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Linear Authority Dossiers:
Forgotten Heroes - Pre-Crisis

Cave Carson - Resident archeologist and spelunker

Dolphin - An enigma who can swim underwater indefinitely and may have other powers yet to be discovered.

Immortal Man - The mysterious benefactor who gathered the Forgotten Heroes together for their historic first mission.

Animal Man - Buddy Baker can absorb the natural abilities of any animal he is near and use them for himself.

Rick Flagg - Once a head of the top secret government attack force known as the Suicide Squad, he soon became the FH's chief tactical expert.

Dane Dorrance - An environmentalist who once lead the Sea Devils.

Congo Bill - The well-known tracker who was given a ring that lets him switch minds with the golden gorilla, Congorillia.

Rip Hunter - The expert time master whose time sphere can travel to any era of time .

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