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DCU Heroes Secret Files & Origins #1
Chronos Biography

Real Name: Walker Tristan Gabriel
Occupation: Transtemporal Provocateur
Base of Operations: Chronopolis
Marital Status: Unconfirmed
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First App: Chronos #1 (March, 1998)

"Stores period clothing, accesories, and weapons in a handy tesseract."
"Destroyed his own past."
"Can divine an object's history by its chronal resonance."

As an industrial thief with a master's degree in theoretical physics, Walker Gabriel developed a temporal displacement suit which slowed time around him so the world appeared frozen. Only after being exposed to a tachyon particle explosion did he discover that he could also move through time at will. Ignoring the axiom that history cannot be changed, Walker attempted to prevent the untimely death of his adoptive mother, Theresa Gabriel. In order to save her, however, Walker obliterated his life up until that point, becoming, paradoxically, a man who should not exist.

He later learned his abilities were tied to the unusual circumstances of his birth in Chronopolis, a city protected from the passage of time by a unique quantum field. After a revelatory experience in a temporal vortex, Walker moves through time enigmatically, playing the hero in one era and the villain in another. His motives, like his methods, remain mysterious.

~ Source: DCU Heroes Secret Files & Origins #1

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