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DC Universe: What If...?

Here are but a few of the possibilities that could spring from Hypertime in the future.

  • What if the Progeny from the Legion Lost series came back with the LSH to the 31 century? - Submited by Robp175
  • What if Live Wire did not die in iss.#12 of Legion Lost? - Submited by Robp175
  • What if the Blight are still on Earth? - Submited by Robp175
  • What If... Ralph Dibny the Elongated Man married a different Sue-Susan Storm the Invisible Girl%3F Semi-Amalgam Type. Hee-heh. - Submited by James Sombra IIV
  • What if Clark Kent was caught in a gamma explosion? - Submited by mark fortin
  • What if there were other heroes & villians from Krypton and Daxam come to earth now. - Submited by James Silva
  • What if the Teenaged-version of Dev-Em came to the Modern Day D.C.U. to be part of Young Justice or be part of the Post-Zero Hour Legion of Super Heroes? His powers would be an asset to these groups. - Submited by James Silva
  • What if Batman turned evil...? He outhinks every criminal that ever threatened the universe... who can outhink him? - Submited by Stanton Young
  • What if every DC character received a five-year immunity from continuity requirements so that they could progress in the ways best suited to their own identity without regard to anyone else? - Submited by Bearpecs
  • What if Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Spawn, the Silver Surfer, or Galactus were given a Green Lantern ring? - Submited by Mike
  • What if the Origional Green Lantern who made the lantern apart of his body (Alan Scott) as seen in Kingdom Come/The Kingdom meet the Current Green Latern (Hal Gordan) who is now Parallax. What if they did battle and one of them won..taking the other's power? - Submited by Rose
  • What if Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk accidentally prevented the Crisis from occuring during one of their "World's Funnest" get-togethers? - Submited by Crazy Ivan
  • What if the pre-crisis Supergirl never died and then Superboy came and they got married?? - Submited by SuperMatt87
  • What if Myxztplk was in the Marvel universe instead of DC? - Submited by SuperMatt87
  • What If the Martha and Jonathan Kent were murdered in front of his son and the rocket from Krypton landed in Gotham City with the baby Kal-El being adopted by the Thomas and Martha Wayne? - Submited by MLA
  • What if Jor-El's gene manipulation was imperfect%2C and Superman found that he was %22genetically bound%22 to the Earth%2C only to have mankind evolve and %22ascend%22 from the planet into the cosmos%2C leaving Superman trapped alone%2C the sole humanoid inhabitant for hundreds of thousands of years? - Submited by William
  • What If The Cataclysm has destroyed Metroplolis instead of Gotham City?
    What If Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen) appreared in the DC Universe proper?
    What If Superman's rocket had landed in Atlantis?
    What If Superboy met Batman Beyond during his trip through Hypertime? - Submited by Dave Hollins - Space Cadet

  • If Batman accidently killed Comissioner Gordon? - Submited by Christian Navarrete
  • What if Mitch Shelly actually finally joined the JLA and became their ambassador to other worlds? - Submited by Christian Navarrete
  • What If one new cosmic Crisis causes a new Big Bang and a new history, bringing back ALL Earths (like 2, 3, 4, S, X, 6, etc.) - Submited by Marcelo
  • What if The Earth Two Huntress was somehow found alive and had become the New Batwoman? - Submited by Gene Seguin
  • What if Helena Wayne, the Huntress is still alive in an alternate Earth-2, carrying on the legacy of Batman, his father? - Submited by Keng Meng Khoo
  • What if Someone actually respected the ray? - Submited by Rex Tyler
  • What if our Earth-0 Superman remembered the Daily Star, and the Earth-2 characters from his Golden Age-Luthor, Ultra-Humanite, etc. - Submited by Damian Hospital
  • What if Don Hall, the original Dove, had become the new Spectre instead of Hal Jordan, putting him in a position where he could/would have to pass judgement on his own brother for the deaths of members of the original JSA during Zero Hour. - Submited by Wildcard
  • What if Lobo had gotten Abin Sur's GL Ring. - Submited by Dave Hollins - Space Cadet
  • What if Hoppy the Marvel Bunny joined the Zoo Crew. - Submited by Dave Hollins - Space Cadet
  • What if Superman's self-exile took longer than a few issues but spanned a number of years. What would Metropolis become? - Submited by BERNS
  • What would happen to the DC Universe with his absence during integral events such as Crisis of Infinite Earths, Invasion or the Cosmic Odyssey. - Submited by BERNS
  • What if the Hal Jordan that became Parallax really wasn't the true Hal Jordan. What if some kind of alternate persona was created when he switched rings with Lord Malivalo & Mad Green Lantren from sector 1814. - Submited by Emerald Warrior
  • What if the Time Trapper, in an attempt to take control of Hypertime, twisted and tweaked events in the DCU so that any opposition to his plans (i.e. the JLA, the Linear Men, Rip Hunter, etc.) either conformed to his plans (for example, many of the 20th century heroes saw him as an ally) or were eliminated (Batman would never side with the Trapper; therefore, the events which caused Bruce Wayne to become the Batman--his parents being killed--were altered due to direct interference by the Trapper). And it's up to the combined resources of all of the Legion of Super-Heroes variants of Hypertime, led by the LSH of Earth-1 and the LSH of the modern-day DCU, to stop the Time Trapper. - Submited by Briwd
  • What if the Legion of Super-Heroes existed in the 20th century among the JLA, the Titans, Green Lantern Corps, etc. - Submited by Briwd
  • What if Parallax plan to rebulid the DC universe was not stoped? - Submited by BLKJAC99
  • What if Hour-Man in 2000 came across the time-trapped Epoch (from JLA / WildCATS). Hour-Man merges with Epoch's Omega Attractor outside of time, freeing the villain from his prison and creating a paradox that reversed the Dark Nova that separated the WildStorm Universe from the rest of the Hypertimestream.
    The amalgam of Epoch and Hour-Man becomes Soliton, who's initial reaction is to bring the DCU & WSU together. In a maelstrom of alternate realities whirling in the wake of what used to be Hypertime, the WildStorm: Wild Times one-shots are glimpsed as space-time settles on a new 'mainstream'. Soliton sees a world containing heroes such as the JLAuthority, GenYJ, Doom Works, Wild Titans, Task Force 7, and Majestic Man. He/they realizes this is wrong, for now neither will have been created/born to have the opportunity to BECOME Soliton!
    Soliton enlists the aid of Jack Ryder, who never became Waverider (and in fact is only 13 years old) but remembers the 'old world'. In a series of related one-shots called ElseTimes, the various heroes of this new world would react to their surroundings, and the relevation that their reality is already doomed due to the collapse of Hypertime. Some heroes try to help Soliton, others try to prevent the armageddon they fear he will unleash.
    These latter heroes are revealed to be under the influence of Entropi, the cosmic villainess from Shattered Image (produced by WildStorm, luckily). She and Soliton come to blows, during which Entropi accidentally separates Hour-Man from Epoch. Epoch, knowing he is destined to die in order to birth the WSU, tries to steal Entropi's hypertime-shifting powers. Both are sent back to 65 Million BC via UnWhen, and the Dara repeats itself, setting time back as it should be. Hypertime, however, now includes the WSU (plus Homage, ABC, StarKrek, etc.) and an infinite number of variants along with them. UNTOLD TALES OF AMALGAM - Submited by Ron Schablotski
    of the Amalgam Crisis Center
  • What if the Earth-0 Batman was replaced with his cheerful counterpart from Earth-1's 1960s? - Submited by Daria Sigma
  • What if Cobalt Blue (Malcolm Thawne), Barry Allen's twin brother, had fully absorbed the Speed Force from Barry and Wally into his form and become the world's new Flash? - Submited by Puck
  • What if the Linear Men were actually called the Non-linear Men in a Hypertime scenario, since they are anything BUT linear characters? - Submited by Rich Gerrard
  • What if the original pre-Crisis Earth-2 Superman could escape from his planet fortress and meet our Earth-0 Superman? - Submited by Travolta
  • What if the DC Universe crossed over with the WildStorm Universe? - Submited by Yuhui
  • What if Captain Atom had been Monarch like it was first intended? - Submited by Saint
  • What if the new meteor that brought Warp in the pages of Resurrection Man has the effects to rework Hypertime, brininging the original Forgotten Heroes back into continuity, and restoring Rip Hunter with a working Time Sphere? - Submited by Jeremiah Genest
  • What if the meteor that transformed Vandal Savage into an immortal, also affected Rip Hunter?
  • What if Rip Hunter became the Immortal Man?
  • What if the Immortal Man is now Mitch Shelly, the Resurrection Man?
  • What if Rip Hunter from the Pre-Crisis DC Universe is now Hunter of the Linear Men?
  • What if when David Clinton's deal with Neron not only brought him back to the present and gave him a taxing control over time, but it also gradually regrew his arm when he was briefly merged with Brainiac 5?

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