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HISTORYFirst Appearance: MILLENNIUM #1, 1987

When the Oan named Krona broke his society's taboo against investigating the origins of the universe, there resulted a cosmic cataclysm that changed the nature of reality. Simplifying the matter by calling it the unleashing of "evil," the Oans then began to deal with their responsibility to the cosmos as the Guardians of the Universe.

The Guardians' first attempt at sending out an army to police the planets resulted in the creation of androids known as Manhunters. Each android was given a small power battery and a gun that would channel the mighty emerald energy from the central power battery on Oa. For eons, these androids successfully kept the peace throughout the developing galaxies. Then something went wrong with the Manhunters' programming, which resulted in their making an assault against Oa itself. The Guardians stripped the androids of their power, but the Manhunters actually altered their programming and went underground.

For the last three billion years, the Manhunters have secretly operated on Countless worlds, preparing for a day of reckoning against the Guardians, On Earth, the Manhunters became a small cult that actually recruited humans to their efforts. (One of those people was Mark Shaw, who later became the super-hero Manhunter.) The cult, led by a supreme android called the Grandmaster, awaited an opportunity to spread its influence over the planet, despite already suffering one defeat at the hands of many of Earth's heroes.

A few years ago, after the world-shattering events known as the Crisis, the Guardians of the Universe and their female counterparts, the Zamarons, went to another plane of reality to conceive a new generation of beings. Herupa Hando Hu and Nadia Safir were selected to come to Earth and reveal that humankind Is destined-in a thousand years-to evolve to a point where they could assume the mantle of Guardianhood. To help man along this path, the Guardians and Zamarons selected ten men and women to begin a breeding process.

Herupa and Nadia gathered together Earth's mightiest super-heroes and asked for their help in protecting the "Chosen" from the Manhunters, who learned of man's destiny through Harbinger's recording of the History of the Universe. Earth's heroes, led by Superman, agreed to help the Guardian and Zamaron, Herupa named the Teen Titan Terra as one of the ten chosen, it became obvious that their plan was flawed, since the manipulative Terra had died before even the Crisis. The heroes soon realized that the Manhunters had planned their actions better than the Guardian and Zamaron, since they all, found many of their friends, colleagues, and lovers to have been duped, replaced, or brainwashed by the Manhunters.

Thus began a race against time. Could the heroes save the Chosen, stop the Manhunters, and preserve mankind's fate? While the heroes went about their business, Nadia and Herupa began contacting the Chosen, starting with Australia's Betty Clawman. Also assembled were Takeo Yakata of Japan, Xiang Po of China, Nlkolai Latikov of the USSR, Celia Windward of the UK, Salima Baranizar of Iran, Janwillem Kroef of South Africa, Gregorio de la Vega of Peru, and the US' Jason Woodrue and Tom Kalmaku. Each reacted differently to their summons to greatness; for example, Nikolai refused to help, only to lose his life. Bigoted Janwillem found the white man's destiny satisfactory and refused to participate with people he felt beneath his notice. Kroef would later threaten the Chosen after the events chronicled here.

The heroes gathered the Chosen at the Green Lantern's Citadel in Southern California, where they were told of their destiny. A battle between the Manhunters and the super-heroes soon followed, and the cost was high. Wally West, the Flash, lost his father; the Suicide Squad lost their doctor, Karin Grace; the Kalmaku family was nearly torn apart; and Metamorpho was reduced to a pile of ashes.

When the Manhunter threat was finally ended by the efforts of the heroes, the Guardian and Zamaron took the eight remaining Chosen ones, transforming them into beings further along the evolutionary path. They were renamed Gloss, Floro, Ram, Extrafio, and Jet. Betty Clawman became an Earth spirit with no new name, Janwlilem returned to South Africa, and Tom Kalmaku chose to remain with his family rather than leave them behind. These six New Guardians, along with a repentant Harbinger, had a series of adventures before they retired from the public eye and contented themselves with preparing for tomorrow. Herupa and Nadia, growing older throughout the ordeal, finally died, their mission accomplished.

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