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Chronos Previews

"Time travel has never been as much fun as in this new ongoing series by John Francis Moore, with art by Paul Guinan and Steve Leialoha."

Chronos#1 CHRONOS #1

Travelling through time has taken its toll on the original Chronos, leaving the villain unstable and weak. But for arrogant young physicist Walker Gabriel, Clinton's technology offers the chance of a lifetime -- and the adventure of several lifetimes. Prepared to embark on a dazzling criminal career, run-ins with the Linear Men and a mysterious black marketeer turn him into a time-travelling fugitive. Somewhere (or somewhen) along the way, he becomes the DC Universe's newest hero, but first he's working his way through DC history meeting some very famous characters at crucial points in their lives. It's a series that will forever change the way time works in the DC Universe.
DCU § FC, 32 pg. Mando Format $2.50 § On sale January, 1998

Chronos#2 CHRONOS #2

Stranded in the Wild West, time traveler Walker Gabriel finds allies from a most unexpected source: the Kents! The first family of comics proves that not only were Ma and Pa Kent swell, but so were their ancestors. Will Walker prove worthy of their trust? Also, Walker discovers that there's another time traveler in the Old West. Unfortunately, it's a Linear Man, and he's hunting Chronos for murder!
DCU § FC, 32 pg. Mando Format $2.50 § On sale February, 1998

Chronos#3 CHRONOS #3

Walker Gabriel isn't the only time traveller in 1873. Meet Alexandra, a time-traveling gypsy with a mean left hook! But can she save him from the time-policing Linear Man out for Gabriel's blood? Escaping further into the past, Gabriel meets devilish DCU favorite Jason Blood, and has to make a fateful decision that could destroy time as we know it.
DCU § FC, 32 pg. Mando Format $2.50 § On sale March, 1998

Chronos#4 CHRONOS #4

The time-spanning adventures of reluctant hero Walker Gabriel continue! Along with a few other surviving time-traveles, Chronos finds himself in a beseiged Chronopolis. Vyronis, his former ally, has become the mad god of time, ravaging the timeline in his insane wake, and it's all Walker's fault! With time literally running out, Walker, pushing his emerging powers to the limit, makes a last-ditch attempt to undo the disaster. Note: Rip Hunter is at Chronolopiles, a floating city at the End of Time, where he and a few others help send Walker back in time to stop the terrible future which he has just caused last issue. And we get to see Rip give Walker his original suit back (now completed) and then die by the hand of the God of Time.
DCU § FC, 32 pg. Mando Format $2.50 § On sale April 1, 1998

Chronos#5 CHRONOS #5
(W) John Francis Moore; (A) Paul Guinan and Doug Hazlewood; (C) Guinan and Steve Leialoha

In the present, we explore the world of Walker Gabriel, as he examines the extent of his newfound abilities. Meanwhile, Alex, the time gypsy, begins to realize that there is more to this charming time anomaly than meets the eye, and we get an unusual glimpse into the Golden Age.
DCU § FC, 32 pg. Mando Format $2.50 § On sale May 6, 1998

Chronos#6 CHRONOS #6
(W) John Francis Moore; (A) Paul Guinan and Steve Leialoha; (C) Guinan and Leialoha

The original Chronos--the time thief--is dead.
He leaves behind two ex-wives and a handful of teammates from the original Injustice Gang. Everyone suspects the late master criminal has a huge fortune, and it seems the logiacl heir is the new Chronos, Walker Gabriel. But is it a legacy that Walker even needs, much less wants? And will he even have a choice when the Tattooed Man finds him? The answers shed light on who Walker Gabriel is and hints at his deeper connection to the force of time.
DCU § FC, 32 pg. Mando Format $2.50 § On sale June 3, 1998

Chronos#7 CHRONOS #7
(W) John Francis Moore; (A) Paul Guinan, Denis Rodier and Steve Leialoha; (C) Guinan and Leialoha

Members of the JLA are killers in Star City! Or are they? Walker Gabriel sees The Flash, Green Lantern and Green Arrow brutally murdering innocent civilians in the near future! Chronos may be the only man who knows the killer's real identity, but, unfortunately, time's hobo is trapped in a homeless shelter!
DCU § FC, 32 pg. Mando Format $2.50 § In stores July 1, 1998


Written and drawn by various; painted cover by Joe Kubert DC's line of all-new 80-page Giants continues with a time-spanning issue featuring some of the greatest characters and creators in comics, capped off with a new painted cover (featuring Hawkman) by the legendary Joe Kubert! The time-traveling Chronos "hosts" this issue (in a framing sequence written by John Francis Moore, with art by Paul Guinan and Tom Palmer) which showcases classic DC characters in untold stories from their pasts! Among them... a tale of the Spectre (written by Bill Mumy and Peter David, with art by Steve Ditko and Kevin Nowlan); a story of the original Doom Patrol (written by James Robinson, with art by Dave Gibbons and Sal Buscema); a Hawkman mission (written by Andrew Helfer, with art by Bob McLeod); the reason why the "new" Teen Titans came together as a team, written by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, with art by Phil Jimenez and Romeo Tanghal); an Adam Strange tale (written by Steven Grant, with art by Mike Zeck and James Pascoe); and the day Rip Hunter joins the Linear Men (written by Dan Jurgens, with art by Todd Nauck and Art Thibert).

Chronos#8 CHRONOS #8
(W) John Francis Moore; (A) Paul Guinan and Denis Rodier; (C) Guinan and Steve Leialoha

Walker Gabriel and guest-star Baron Winters join forces to stop a raging storm at the center of time. Battling deadly Metrognomes and riding the Ghost Train of Time, Walker is headed for destiny - and possibly his destruction!
DCU § FC, 32 pg. Standard Format $2.50 § In stores August 5, 1998

Chronos#1,000,000 CHRONOS #1,000,000
(W) John Francis Moore; (A) J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray; (C) Paul Guinana and Steve Leialoha

September 30, 1998 - The future is always now when you can travel through time! The 853rd century's Chronos is pretty much the same as today's/ In fact, he is today's Chronos! Having become aware of virtually all of the varied aspects of time in the DC Universe, Chronos steals future Flash John Fox's time gauntlets for reasons that are known only to him... for now!
DCU § FC, 32 pg. Standard Format $2.50 § In stores September 30, 1998

Chronos#9 CHRONOS #9
(W) John Francis Moore; (A) Paul Guinan and Steve Leialoha; (C) Tony Harris

STARMAN cover artist Tony Harris begins pencilling covers for CHRONOS as, in a stunning turn of events, Walker Gabriel becomes… "The Man Who Chose Not to Exist!" Using his unique abilities, Chronos saves his mother from decades-earlier death, but, in so doing plunges the world into a crippling war! The only solution is for Chronos to wipe himself from existence. Opposing him is his crazed doppelganger -- the insane new nemesis Anachronos! If Walker Gabriel succeeds, his mother will live and the world will return to normal, but he will truly become the Man Out of Time!
DCU § FC, 32 pg. $2.50 § In stores October 7, 1998

Chronos#10 CHRONOS #10
(W) John Francis Moore; (A) Paul Guinan and Steve Leialoha; (C) Tony Harris

Walker Gabriel's adventures shift into high gear now that he has ceased to exist! Stranded in Chronopolis with the only two people who remember him, Chronos takes a dangerous assignment: retrieving a mysterious device called the Forever Engine from the distant past. Traveling to the Byzantine era, he finds the Engine in the hands of the Order of St. Dumas (as seen in AZRAEL: AGENT OF THE BAT). If Walker can retrieve the Forever Engine, the reward will be the fulfillment of his fondest wish: learning the present-day location of his real father. But is the prize worth the damage the Engine will do to the timestream?
DCU § FC, 32 pg. $2.50 § In stores November 18, 1998

Chronos#11 CHRONOS #11
(W) John Francis Moore; (A) Paul Guinan and Steve Leialoha; (C) Tony Harris and Ray Snyder

Inside the labyrinthine castle of time called Chronolopolis, Chronos confronts his biological father and the original (deceased) Chronos about what's made him what he is today-- The Man Out of Time --in the series' surprising conclusion.
DCU § FC, 32 pg. $2.50 § In stores December 16, 1998

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