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Forgotten Heroes:
Summaries & Annotations I

"Some of you have inquired about our name-- The Forgotten Heroes! No, it doesn't quite have that impact of the Justice League of America... ...Or even the Teen Titans... But the newspapers dubbed us that and we've grown to like it. In a way, it's a reminder that any man or woman--not merely the famous--can be a hero."

-Rip Hunter, DC Comics Presents #77, Jan '85.

Action Comics #536
Wolfman, Kupperberg, Staton
"Battle Beneath The Earth!"
The Omega Men must save a powerless Superman from the center of the Earth. To do this they enlist Lois Lane's help so she can find someone how can help. That person is the now reclusive Cave Carson who at first refuses because he gave up the adventure business to get away from the madness. But after Lois Lane has an outburst, Cave Carson agrees to lend his assistance in the matter.
536.10.1-536.10.4 - Cave Carson, "Like I said, my friends and I came across this city by accident. But after we all... drifted apart, I went through a series of assistants-- -- one of whom ran off with an earlier model of the Mighty Mole, as well as charts of some of our subterranean explorations. That's when I started learning I couldn't trust anyone."
Lois Lane, "There's more to it than that, isn't there, Cave? One bad apple couldn't be enough to drive you away from all mankind."
Cave Carson, "Yeah.. There's more. But it's none of your business, Lane. It concerns nobody. Look, I agreed to help you-- --so save your questions! Just don't badger me!"
‘Silence fills the cabin of the Mighty Mole as those within peer uncomfortable ahead into the gloom. They feel sorrow for this embittered man-- --but there is little they can do for him.'
The group soon save Superman after a big scuffle and the heroes part ways with Cave Carson wishing to be left alone.

Action Comics #540
Wolfman, Kane
"World Enough and Time"
540.11.2 ‘Later, at the offices of The Daily Planet'
Lois Lane, "Okay, Perry, I worked up this story on Forgotten Super-Heroes, But I still think it's taking advantage of Superman's problems."
Perry White, "You worry about writing the stories, Lois! I'll worry about what's fair!"
540.11.3 - Lois, "okay, okay. Take it easy! Look, I checked up on a whole slew of once-famous Heroes..."
Clark enters and says, "Er–Perry, can I speak to you? It's rather urgent! I'm still not all that well..."
540.11.4 - Lois, "We have Cave Carson, or course, and then the Sea Devils, you might remember them..."
Clark, "...and frankly, I think it might be a good idea to get away for awhile... to relax ..take it easy."
540.11.5 - Lois, "There was also the Suicide Squad, and a western hero called The Vigilante. There was Ragman... ...of course there was Rip Hunter, the Time Master, and something called Bwana Beast, and..."
Clark, "I thought I'd go to Europe or someplace like that..."
Perry, "Hold it! Hold it! HOLD IT!"
540.12.1 - Perry, "Lois, just do your story! Kent, you've got a Vaca–? Kent?! Great Caesar's ghost! He's gone!"
540.12.2-540.12.4 - ‘And streaking across Metropolis...'
Superman, "Lois' story may have provided the single hope I've been searching for! Satanis magically sabotaged every time-travel method I knew about– –but I'd never heard of this Rip Hunter till Lois mentioned it. And if he's everything my x-ray vision scanned from Lois' notes, then I may have found my entry back into the past! How frustrating not possessing my super-speed. In the past, I'd be in California within a nano-second. Now it will take more than an hour! Please. Rao, save my other hold till I can make it to his side! Perhaps together we'll figure a way to combine once again!"
540.12.5 - ‘Time slowly crawls on. But finally...'
Superman finally arrives over a mountain with a lab located just below its' sumit, "Lois' notes are accurate... there's a lab in these northern California mountains. And my x-ray vision shows it belongs to Rip Hunter! Now if he can help--"
540.13.1 - ‘But...'
Superman arrives through the roof of the lab to find the severely aged group of time masters, "Great Krypton! You're so--"
Rip Hunter, "Old? We know that, Superman. Why do you think we came here to be alone? What do you want of us?"
Bonnie Baxter, "Rip, maybe Superman can help us?"
Rip Hunter, "That's not why he came, Bonnie-- is it, Superman?"
540.13.2 - Superman, "No, it isn't. But maybe I can help. What happened to you?"
Rip Hunter, "Time simply caught up with us! And no you can't help! Don't even try! Now what do you want?"
540.13.3-540.13.4 - Superman thinks, ‘Strange. He's the second recluse hero I've recently met*! Wonder if there's a connection?' [* Cave Carson in Action #586 – Julie]
Superman, "Uhhh, I almost feel guilt asking you, Dr. Hunter, but I need your help. My life is at stake!"
540.16.5 - Superman appears in the Time Sphere yelling, "You're wrong, Satanis! I am Here! And I'm ready to fight– –if need be, to the finish!"

Action Comics #541
Wolfman, Kane
"Once Again-- Superman"
The Time Sphere disappears leaving Superman in the past to battle his other self and Satanis. Meanwhile in the present Lois Lane is in the middle of rewriting her Forgotten Super-Heroes story.

Action comics #545
Wolfman, Kane
"...With But a Single Step!"
545.21.1 - ‘Evening streaks the Grand Canyon in ribbons of gold and scarlet. Here, away from any city, away from civilization, man and nature become one... ...excepting, of course, when man has corrupted what God has wrought...'
545.21.2 - Inside the lab Rip Hunter, Bonnie Baxter, and Jeff Smith are discussing the matter at hand. Bonnie asks, "What do you thing, Rip?"
Rip replies, "I wish I knew... everything's going so poorly. I hate it. Here I am--Rip Hunter--the Time Master, they called me– –and right now time is my worst enemy!"
545.21.3 - "Rip, the helicopter's landing! They're coming!"
545.21.4 - Rip Hunter greats the two arrivals, "Cave Carson, is that you? I hardly recognize you."
Cave replies, "Yeah, Hunter. It's me... and this is Dane Dorrance of the Sea Devils."
545.21.5 - Rip, "What about Rick Flagg, Dolphin– and all the others?"
Cave, "Don't let your pants itch, Hunter. They'll be here soon enough."
545.21.6 - Rip, "I hope so, Carson. To the world at large we're all the Forgotten Heroes– –but now only we can save the world!!"
‘Rip Hunter's words may be true enough, but not for the reasons he expects...'

Action Comics #552
Wolfman, Kane
"Another Time! Another Death!"
Vandal Savage has unleashed a series of prehistoric roots that have ravaged Suicde Slum, but the timely intervention of Superman has averted the loss of life. Meanwhile a meeting is getting underway ‘Somewhere on the western coast of the United States...'
552.4.1-552.4.6 - "I certainly don't mind a free vacation, but I'd like to know why I've been invited."
Rip Hunter, "I agree. And I'd say it's about time we all learned the truth."
Dolphin, "Feel so... strange here. So... far from the... water. Will... Dolphin... be here... long?"
Cave Carson, "Afraid so, lady. Y'see, the fate of the world rests in our hands! A world I wanted to forsake!"
Rip Hunter, "We've all accepted our tragedies in different ways, Cave. But I agree. It's about time to level with our newfound friends"
Animal Man, "What I wanna know is –how'd you know about me bein' Animal Man? I thought nobody knew. I mean, I recognize a couple of you– Cave Carson, America's neumero uno Geologist. Even Rip Hunter, the famous time-master– although I thought you were younger. But some of you– sorry if I offend ya–but you mean nothin' to me."
552.5.1-552.5.4 - Rip Hunter, "You're right about me being younger, Animal Man I am! Which is a part of the reason you're all here. But frankly, I don't know all of you either. Only one man does-- --the one who brought us all here. But he's asked that you meet him later for reasons which shall then become clear. When Cave's done you'll see a connection."
Cave Carson, "You done, Hunter? Let me get on with it. Animal Man's right... I'm a geologist. And to make my work easier, I created a little machine called the Mighty Mole."
Cave Carson relays a story of how he came across a temple filled with treasure but soon found himself before a government grand jury because he was on government property. Thus, he had to give all the maps and treasure back to the government and then dropped out of sight.
Next, Dane Dorrance of the Sea Devils relates a similar story of discovering a golden temple under the sea and then being taken in by the government.
Rick Flag of the top secret government group the Suicide Squad relates an even similar story to Cave Carson's. Two days later the Suicide Squad was disbanded.
Buddy Baker, the Animal Man, and Congo Bill, who exchanges minds with the golden gorilla named Congorillia, both relate stories of discovering the temple in the jungles of the world and finding their passports revoked when they were caught by the government.
Dolphine tells her side of the story as she sees the temple beneath the waves, but she hides when she sees the Sea Devils coming. But, soon she is captured by the government and taken aboard their ship where she manages to escape back to the sea.
Lastly, Rip Hunter relates the story of his group traveling to the dawn of time to discover the truth of it all. The journey was going fine until they mysteriously came across the temple floating in the rainbow of energy waves of the time stream. The temple started emiting a high-pitched sound and the group was rendered unconscience and they somehow made it back to the present aged beyond their years.
554.15.3-554.15.5 - Rip Hunter, "We had left the present tiem no older than thirt-fiver! Even young Corky, only nineteen, was now eighty!"
Congo Bill, "I see connections, but I still don't understand."
Animal Man, "Yeah, and how did you know about me?"
Rick Flag, "There are still many questions left unanswered."
Rip Hunter, "Don't worry, Mr. Flag. You'll get your answers soon enough. In fact, I think it's time you met the man who asked us all to come here. He may be the only one who can help my friends and me become young again... ...who can solve you particular problems-- --as well as save the world from being destroyed by its greatest hero! Here's the man who lead us into a battle against Superman! And heaven help the Earth if we fail at our task!"

Meanwhile in Metropolis, Superman is facing a Prehistory Jungle in a protective barrier that seems to be expanding.
554.23.1-554.23.6 - ‘Meanwhile...'
A man enters the room a explains, "I'm pleased that you all could make it. Let me introduce myself. My formal name no longer has any meaning– –but you can call me Immortal Man! I've brought you here because, in your own right, you have all been heroes. You are needed to battle a danger that even now is striking the city of Metropolis."
Rick Flag questions, "Metropolis? That's Superman's turf. What are we needed for?"
Immortal Man continues, "Mr. Flag, Superman is the cause of the disaster striking Metropolis. Indeed, the only way we can defeat the menace is to kill Earth's Greatest Hero!"

Action Comics #555
Wolfman, Kane
"The World At Time's End!"
Vandal Savage is briefing his scientist at Abraxas, Inc. as Superman unknowingly spreads prehistoric spores throughout Metropolis park. A scientist reveals that "We did not build the time pyramids. We can't even guess who did... ...or what their actual purpose might be. We can only tap their power and use it as you have commanded."
Meanwhile, the meeting that was called by the Immortal Man continues as the Immortal Man tells the a prehistoric tale of how Vandal Adg and the Immortal Man faced off for the first time... but "fate, in the form of some mysterious fireball, intervened." The radiation from the fireball made Vandal Adg immortal, and the Immortal Man found a jewel within the fireball which he took with him as an ornament, which as made him immortal. Over time the two became immortal enemies as Vandal Adg became Vandal Savage and became a king in Ancient Summer, built pyramids in Egypt, and ravaged cities as Genghis Khan.
The Immortal Man goes onto explain that he has learned Vandal Savage infected Superman with a "time-seed which will turn the Earth into a prehistoric nightmare! If this growth is allowed to flourish, it will, quite frankly, mean the end of everything! I tried contacting the Justice League but was unable to. I needed people working with me... people who had abilities of their own. All of you Forgotten Heroes fit that category. I need you. The world needs you. One way to another, we've got to stop Superman before he destroys everything we hold dead. Are you with me?"
And with that the group of men and women ‘as one all chime in agreement!'
Superman tired to prevent the spreading of the jungle without avail ad the mayor is giving a press conference on the situation. Suddenly, Vandal Savage appears and feeds the press what they want to hear concerning the prehistoric jungle and how it was meant to help mankind, but Superman has ruined it.
555.10.4 - The Forgotten Heroes watch the news cast as Vandal Savage says, "I am sorry, but I... I tried to help."
Animal Man comments, "That crummy liar! He's got them eating out of his hand."
Immortal Man replies, "No you understand the urgency, Animal Man!"
555.11.1-555.11.3 - Congo Bill, "Trouble is, Superman can't get the record straight!"
Immortal Man, " Not until after he does what we told him to do. Still, Superman doesn't need defending, He needs our help. We've got to destroy the pyramids!"
Animal Man, "Yeah, I know. How'd a jerk like Savage build them anyway?"
Immortal Man, "He didn't, Animal Man... but that is a problem for another time. Now, you all have special abilities– here is how you will sue them."
555.11.4-555.11.5 - ‘Meanwhile, ninety million miles from Earth...'
Superman thinks, "I still don't want to beliefe it, but my microscopic vision confirmed what the Immortal Man ‘told' me! I am the one who spread those tiem spores... ...and the only way to remove them is to burn them off in the heat of our sun! ...assuming the can be burned away!"
In the Bahamas, Dane Dorrance and Dolphin make their way to the golden pyramid beneath the sea, but not without some easily put-down government resistance.
Africa, Congo Bill makes a quick mind-switch with Congorillia and storms the pyramid to find it is extremely advanced.
Cambodia, Rick Flagg faces off against a prehistoric beast before he storms the main complex.
Brazil, Animal Man tries to find out how Vandal Savage is tapping into the pyramids, but he is stopped by a bunch of guards and must flee.
Metropolis, Superman cages in a series of prehistoric beasts before he is contacted by the Immortal Man telepathically. Superman is instructed to meet him at their headquarters.
555.18.1-555.18.6 - ‘Shortly...'
Superman, "You're kidding?"
Immortal Man, "No, Superman, I assure you I am not!"
Superman, "But even Vandal Savage hasn't the ability to harness the energy of the Big Bang which created the universe!"
Immortal Man, "He didn't build the pyramids. He is merely utilizing them for his own needs. If we're to stop the prehistoric plague, we must destroy the pyramid that is at the beginning of time."
Superman, "Then I'll do it!"
Rip Hunter, "We're coming with you, Superman! Hat pyramid turned my partners and me old! If there is a way to reverse it-- --we have to try!"
Superman, "Dr. Hunter... What if it ages you further?"
Rip Hunter, "That's a risk we've all agreed to take!"
‘Rip Hunter, Jeff Smith, Bonnie and Corky Baxter, lead Superman to the Tim Sphere... The five of them will journey to the beginning of time... ...to the creation of the universe itself!"
555.19.1-555.19.2 - The passengers begin to experience the ringing again as Superman comments, "Something wrong, Dr. Hunter?"
Rip Hunter, "Just scared, Superman. This is where we lost consciousness the last time. There was light, tremendous pressure, then-- N-NO! IT's starting now! Starting all over again–!"
Superman, "They're unconscious. That means it's up to me!"
555.19.3-555.19.6 - Superman exits the Time Sphere and flies off to the energy mass, "The time pyramid is somewhere in that blinding light. Problem is, can I reach it? The force is tremendous... ...the pressure terrible! This is the moment... the birth of everything! I can't look– I mustn't look! The light could even blind me! And the gravity... it's increasing! All gravity's centered right here... ...right at this spot... right at this moment!"
555.20.1-555.20.5 - Superman suddenly sees the pyramid and flies to it, "Have to guide myself through instinct... push my way through the pressures. I...I just don't know if I can... the pain is... increasing. Increasing faster than I expected! God! Feel the impassible energy. The terrible force! And I... sense tranquillity inside here... the calm in the eye of the hurricane. Got to break through... no matter the pain... no matter the agony... I'VE GOT TO BREAK THROUGH!"
‘The Man of Steel screams as barrier after barrier gives way. As machinery built in another time and place pulses with energy all around him... Then... SKRAA-BOOOOMMM!!'
555.21.1-555.21.3 - ‘Time--the present:'
Vandal Savage is screaming at the current situation involving his machine, "Cruise–what is happening? Explain!"
Cruise, "Sire, there is power-feedback the likes of which I've never seen! More powerful than any nuclear bomb known on Earth!"
Savage, "Do something!"
Cruise, "Sir... I--I cannot. The pyramids...look at the machines... The pyramids no longer exist!"
555.21.4 - ‘The Rocky Mountains:'
The time sphere reappears as Congo Bill comments, "What? The time-sphere's returned? Did they fail?"
Animal Man replies, "Congo Billy-boy, I like a positive attitude!"
555.21.5 - Animal Man opens the hatch and yells, "Hurry, help me get them out!"
555.21.6 - Inside the disoriented time masters regain their bearings as Animal Man comments happily, "Well, I'll be-- Look at them! All of you! I--I don't know what happened back there--but Rip Hunter and his friends-- --are young again!"
555.22.1-555.22.4 - Congo Bill, "They've succeeded! Look here! The prehistoric jungle is vanishing! Whatever power kept it alive is gone!"
Dolphin, "What... about Superman? Where... is he?"
Congo Bill, "Superman–?! Great guns! He didn't return with Rip Hunter!"
Immortal Man, "Superman was subjected to the Big Bang! As powerful as he is... ...I-I doubt that even he could have survived! My friends, we saved Metropolis... but at what cost! We destroyed Superman!"
555.22.5-555.23. - ‘The Pentagon:'
The General is giving his report on the matter, "They're all gone--just like that! One moment the pyramids were here... ...the next they've vanished! [picture of world map on screen] I've checked with the other nations that harbored pyramids similar to ours and they've all reported the same findings! All we knew was the pyramids had been placed on our planet during the time of the cavemen. Their purpose is unknown. Their power incredible. [picture of pyramid on screen] Yet, these people somehow destroyed them before we could learn their purpose. [picture of Forgotten Heroes faces on screen] Because of the Alien nature of the pyramids, we did not reveal their existence. Now that they've been destroyed, the president has asked that we all forget they ever existed at all. [picture of Superman on screen] My friends... whatever they were here for is a secret we shall never know!"

Action Comics #554
Wolfman, Kane
"If Superman Didn't Exist..."
554.7.1-554.7.6 - ‘Millennia later, the pyramids were discovered and their energies tapped by the immortal villain known as Vandal Savage... To stop Savage, Superman joined with famed Time Master, Rip Hunter, and traveled back to the moment the universe was formed... There, at the dawn of creation the Man of Steel discovered the central pyramid which powered all the others... And using his incredible powers, he destroyed it... ...unknowingly triggering a wave of energy which rippled throughout all time... ...and changed our world seemingly beyond repair... Superman vanished and all he represented disappeared with him... The Justice League was no more. The Titans were never born. No warrior in any age ever raised a sword in battle... There was no mythology. There were no heroes. There were no wars..."

DC Comics Presents #77
Wolfman, Swan, Hunt
"Triad of Terror!"
A luncheon ceremony in Metropolis between the press and the Forgotten Heroes is suddenly crashed by Ultivac and Mr. Poseidon. The Forgotten Heroes quickly spring into action but they are unable to defeat the metallic machine and it's cohort. Across town, Superman has a run in with Atom-Master and his pets as they manage to rob the Midtown bank and vanish. Superman manages to track him down, only to discover a secret meeting between Ultivac, Enchantress, Kraklow, and Atom-Master who all vanish when Superman breaks up the meeting.
Soon, Superman asks the Forgotten Heroes for help and they travel in Rip Hunter's Time Sphere to the Middle Ages. In route, Superman is turned into a Dragon by Kraklow's magic but Animal Man quickly brings down the dragon by using it's powers against it. The team plan a strategy for how to storm Kraklow's castle. They soon split into two teams, Rip Hunter, Cave Carson, Rick Flagg, Immortal Man, and Congorillia burrow underground in the Mighty Mole while Animal Man, Dane Dorrance, and Dolphin swim the lake surrounding the castle so they can storm the front door. The dragon crash in through the ceiling and Superman returns to normal, but Kraklow vanishes along with his castle leaving the Forgotten Heroes to face the Faceless Creature from Saturn.

DC Comics Presents #78
Woldman, Swan, Hunt
"The Triad"
The Faceless Hunter from Saturn lifts a rock and hurtles it at the group of heroes, and Superman quickly uses his heat vision to shatter it. But, the debris hits the Immortal Man... killing him. The heroes then go on a full-out assault on the creature which ends with Superman forcing the creature to reveal why he joined the enemy team and where he can find them hiding at. Suddenly, a reincarnated Immortal Man appears on the scene in the body of a strapping youth and the team then heads into space with Superman's help.
En route to the Sorcerer's World they must take a rest and seek aid on the water world of Qaria due to the current course being through a Red Sun galaxy. Soon, the Space Cabby arrives on the scene to take the heroes further on their journey. But, the combined will of the Enchantress and Kraklow bring the cab down on an mysterious world where they are soon rescued by crew of The Pioneer; Chris KL-99, Jero, and Halk.
The bizarre gathering of heroes soon come across the planet Yggardis, which is no mere planet, but a living, thinking organism. The ship is attacked and brought down to the planet as Superman is dragged far below the surface. The Forgotten Heroes soon find Superman and escape from the planet aboard The Pioneer at full speed. Realizing the entire planet is the third Sorcerer, they activate full lasers and disorient the planet long enough for the triad of sorcerers link to be broken. The Enchantress's monsters turn against her, her plans crumble, and thus she vanishes leaving a brief ripple-effect shuddering throughout the universe.
On Earth, the heroes bid their goodbyes to the The Pioneer and its' crew and vibrate back to the Middle Ages so they can reclaim the Mighty Mole and the Time Sphere. They briefly ponder on the events and then head back to the present. Meanwhile on a small satellite orbiting the Earth the Monitor and Lyla try to locate Krakow and the Enchantress without avail. But, Lyla detects the energies forming and the Monitor instructs Lyla to cancel all frequencies to Earth's criminal population because they have all been tested for their strengths and weakness and longer need to provide council to them. The Monitor's true purpose has begun and he sets his scanners on Earth-Three, for it is feared that it is where the trouble will begin.

Who's Who (1985-1986) #8
Forgotten Heroes entry
Forgotten Villains entry

Crisis On Infinite Earths #11
Wolfman, Pérez, Ordway
Throughout the ‘crisis' the Forgotten Heroes were all fighting on their own: The Sea Devils [Crisis #5], Dolphin [Crisis #10-12], Congo Bill [Crisis #12], Cave Carson [Crisis #11-12], Rip Hunter [#5,10-12]. But it wasn't until after the universes had merged after the dramatic battle between the super-heroes and the Anti-Monitor at the beginning of time that some of the team banned together again.
11.9.6-11.9.8 - Animal-Man, Dolphin, Rip Hunter and non-members Captain Comet, Adam Strange, and Atomic Knight journey in the Time Sphere to aftermath of the second front of the battle only to discover Brainiac's skull ship. They board it in hopes of discovering the power they need to finally defeat the Anti-Monitor.

Crisis On Infinite Earths #11
Wolfman, Pérez, Ordway
"Final Crisis"
12.1.1-12.3.11 - The three Forgotten Heroes and three tag-alongs search the ship for a power-source and they learn the monitors were focused on the Earth, but for some reason it is gone. Suddenly, Brainiac awakens and the heroes must reason with the machine for help in finding a power supply significant in stopping the Anti-Monitor. Brainiac researches the topic and they soon begin a star-trek to find the ultimate power supply.
12.9.6 - The Immortal Man dies as a civilian casualty.
12.14.1-12.14.6 - Brainiac takes the team to Apokolips where they encounter Darkseid the destroyer.
12.33.5-12.33.8 - Darkseid and the others peer into the Anti-Matter universe through Alex Luthor's eyes.
12.35.5-12.35.9 - Darkseid uses Alex Luthor to unleash a scorching blast of pure Darkseidian wrath upon the Anti-Monitor.
12.36.1-12.36.4 - The heroes give their thanks to Darkseid, which he rejects by giving a grime warning of "When, next we meet, it shall be as enemies."

Who's Who Update ‘87 #5
Appendix: Forgotten Heroes -
In the recreated DC Universe Rip Hunter was not a member of the Forgotten Heroes since he had not yet made his first time trip when their group was formed (see Rip Hunter, revised.)

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