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The Great Darkness Saga

The Great Darkness Saga


Who is the Dark Master-and why are his agents, the Servants of Darkness, plundering the galaxy's most powerful mystic artifacts at such on alarming rate? Not even the 30th Century's greatest defenders, the Legion of Super-Heroes, know the answer-nor are they able to prevent the Servants from effortlessly leeching the magic of such legendary archmages as Mordru the Merciless! True terror strikes, however, when Dream Girl reveals her premonition that the Servants will become utterly unstoppable following a raid on Zerox, the Sorcerers' World, fount of all mystic might in the galaxy! The Legion vows to defend Zerox to the death-despite Dream Girl's second premonition that they will lose…

Battered and beaten by the Servants of Darkness, the mighty Legionnaires are unable to prevent the Dreadnaught of Darkness from thieving the magic of Sorcerers' World! Nevertheless, amidst the ashes of defeat, the Super-Heroes make an unexpected discovery in the form of a mysterious infant who seems to age to adulthood before their very eyes! As the Legion ponders the infant's strange secret and plans its final strategy, so does the Dark Master-who streaks across the spaceways to take complete and total mental control over the three billion inhabitants of the planet Daxam, each of whom is more powerful then even Superboy! Together, they form an undefeatable army, a super-powered militia under the command of the Dark Master-Darkseid!

Only a miracle can save the galaxy from annihilation! Faced with a godlike opponent whose terrible Swift Sword is an army of supermen three billion strong, the Legion of Super-Heroes summons every known 30th-century hero to their side! Small battles are won thanks to Element Lad, who uses his power of transmutation to activate the Daxamites' vulnerability to lead, but the war still seems lost! Despite the valiant efforts of the Legionnaires, Darkseid stands triumph ant-until the unfamiliar infant discovered on Zerox resurfaces as Highfather, Darkseid's ages-old mortal enemy! As the universe looks on, the two gods clash-and Darkseid's powers wane! With conquest no longer within his grasp, the Dark Lord retreats-leaving the Legion to savor its greatest victory!

Text taken from DC Comics 1992 Series 1 (cards)--160 through 162 in a series of 180


  • Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1
  • Legion of Super-Heroes V.2 #290
  • Legion of Super-Heroes V.2 #291
  • Legion of Super-Heroes V.2 #292
  • Legion of Super-Heroes V.2 #293
  • Legion of Super-Heroes V.2 #294
  • Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #2


  • Legion of Super-Heroes V.4 #21
  • Legion of Super-Heroes V.4 #22
  • Legion of Super-Heroes V.4 #23
  • Legion of Super-Heroes V.4 #24
  • Aftermath) Legion of Super-Heroes V.4 #25 (SW6 Batch Revealed)


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