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Linear Authority Dossiers:
The Linear Men

Matthew Ryder - The cloaked leader who discovered Vanishing Point and started the Linear Men. Ryder had something go wrong with one of his experiments, and he found himself and his equipment projected to a strange plane beyond what we know as time and space. Soon others found there way to Vanishing Point and they formed the Linear Men to keep the time-line on track.

Travis O'Connell - The short tempered, yet dedicated Linear Man died in the line of duty when he kept the time-line on track by blowing up the moon in 2995 A.D. (Pre-Zero Hour).

Liri Lee - The beautiful group researcher has been given many of the groups troubles and been forced to resolve them. Liri Lee and Matthew Ryder have had a romantic relationship that seems to be put on the sidelines due to the many missions they have to complete. In a possible future, Liri Lee could of become the Time Trapper.

Hunter - Rip Hunter unwillingly brought attention to himself by time traveling and causing massive chronol upheaval in the process. Each incident nearly caused the time-line to be disrupted. Matt Ryder sent Liri Lee & Travis O'Connell to stop him. But, they instead saved his life and made Rip Hunter into a Linear Man. Now referring to himself as ‘Hunter', he helped enlighten the super-heroes to the many parallel dimensions of Hypertime.

Waverider - In 2030, Matthew Ryder set-out to stop the being known as Monarch from coming to power. After an experiment, Ryder found himself merging into the time stream. He became another being who is able to ride the currents of time and read the time-stream itself. Waverider ended up bringing Monarch to power ten years before he was supposed to. This wiped out his time-line making another time-line to be created for Matthew Ryder. Waverider soon found a home with the Linear Men.

Linear Authority - In Chronos the Linear Men seemed to of evolved into continuity policing organization known as the Linear Authority. This bigger organization had the core Linear Men group acting as the committee which decided when action needed to be taken. This idea has since been written out of continuity.

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