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Who's Who: Animal-Man (Pre-Crisis)


  • Alter Ego: Buddy Baker
  • Occupation: Movie Stunt Man
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Known Relatives: Ellen Frazier (wife), Cliff and Maxine (children)
  • Group Affiliation: The Forgotten Heroes
  • Base of Operations: The Grand Canyon
  • First Appearance: STRANGE ADVENTURES #180
  • Height: 5'11" ; Weight: 178 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue ; Hair: Blond


    Not far from his home, stunt man Buddy Baker watched in aw as an alien spaceship crashed to Earth. Investigating, Buddy found himself bathed in a unique radiation which altered his body forever.

    When animals from a nearby zoo escaped, Buddy discovered, much to his pleasure, that whenever he was near any animal, he somehow absorbed its special abilities.

    After several short adventures, Buddy decided to fashion himself a special costume and began using the name Animal-Man (or A-Man) whenever he used his powers in public.

    Time after time Buddy's abilities came in solving one problem or another, and although he did not originally intend to use his animal-adapting powers to fight crime, he nevertheless was repeatedly drawn into battle.

    Buddy later married Ellen Frazier and retired his Animal-Man identity for several years, while continuing to work in the movies. Buddy and Ellen now have two children, Cliff and Maxine, and to date neither has shown any latent powers of their own.

    Recently, Buddy was found by a mysterious being who called himself only the Immortal Man (see Immortal Man). He once again donned his Animal-Man uniform and joined the stranger and several other semiretired adventures in an organization called The Forgotten Heroes.


    While near any animal Buddy Baker some-how absorbs its special abilities; he can fly like a bird, swim like a fish. He can race as fast as a jaguar or hope like a kangaroo.

    The longer Animal-Man is in the presence of an animal, the longer he retains its natural powers.

    Art by Gil Kane.
    Who's Who #1 (March, 1985)

    Who's Who: Cave Carson (Pre-Crisis)

    Cave Carson

  • Full Name: Calvin "Cave" Carson
  • Occupation: Professional Spelunker
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: The Forgotten Heroes
  • Base of Operations: Inside Earth
  • First Appearance: BRAVE AND BOLD #31
  • Height: 5'11" ; Weight: 178 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue ; Hair: Brown


    Possessed of a lifelong fascination with tunnels and caves, Cave Carson became and expert on the world within the world, and gathered together a highly skilled team to help him in his explorations. This team included ex-convict, strongman, and tunnel expert Bulldizer Smith; renowned geologist Christie Madison; and devil-may-care adventurer and fellow spelunker Johnny Blake.

    Accompanied by Bulldozer's pet lemur, Lena, these four devoted their lives to uncovering the hidden secrets of the world beneath the Earth. With the aid of the "Mighty Mole," a remarkable digging machine invented by Carson and constructed with funds Cave had acquired as a result of his underground discoveries, Cave and his comrades uncovered the remains of ancient cities, located lost civilizations now living underground, and battled evolutionary throwbacks and even various alien life-forms, all dwelling inside Earth.

    Recently, Cave was banned from further exploring when he accidentally discovered an ancient object the government had classified top secret. Joining forces with a number of other once-famous adventures whose careers were in decline, these forgotten heroes uncovered the secret of this mysterious object and helped to save the world.

    While Cave Carson is now a regular member of the so-called Forgotten Heroes, the whereabouts of his three former companions remain unknown as of this writing.


    Possessing no true super-powers, Cave Carson is nonetheless a fair athlete and competent hand-to-hand combatant, with natural leadership ability.

    Caves' single weapon is the unique underground digging machine known as the Mighty Mole. The thermo-ray in he Mole's nose is capable of burning through solid rock like a hot knife through butter, while its interior contains adjustable lightning, a recycling oxygen system, a compact lab, and a small arsenal in case of emergencies.

    Art by Tim Truman
    Who's Who #4 (June, 1985)

    Who's Who: Congo Bill/Congorilla (Pre-Crisis)

    Congo Bill / Congorilla

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Occupation: Explorer, Big-Game Trapper, Naturalist, Corporate President
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: The Forgotten Heroes
  • Base of Operations: Kenya, Africa
  • First Appearance: Congo Bill, MORE FUN COMICS #56; Congorillia, ACTION COMICS #224, (as Congorilla: ACTION COMICS #248)
  • Height: 6'1" (as Congorilla: 6'8") ; Weight: 186 lbs. (As Congorilla: 706 lbs.)
  • Eyes: Blue ; Hair: Black


    At first merely an adventurer and soldier of fortune, the man known only as Congo Bill soon came to appreciate the native beauty of Africa and her creatures, becoming a noted naturalist and trapper, and refusing to kill any animal unless left no other choice. His honesty, integrity, and courage made Congo Bill a legend and the African authorities, and there was almost nowhere he was not welcome.

    While working for a time as a special investigator and troubleshooter for the World-wide Insurance Company, Congo Bill came into contact with Janu, the Jungle Boy, actually the orphaned son of a famous guide, now living wild in the jungle.

    For the next several years Congo Bill served as guardian and father-figure to young Janu, until the boy left for America to receive a proper education.

    Sometime later Congo Bill attempted to save the life of Chief Kawolo, an old friend and tribal witch doctor, who had fallen off a cliff. Despite Bill's best efforts, the old man knew he was dying and bequeathed Bill a final gift–an ornate ring carved with the image of a gorilla. By rubbing the ring, the dying man explained, Bill would be able to trade identities for one hour with Kawolo's tribal god, a golden gorilla. To humor the old man, Bill accepted the ring, believing the story to be silly superstition, until an avalanche trapped him in a cave and he has no other hope of freeing himself except to rub the ring. Instantly, Bill found his mind in the body of the golden gorilla, while the gorilla's mind inhabited his body. Now a unique hybrid of man and beast, Bill freed his body from the cave and carved a new legend across Africa over the next several years as the remarkable man-ape called Congorilla.

    Finally, Janu, now college-educated, returned to Africa and convinced Congo Bill that industry was the hope of Africa's future. Retiring from the brush, Bill and Janu opened a small industrial firm that soon became a large conglomerate with Bill as its president and Janu as vice-president.

    Though financially successful, Bill found little satisfaction in the world of business, and when the world was threatened with extinction, Bill once more became Congorilla, joining a number of other Forgotten Heroes (see the Forgotten Heroes) and Superman to save humanity from destruction.


    A trained tracker, explorer, and expert marksman, Congo Bill is a superb athlete and excellent hand-to-hand combatant.

    When he rubs the mystic ring he wears on his left ring finger, Bill is able to transport his mind for one hour into the body of the great ape called Congorilla, a beast far stronger and more agile than any other known simian. During this time the ape's mind resides in Bill's body, and Bill usually keeps it sedated or safely locked away to prevent it from hurting itself. To switch the minds back to their proper bodies, Bill has only rub an identical ring on Congorilla's left hand.

    Art by Chuck Patton & Frank Giacoia
    Who's Who #5 (July, 1985)

    Who's Who: Dolphin (Pre-Crisis)


  • Alter Ego: Unknown
  • Occupation: Professional Adventurer
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: The Forgotten Heroes
  • Base of Operations: The South Pacific
  • First Appearance: SHOWCASE #79
  • Height: 5'4" ; Weight: 107 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue ; Hair: Platinum


    When two U.S. Navy frogmen, C.P.O. Chris Landau and Seaman 1st Class Ben Harkey, Investigated the sunken wreck of the vintage ship U.S.S. Arabesque, they discovered a beautiful young woman living within, obviously able to survive underwater without drowning. Brought aboard their own ship by Chris and Ben, the young woman was found to have gill-like slits in her neck and slight webbing between her fingers and toes, and Chris named her "Dolphin."

    As the next few days passed, it was discovered that, although Dolphin had fully developed lungs, she had to return to the water briefly every five or six hours, or risk suffocation and death. Chris fell in love with Dolphin and was heartbroken when she ultimately returned to the sea.

    Several more years passed until Dolphin was seen again, now as a member of a group gathered together by a mysterious being known only as the Immortal Man (see Immortal Man). As with the other heroes, Dolphin had accidentally stumbled across one of several ancient golden pyramids that were of supreme importance to the American Government. When it was learned that these pyramids were part of a monstrous plot by the villainous Vandal Savage (see Vandal Savage) to conquer the world, Dolphin and the other forgotten heroes (see the Forgotten Heroes), with the aid of Superman himself, destroyed the pyramids and thwarted Savage's schemes.

    When the Immortal Man suggested the Forgotten Heroes remain together as a permanent team, Dolphin agreed and continues as a member. As of this writing, her origins still mysterious and unknown.


    An Olympic-level swimmer with no real knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, Dolphin is able to remain underwater indefinitely, survive the crushing pressures of the deep, and swim with the speed far out-stripping that of the sleek undersea mammal for which she is named.

    Whether Dolphin is the last survivor of some forgotten undersea race, the result of some forbidden experiment, an alien stranded on Earth, or something else entirely is unknown as of this writing and the subject of great speculation.

    Art by Dave Stevens
    Who's Who #7 (September, 1985)

    Who's Who: Immortal Man (Pre-Crisis)

    Immortal Man

  • Alter Ego: Various
  • Occupation: Various, usually involving ancient history
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: The Forgotten Heroes
  • Base of Operations: Mobile
  • First Appearance: STRANGE ADVENTURES #177
  • Height: Various ; Weight: Various
  • Eyes: Various ; Hair: Various


    The most heroic member of a unique prehistoric tribe that survived the dangers of their secluded valley through the use of extraordinary super-powers, the warrior who would one day be known as the Immortal Man was the sworn enemy of the terrible barbarian name Vandar Adg, perhaps the most evil human who ever lived. Many times the young warrior had engaged in battle with Vandar Adg, their struggle never reaching a clear conclusion.

    On the day of what was intended to be their final confrontation, fate intervened in the form of a mysterious fireball that exploded above the field of battle. Bathed in the fireball's unearthly radiation, Vandar Adg became immortal. Form that moment on, he would never age, never die. While the young warrior, although not directly affected by the radiation, found himself changing as well. From the very heart of the exploded fireball, the young warrior extracted a glowing jewel, which he would wear the moment on as an amulet around his neck. He soon discovered that, after a fashion, he too had become immortal.

    If mortally wounded, this Immortal Man would die like any other man–only to be instantly reborn as someone else, someone new, sometimes younger, sometimes older, but always someone different.

    Vandal Savage, as Vandar Adg now called himself (see Vandal Savage), lived on through the ages. He was king in ancient Sumer. He built pyramids in Egypt. He ravaged half the world as Genghis Khan. And, throughout all that time, the ever-resurrected Immortal Man remained his greatest enemy. In various forms, he followed Vandal Savage across the face of the earth, trying to rid the world of his evil.

    On the later half of the 20th Century, realizing that Vandal Savage's power was growing too great for him to combat alone, the Immortal Man gathered a group of once-famous adventures to form the organization known as the Forgotten Heroes (see). Together, with the occasional aid of Superman, they have done their best to thwart Vandal Savage's plans and to battle evil all over the world. In the recent Crisis on Infinite Earths, Immortal Man used his life-energy to save the Earth but lost his life.


    While the Immortal Man's physical prowess and hand-to-hand combative abilities very from body to body, he is always possessed of extraordinary mental abilities as a result of his ancient heritage. Foremost among these is a telekinetic ability that enables him to fly and lift great weights as if by super strength. He also possesses telepathic and pyrokinetic powers that enable him to be aware of events from great distances as well as to fire eye bolts of devastating strength.

    His greatest ability, of course, is the power of reincarnation that enables him to return instantly from the dead when his previous body has met a violent death.

    Art by Denys Cowan & Eduardo Barreto
    Who's Who #11 (January, 1986)

    Who's Who: Rip Hunter (Pre-Crisis)

    Rip Hunter

  • Full Name: Ripley (Rip) Hunter
  • Occupation: Scientist, Professional Time-traveler
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: The Forgotten Heroes
  • Base of Operations: Northern California
  • First Appearance: SHOWCASE #20
  • Height: 5’11" Weight: 175 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue; Hair: Blond


    Rip Hunter and his pal Jeffery Smith were at college working on their doctorate when they formulated a theory of time travel and began work on their first time sphere. They were hoping for a grant to help them complete their work, but they had a brilliant rival in John Charles James, who was creating a new type of rocket engine.

    The one thing that stood in the way of success for Rip and Jeff was the need for a power element that would not melt. Miraculously, they found it on a slag heap. Years later, James stole their backup time sphere in an attempt to change the past so he would win the grant. Rip's team stopped him, but it appears a power element was lost from the stolen sphere--and was the very one Rip later found. Thus, James actually insured his defeat rather than stopping it.

    Having won the grant, Rip and Jeff continued working on the sphere. Just what they did while experimenting on the first sphere is not recorded, but after earning their doctorates, they found a way to duplicate the power element and built a second sphere. By this time the team had been increased by the addition of Bonnie Baxter, a recently graduated history major, and her kid brother, Corky.

    After a shakedown cruise to the Mesozoic Era--the Dinosaur Age--they set up business, making time journeys to clear up their Encyclo-Matic, a computer filled with historical data they may need. Eventually, they added uniforms with various devices they could use in emergencies. Most important are the speech-translation disks that allow them to converse with people of every era and country.

    The group appears to have been independently wealthy, as they usually charged nothing for quests in the interest of science.

    Finally, with new improvements, Rip Hunter began the ultimate journey--to the birth of the universe. But when he and his crew arrived, they found a strange temple. An unearthly noise struck their ears and all passed out--to awaken in their own time, incredibly aged!

    Eventually, they were contacted by Immortal Men (see Immortal Man), who was recruiting for the Forgotten Heroes (see Forgotten Heroes). It seems Vandal Savage had discovered the temples all these heroes had seen (see Vandal Savage) and was making use of them. Rip and his crew accompanied Superman (see Superman II) into the past to destroy the first temple, which also destroyed the rest, and Rip and the others were restored to their proper ages.


    Rip has no extraordinary powers and no remarkable weapons. He is, however, quite strong and agile, as are all his crew. (Jeff is a bit taller and more muscular.) He can perform amazing acrobatic feats and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He also is a crack shot with the pistol he uses in emergencies--though he has not been known to kill with it. His greatest resource, though, is his brilliant mind.

    Art by Tim Truman
    Who's Who #19 (September, 1986)

    Who's Who: Sea Devils (Pre-Crisis)

    Sea Devils


  • Biff Bailey
  • Dane Dorrance
  • Judy Walton
  • Nicky Walton


    While most of America has its face turned to the skies and the exploration of the starts in the 1960s, the band of adventurers known as the Sea Devils turned their sights to the depths of the world's seas.

    Dan Dorance was the unofficial leader of the Sea Devils. The son of a highly decorated World War II Navy frogman, young Dane wanted only to prove himself worthy to his father's respect, and to win the senior Dorrance's swimming flippers. They were a "trophy" won by his father from a senior partner for heroic action during the war, and were worn while winning his country's highest honor. Like a lucky scarf worm by an aviator, the flippers were a coveted sign of honor for frogmen.

    To earn this prize, Dorrance set off to single-handedly locate a legendary sunken treasure. On one of his numerous dives to find the sunken gallery. Dorrance came to the rescue of a fellow diver, Judy Walton. She too was on the trail of the sunken treasure, although for reasons different than Dorrance's. And actress, Walton coveted a role in a motion picture to be called Sea Devils, but the picture's producer wanted a well-known star for the part. Walton reasoned that if she could find the treasure, the publicity would make her famous enough to satisfy the producer's criteria. With the help of her teenage brother Nicky, she set out to gain fame.

    Biff Bailey was also in search of this legendary treasure. Bailey too had reasons beyond the gaining of wealth for his quest: he sought to impress a girl. Though strong as a bull, Bailey was terribly clumsy, especially in front of women. A friend recommended that Bailey take up scuba diving, figuring that learning to handle himself underwater would teach Bailey some grace. It didn't help him terribly much on land, but he did become a proficient and capable diver.

    The four divers joined forces to find and raise the treasure, surviving a bizarre trail by fire full of sea monsters and creatures though long extinct. After it was all over, the quanet decided to remain together to explore the waters of the world. Judy suggested they utilize the name of the film she would now never appear in, and they set forth as the Sea Devils.

    The team stayed together for many years, traveling the Earth's seas and water ways, exploring deeper and farther into the unknown oceanic depths than any other human beings. Their exploits become global news, and the Sea Devils were the recognized experts in their field.

    Research and exploration were not their only activities, however. They spent much of their time battling a bizarre and deadly array of undersea creatures and foes, including Octopus Man, Mr. Neptune, The Human Tidal Wave, Manosaur, Man-Fish, and Captain X, as well as discovering a number of ancient underwater civilizations, many bent on conquest of the air-breathing world above.

    The Sea Devils have been in semi-retirement in recent years, each member pursuing his or her own career in oceanography or related fields. Dorrance worked for a time with the Forgotten Heroes (see ) and has since returned to solo activities. Should the necessity arise, however, each has agreed to leave whatever he or she is engaged in to heed the call of the seas... and the Sea Devils.

  • First Appearance: SHOWCASE #25.

    Art by Russ Heath
    Who's Who #20 (October, 1986)

    Who's Who: Suicide Squad (Pre-Crisis)

    Suicide Squad


  • Rick Flag
  • Jess Bright
  • Dr. Hugh Evans
  • Karin Grace


    The first Suicide Squadron was formed during World War II and was comprised of disaffected soldiers as ready to fight one another as they were the enemy. Being transferred to the group was regarded as sure suicide; hence, the group's nickname. Among their hazardous duties were attempts to take a small atoll in the Pacific known as Dinosaur Island. Morale and discipline in the group was low while casualties were high.

    This changed late in the war when the Squadron was put under the command of Capt. Richard Montgomery Flag, who managed to make the team a more efficient fighting unit, despite the feuds among the members.

    Flag had risen to the rank of Colonel by the war's end. After the war, he met and married Karen Jace, the niece of General J.E.B. Stuart. Flag and the Squad were reactivated for the Korean conflict but were withdrawn to become a part of the newly formed Task Force X.

    The years that followed saw a son born to Flag, Richard Rogers Flag, but the boy was to become an orphan before he reached ten; his mother was killed in a traffic accident and his father sacrificed his own life for the sake of his country, the success of the mission, and the lives of his teammates. General Stuart became the boy's guardian.

    After graduating from West Point, he entered flight school, finally becoming an ace test pilot before joining the astronaut program. It was during astronaut training that he met and fell in love with Karin Grace, a flight nurse specializing in space medicine. Reluctantly, Flag left the program after being asked by General Stuart to head-up the newly re-formed Suicide Squad.

    Grace also joined the Squad and she and Rick were joined by physicist Jess Bright and astronomer Dr. Hugh Evans. Flag and Karin's joy at being reunited was marred by the fact that both Evans and Bright also fell for the young nurse. For the good of the group, Flag determined that neither he nor Karen should give in to their feelings. Reluctantly, Karin agreed but both found it increasingly difficult to avoid hurting the others.

    The new Suicide Squad was to achieve worldwide acclaim for their exploits as they fought prehistoric dinosaurs, aliens, and criminals, traveling everywhere from the U.S. to Paris to outer space to an alternate dimension. They relieve on their courage, wits, science, a variety of weapons and the SS-1 (a large, specially equipped jet also referred to as a "flying lab") to save mankind over and over again.

    Time, odds, and budget cuts finally caught up with the Squad, however. Financial planners in Washington were increasingly reluctant to fund a group which they felt was "redundant," given the actions of the super-heroes.

    On a secret mission to Cambodia, the Squad parachuted into the Cardamom Mts. And while pursued by a Yeti, fell into a deep crevasse and came upon a golden temple hidden beneath the mountains. Their mission was compromised and they had to fight their way to safety; two of the Squad didn't make it out. Following a complete report of the disaster, including the discovery of the temple, Flag was informed that the Squad was being discharged, and a top secret classification was being clamped on the whole matter.

    Shortly after this, Flag was recruited, along with others who had found other golden temples and run into similar dangers, by the Immortal Man into a group that called itself the Forgotten Heroes (see Immortal Man, Forgotten Heroes). After solving the mystery of the Temples, the group opted to stay together under the leadership of the Immortal Man. However, when he perished during the so-called crisis on infinite earths and did not regenerate, the group broke up again.

    Art by Luke McDonnell & Rick Magyar
    Excerpt from Who's Who #22 (December 1986)

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