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Forgotten Villains

Forgotten Villains


  • Atom-Master
  • Enchantress
  • Faceless Hunter
  • Kraklow
  • Mr. Poseidon
  • Ultivac


    Organized by heroine-turned-villainess the Enchantress, the Forgotten Villains were a group of menaces who banded together to conquer the universe. At the core of the group was a triad of sorcerers whose combined might was the focus of their plan. These three sorcerers were the 18th Century Polish mystic Kraklow, the living planet known as Yggardis, and the Enchantress herself. They were aided and abetted in their plans by Atom-Master, whose molecular-controlling helmet enabled him to solidify the very dust in the air into any form he chose; the towering Chn Yull, otherwise known as the Faceless Hunter from Saturn, who possessed the power to absorb anything he touchd and thus turn it into a weapon of destruction; Mr. Poseidon, who wore a special set of rings that enabled him to shrink in size as well as to control the final member of the organization--the monstrous humanoid computer called Ultivac, an almost-indestructible force whose mind had created and constructed an inbuilt arsenal of the mind powerful weaponry ever devised.

    Despite all their power, the Forgotten Villains were ultimately defeated by the timely intervention of Superman and the newly formed band of professional adventures known as the Forgotten Heroes. While the other villains were taken into custidy, the Enchantress made good her escapse, and her whereabouts are currently unknown.

    First Appearance: DC COMICS PRESENTS #77

    Art by Paris Cullins & Gary Martin
    Who's Who #8 (October, 1985)

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