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Thursday September 10th, 1998

Reports of the imminent demise of Mania, and its parent company, the largest online retailer of comic books, are absolutely untrue, according to the owner and publisher.

Although reports continue to come in arguing otherwise, Steve Milo, the owner of American Entertainment, the parent company of Mania.com and the Another Universe chain of comic book stores, told the Comic Wire there's nothing to rumors that the company refused receipt of last week's comics as a temporary money-saving measure.

"We received our Diamond [Distributors] shipment last week, and we are receiving our Diamond shipment this week," Milo wrote. He also refuted claims that the Mania.com online magazine will cease publication: "All freelancers have been paid through August and are scheduled to be paid in September. Mania is not ceasing publication. The online component is our future."

This runs contrary to continuing reports from inside the company that while Mania may be profitable - it's estimated that the site may sell up to 10 percent of comics sold in the United States - it may be the only part of the company that is. New editor-in-chief Steve Johnson has reportedly told all the freelancers to get back to work, after briefly telling them to stop on Friday.

Mania's highest-profile contributor, freelancer Michael Doran, the editor of the Newsarama weekly news feature, also wrote the Comic Wire, to say that "Newsarama continues at Mania for the immediate future."


DC Comics spokeswoman Patty Jeres has confirmed what comics fans have feared for some time: New series "Chronos" has been canceled, with issue 11 being its last.

This comes only about six weeks after DC announced it would be supporting the title, even as it was being confirmed that "Creeper," "Chase" and "Young Heroes in Love" would be publishing their last issues during this month's "DC One Million" crossover event.

While the sales numbers on "Chronos" weren't much above those of the canceled books - leading to wide speculation that it would have its plug pulled at the same time - the book was transferred to editor Mike Carlin and crossovers with higher profile characters were on the drawing board.

Jeres declined to comment on the reasons behind the sudden cancellation.

New gods #7

Even more than two decades later, Jack Kirby's New Gods continue to increase in acclaim and popularity. Next up for the latter-day immortals: the silver screen.

Mark "Groo" Evanier has told Comics2Film (http://www.comics2film.com) that not only is Warner Brother's animated film based on Jack Kirby's legendary DC Comics series being worked-on, but that Mike Mignola, the artist of 1980s New God miniseries "Cosmic Odyssey," is doing design work for the movie.

"Some of it is very Kirbyesque and some of it is not," Evanier wrote to Comics2Film. "Mike Mignola did a lot of both kinds."

Evanier is working on the film as a creative consultant. He previously wrote a "New Gods" ongoing series in the late 1980s. According to Evanier, the film is a long way from actual production and release.

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