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Forgotten Heroes:
Summaries & Annotations II

"They were adventurers who faded from the limelight or simply retired now they have banded together to fight evil as the Forgotten Heroes."

-DC Comics Presents #77, Jan '85.

Resurrection Man #24
Abnett, Lanning, Guice
"Forgotten But Not Gone"
The mysterious Forgotten Heroes gather together to join Mitch, who they believe to be the missing Immortal Man. But can the likes of the Ray, Animal Man, Ballistic, Cave Carson, and the sorcerous Fetish save Mitch from a map yuppie with a powerful exoskeleton especially when the skeleton in question is that of Mitch's greatest foe: Hooker! You know things must be bad when even the villainous Body Doubles come to the good guy's side! Plus, how is Mitch's feud with Vandal Savage (as seen in DC ONE MILLION) connected to these strange goings-on?

Resurrection Man #25
Abnett, Lanning, Guice, Ryan
"Millennium Then"
Mitch discovers more about his origins in a guest-packed twenty-fifth issue! In Part I of the 3-part "Millennium Meteor," Mitch escapes The Lab with the help of his new friends the Forgotten Heroes (among them the Ray, Animal Man, Vigilante, and Cave Carson) who belive him to be their long-lost leader, the Immortal Man. Is Mitch the man they have been looking for? And what does the Immortal Man's greatest for Vandal Savage plan to do if he is?

Resurrection Man #26
Abnett, Lanning, Williams
"Millennium Now!"
Superman, the Titans, Green Lantern, Young Justice and Wonder Woman guest in Part 2 of the 3-Part "Millennium Meteor." Only Mitch and his new pals, the Forgotten Heroes stands between Vandal Savage and what the immortal villain believes to be a piece of the meteor which gave him the powers millennia ago., But when the meteor hits, out comes the Warpchild, a being of seemingly infinite power that quickly makes waste of Savage's goons, along with some of the Forgotten Heroes! Can Mitch succeed against his mysterious being where some of DC's most powerful heroes have failed?

Resurrection Man #27
Abnett, Lanning, Guice
"The Ends of The Earth"
A guest-star packed final issues concludes the 3-part "Millennium Meteor." As Earth's mightiest heroes (Superman, Wonder Woman and members of the Titans and Young Justice) fall before the reality-altering power of the Warpchild, it's up to Mitch Shelley, Vandal Savage and the Immortal Man to track down the monster. Can they succeed where the others have failed? More important, can these mortal enemies work together long enough to defeat a common foe?

Superman: The Man of Steel #120 (January 2002)
"What Lies Beneath"
Schultz, Guichet, Vines
Calvin "Cave" Carson, the world-renowned geologist and inner Earth explorer has dropped by the Daily Planet to talk to Clark Kent about a rather large story he has been involved in. Clark asks Cave to cut to the chase and give him some background information.
120.5.5 - Flashback of the recent Forgotten Heroes team in battle as Cave relays his story, "I've been exploring the mysteries of the subterranean world ever since I was a young man, Mr. Kent... Long before this whole metahuman explosion. The hidden wonders of the Earth have always obsessed me. Several years back--Down there--I stumbled on the immortal Vandal Savage's conspiracy of world domination... ...And helped form the Forgotten Heroes, a clandestine company of warriors dedicated to ending Savage's threat."
120.6.1 - We see Cave and Fetish going over some documents. "As it turned out, I also wound up as the Heroes' chief financer. A couple of years of this and then one day I woke up to find the coffers empty, and the bank's banging at my door."
120.6.2-120.6.5 - "I'm not proud of this, Mr. Kent, but to escape my many creditors, I did as I've always done when confronted with personal crisis... ...I fled into the bosom of mother Earth. For two years I chose exile over financial responsibility, and wandered the fiery depths of the glove, stumbling on countless underworld glories. Eventually my iron steed--The Mighty Mole--Failed me. Such a sophisticated piece of equipment requires expensive maintenance. I continued on foot until I came across traces of an alien tech I later learned was the legacy of Brainiac 13... ...And I became aware that a great war was being fought on the surface. I followed the tendrils back toward the surface. I was too late for the war... ...But I met my future on the way up--In the shape of one Talia Head, chief executive officer of Lexcorp!"

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