is left catatonic.

Legion of Super-Heroes V4 #19 (1991)
The Aftermath of the Moons explosion felt on Earth in 2995.
(Note: The Linear Man is not mentioned and does not appear.)

Superman #59 (September 1991)
Dan Jurgans & Brett Breeding
"Superman's Fiancee Lois Lane"
59.1.1 - ‘Somewhere. Sometime' a meeting between three cloaked figures is underway. The third seat from the right is empty.
Figure 1 - "This now concludes our review of the matter."
Figure 2 - "The incident is closed–never to be spoken of again."
Figure 3 - "Wait a minute! An innocent man's life was nearly destroyed! We can't leave it like this!"
59.1.2 - Close-up on the first cloaked figure. Only the person's noise is visable which is pointed down towards the stone table but the posture of their hands reveals the person to be a man. Then the figure comments, "True, it was an unfortunate affair. Our agent was forced to reveal our existence–something we can barely tolerate."
59.1.3 - The second figure's hands are touching at the fingers reviling the figure to also be male. The right hand is flesh, but the left hand has a glove on and some type of devise on the wrist. This figure makes its comments know, "Considering the way he botched the affair we are lucky it ended as well as it did."
59.1.4 - Close-up of the empty chair as Figure 3 rebuttals, "Of course it ended well! He died to make sure it would!"
59.1.5 - The third figure continues, "But we must investigate the human aspect of the mission to determine the need for further action!"
59.1.6 - The first and second figures get up to revile their light purple robs flow to the floor. A violet ceremonial appears around the shoulder area, as does a rope-like belt that holds a strange hanging devise over the inner-left leg. It is also reviled Figure 1 is a few inches shorter than figure 2. Figure 1 begins to glow and replies, "No. You will leave this matter in the past."
Figure 2 also begins to glow as he replies, "The brotherhood has spoken. You will abide."
59.1.7 - The close-up on the third figure as the other two vanish one after the other. The figure comments, "Not." And then the figure shows it's gloved hands, reviling them to be feminine.
The left hand is covered in a purple glove and the right in a aqua colored glove with a device at the end. She then decides on her own that, "This time, the brotherhood is wrong."
59.1.8 - The female figure vanishes from her seat in a fizz of light.
59.8.6 - The female figure appears in present day metropolis just after Lois Lane worriedly walks down the street wondering int Superman will ever have anytime for her. The female figure realizes, ‘Ah. A problem does exist. One I may be able to solve...'
59.9.1 - "...in due time."
59.10.6 - The figure appears in the park moments after Clark darts off to see on some screams and sirens he heard downtown. She mentally comments, ‘Once again he sacrifices his personal life for the safety of others. These people owe him a great deal.'
59.14.7 - Once the crisis is over Superman makes a visit to Lois Lane's appartment where he asks her to change into something warmer because they need to have a talk somewhere. The figure appears again as Superman and Lois Lane depart into the sky. She decides, ‘Time. Time to make my move.'
59.17.1-59.17.4 - Lois Lane and Superman are on top of a snow covered mountain discussing their relationship. Lois asks, "I suppose that's true. What I need to know though, is will you have the time to be Clark Kent? Time to be my husband?"
Mental voice-over of the female figure, ‘And as the question hangs in the air. The world's most unique couple find what they have been denied for so long. Time. Time to talk. For the first time they ask the hard questions about life and marriage. As the hours fall aside they build a bedrock that mirrors the core of their relationship. The experience is rich in emotion and filled with promise. Even more promising is the result. The uncompromising conviction-- -- that they are destined to be together.'
59.19.2 - The female figure appears outside Lois's apartment to see the final results of her work. She thinks, ‘Some time ago one of my brothers errantly stole a portion of Superman's life. Today I returned some of it.'
59.19.3 - ‘For a short time Superman was allowed to step outside of time– –as repayment for our debt.' The figure looks up and pulls the cowl of her hood back to revile a beautiful brown haired and brown eyed woman.
59.19.4 - ‘If he were still alive the member of the brotherhood who sent Superman bouncing trough time– –would surely approve. For although Superman was only absent from 1991 for minutes– –he lived several months of his life during the experience. The brotherhood would reprimand me if they knew of this– –but my presence has gone undiscovered... as it does with any successful mission.' The woman continues to dispose of her robs in a back alleyway.
59.19.5 - ‘Now I must return home. Back to the future– –and that strange era– –where those who guard time dwell.' The woman is reviled to have a metallic left leg, and a metallic right shoulder. Though her left arm, right leg, head, and center body seem to still be intact.
59.19.6 - The female vanishes into a wave of light concluding with, ‘A place where a Linear Man– –belongs for all time.'

Action Comics #670 This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE! (October 1991)
Roger Stern, Bob Mcleod, Denis Rodier
Crossover with Armageddon 2001 #2
first Lex Luthor, Jr.; Lex Jr meets Dr. Kelley in Australia; Monarch (formerly Hawk) destroys downtown S.T.A.R. Labs while attacking Superman and the Justice League; Joe Martin becomes the Atomic Skull after being zapped by a gadget of Monarch's. (Note: Waverider only appears on the cover.)

Superman #61 This summary compliments of the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE! (November 1991)
Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
"Time and Time Again Again" - an Armageddon 2001 follow up
Metal Men help Superman and Emil dig out a quantum field generator; Collin Thornton is running for mayor; Lois visits Jimmy; Mr. Z survives a plane crash; Waverider (Matther Ryder) witnesses the generator explode, about to kill his parents when a woman appears; she is a linear man from Vanishing Point studying the incident; Waverider follows her when she takes the generator and Superman to Vanishing Point; Superman and Waverider meet the Linear Men - Liri Lee, Dr. Hunter, and a cowled figure; Waverider takes Lee's wrist device so he can save his parents; when Waverider and Superman have returned to their time, the cowled figure is shown to be an alternate timeline's Matt Ryder.

Armageddon: Inferno #1 (April 1992)
Seeds of Doom - A group of conjurors summon Abraxis who somehow captures the pure energy being, Waverider. But, Waverider escapes and choses a timeline of heroes to battle Abraxis so the prime timeline is not skewed.

Armageddon: Inferno #2 (May 1992)
Sea of Trouble - Waverider continues pulling heroes from the time stream to do battle with Abraxis in a verity of time periods. Heroes include: Firestorm, Jo Nah (of the Legion of Super- Heroes), Spectre, Creeper, Hawkman & Hawkwoman, Sgt. Rock, Gunner & Sarge, Pocch, Johnny Cloud, Troia, Power Girl, Martian Manhunter, Guy Gardner, Starfire, Orion, Enemy Ace, Lobo, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash , and Batman.

Armageddon: Inferno #3 (June 1992)
The Last Hope - The battle continues with a new breed of heroes entering the war against Abroxis. Waverider encounters the Spectre who gives him the key to victory - The Justice Society of America.

Armageddon: Inferno #4 (July 1992)
A Gathering of Heroes - The legendary JSA in action again in a final savage battle with Abraxis himself.

Hawkworld #28 (November, 1992)
Ostrander, Duursema, Bryant
Flashback to Inferno: Armageddon #4
28.1.1 - "Well, after being stuck in limbo for --heck, I don't know how long-- fighting that mock Ragnarok over and over again, this Waverider fellow breaks us loose so we --The Justice Society of America-- can help defeat this Abraxis creature. I can't be much clearer about the whole thing than that. I found it all a bit confusing. Anyway, afterwards, this Waverider sends Abrzaxis's henchmen --The Daemen-- to limbo to fight Ragnarok instead of us. And we all got to come home."

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