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In 1952, Walker Gabriel competes with wealthy medical student Thomas Wayne for the affections of a scrappy young socialite named Martha.

In 1873, Walker Gabriel is arrested with the outlaw Bat Lash for the kidnapping of the mayor's daughter in the booming cowtown of Smallville.

In 1789, Walker Gabriel watches Ra's al Ghul rise from the dead in the African desert.

In 1641, Captain Fear, a Caribbean buccaneer, hauls a drowning Walker Gabriel out of the Atlantic near the Florida Keys.

In 1478, in Italy, a very old man named Vandal Savage convinces Lorenzo de Medici to send Walker Gabriel against his rivals, the Pazzi family.

In 48,000 BC, Rip Hunter, a man from the future, begs Walker Gabriel to show him the way home.

In 1943, Walker Gabriel is caught in the crossfire between Allied and Axis soldiers on an island where dinosaurs still exist.

In 1998, all of this is in Walker Gabriel's future...

(from the first page of John Francis Moore's initial proposal for Chronos)

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