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Linear Authority Dossiers:
Forgotten Heroes - Post-Crisis

Cave Carson - The current FH team leader who strives to keep the original team tradition alive by keeping the team together and undertaking missions that no other Super-Heroes team could undertake.

Ballistic - aka Mao, an incredibly strong and beast super-hero who must be controlled or else he can be a danger to all those around him.

The Ray II - aka Raymond Terrill, a solar-powered hero who can absorbs sunlight so that he can rearrange molecules into any form, matter or energy. Ray can fly and shoot energy blasts with little concentration, but more complicated manipulatiosn require larger amounts of energy and meditation.

Animal Man - aka Buddy Baker, a series of unexplained events in his life has left Buddy intune with the environment and the animals that live in it, thus he can borrow the powers of anything near him. Buddy has also become sensitive to what he knows as true reality.

Vigilante III - aka Pat Trayce, a crimefighter who was combat-trained by Deathstroke, the Terminator. Pat knows a number of fighting techniques and packs several weapons and useful accessories for any job she might come across.

Fetish - aka Thula, a powerful sorceress who was brought to the lighted world by Cave Carson, whom she refers to as Father-Kla. She has the powers of cognition and psychic blasts that can render an enemy defenseless and asleep or kill. However, Thula is reckless and often leaves herself vulnerable to attack.

Immortal Man - The original creator of the Forgotten Heroes. Once thought to be lost due to the uncertainty of when and who he will be reborn as. The Immortal Man became immortal when a comet gave off radiation during a battle between him and Vandal Savage.

Resurrection Man - aka Mitch Shelly, once thought to be the Immortal Man due to his un-dying characteristics. If Mitch dies is almost-instantly revived with a new power which can protect him against whatever killed him before. Though Mitch is not a member of the Forgotten Heroes, he did help them find the Immortal Man and has not ruled out the idea of joining at a later date.

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