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Chronos Cameo Annotations

The Legends of The DC Universe 80-Page Giant #1 (September 1998)
Come with Earth's current practitioner of the time-honored art of traveling the time stream, as Chronos ricochets through our long, eventful history and future!

Comic Buyers Guide #1300 (October 16, 1998)
Dateline: @!!?*
by Fred Hembeck
1300.72.1-1300.72.18 - 1956: Barry has just been struck by the bolt of lightning and is in the 'diner' when the waitress suddenly trips and Barry sees the food falling.... but Fred Hembeck, dressed in Chronos's time-suit, grabs his shoulder and says, "Forget it, Barry." And the food falls. What proceeds is a comical chat about Barry's future and a humorous, anal, complicated, explanation of the infinite earths with Barry's input and questions serving to bring out the real humor of the story. The waitress returns with more food and trips again and this time Fred says, "Geeze, What are you waiting for, Barry? This outfit's just borrowed!"
1300.73.19 - '1998: The apartment of Walker Gabriel, the new Chronos...'
Walker pulls the shower current and yells, "Where did I put that @?*!!ng time-travel suit?..."
1300.73.20-1300.75.16 - Fred and Barry go on to discuss various comic book plots and soon Fred slips up and mentions the trial, Iris's death, and various other things that point to Fred trying to stop Barry from going down the path he will. But, another Fred Hembeck who is dressed as the David Clinton Chronos appears and urges Barry to choice his own future and then leads the other Chronos out with his hands tied.
1300.75.17 - 1998: picture of tombstone reading 'David Clinton 192* - 1998 Chronos I "Time Wise, Fashion Foolish"'
1300.75.18-1300.75.22 - Iris comes in to meet Barry and they leave jipping the waitress on the tip.

Resurrection Man #18 (October 1998)
"Secrets & Lies"
Abnett, Lanning, Calafiore, Velluto, Branch, Almond
18.18.1-18.19.2 - The Phantom Stranger lets Mitch become one with the universe, to be everywhere at once, so he can find out his one true enemy. In the left-left hand panel appears Chronos fighting the Metrognomes from the cover of Chronos #8.

DC One Million #4 (Nov 85,271)
"Death Star"
Morrison, Semeiks, Rollins
4.24.1 - Epilogue 2: On the Third Day:
Savage appears in front of a water fountain as on lookers look at him with dumbfounded looks. On the other side of the fountain stands Chronos. The royally dressed Savage states, "Here on a cowering Earth bereft of Superman, I will raise battalions, the armies of my iron empire to trample your..."
4.24.2 - Chronos vanishes in a burst of waves as Savage continues, "...what planet is this? Why do I know this..."
The computer gauntlet on his arm analyzes, "Location: Earth: Time set at September one nine nine eight
Refine Location: Montevideo. Refine time:"
Savage says, "Time? What do you mean... what was... ...Montevideo?..."
4.24.3 - Savage looks up to the sky and gasps out, "No. I've traveled in..."
As a Red Rocket hurtles towards him. The gauntlet announces, "Message from Gabriel, Walker: Congratulations: You have been conned by Chronos. ‘Checkmate.'"
‘The sky seems to catch fire, as if struck by a flint. Vandal Savage, the last caveman, experiences an overwhelming sense of Deja Vu.'
4.24.4 - A burst of white. ‘In the 853rd Century, Mitch Shelley, the Resurrection Man, dies with a smile on his face.'

DCU Heroes: Secret Files and Origins #1 (February 1999)
Page 1: DCU Heroes: Secret Files and Origins splash page (un-logoed version of Six Degrees of the DC Universe page)

Page 60: Six Degrees of The DC Universe
Written by Matt Brady, Prencilled by Adam DeKraker, Inked by rich Faber, Colors by Tom McCraw
Using any point on the DC timeline, connect them all! Think like Chronos - who's bumped into almost everyone! - and jump from one to the other!
Try these for starters:
- the brand new Star Spangled Kid to Arsenal
- Chronos to the Legion of Super-Heroes
- Arsenal to the Justice Legion A

Page 41 - Chronos Profile Page
Writer: John Francis Moore
Penciller: Paul Guinan
Inker: Steve Leialoha
Secret Files & Origins Entry

Page 62-63 - DCU Heroes Timeline
Writer: Matt Brady

  • Prehistory: After a quick battle, Walker Gabriel (Chronos) strands serial killer Hayden Glass in the age of dinosaurs.
  • 48,000 B.C.: Chronos aids fellow traveler Rip Hunter in finding his way back to his home era.
  • 1464: Chronos meets Jason Sangue (Blood) in Florence, Italy. during an altercation in that same era, Chronos gains his time-travel powers.
  • 1641: Captain Fear rescues the drowning Chronos from waters off the Florida Keys.
  • 1789: Chronos is present for a "Resurrection" of Ra's all Ghul in the African desert.
  • 1873: A time-stranded Chronos is taken in by the Clark family of Smallville, Kansas: while there, he meets a band of time-traveling gypsies.
  • 1943: Chronos gets caught between Allied and Axis forces on an island filled with dinosaurs.
  • 1952: Chronos competes with Thomas Wayne for a young socialite named Martha.
  • Now: Walker Gabriel becomes the new Chronos and travels through time, discovering Chronopolis.
  • 2113: Chronos aids in the capture of Hayden Glass, a shape-changing serial killer whose trademark is JLA-themed murders.
  • 22nd Century: Chronos and his nemesis Byronis narrowly avoid capture by the lion men of the wastelands.
  • 27th Century: Chronos steals John (Flash) Fox's time gauntlets.
  • 853rd Century: Chronos travels to the future, only to meet himself.

    DC One Million: 80-Page Giant #1,000,000
    Page 2-3 - The One Million Universe at a Glance
    By Phil Jimenez with Joe Rosas
    Chronos appears in the group heroes.

    Adventures of Superman #638
    Page 17-21 - The Road to Ruin
    By Rucka, Clark and Lanning
    The left leg of Chronos can be seen as part of the Luthor Composite.

    JSA #70
    By Johns, Kramer, Champagne
    Walker Gabriel is taken to Washington D.C. by Degaton where Walker is beaten and then supposedly wiped out of existence when he was just a kid.
    To quote my friend Loren Collins, "On the plus side, since everything returned to the old status quo at arc's end (eg, Stargirl's family), it seems pretty likely that Walker's alive again."

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