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Walker Gabriel was created by John Francis Moore and Paul Guinan and first appeared in Chronos #1.



March 1998 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Steve Leialoha (penciller, inker)

Story: "Chronos: Time Out Of Time" (22 Pages)

Credits: John Francis Moore and Paul Guinan (plotters, scripters); Steve Leialoha (penciller, inker); Willie Schubert(letterer); Mike Danza (colorist); Archie Goodwin (editor)

Feature Character: Walker Gabriel (first appearance; appears in all subsequent issues of this title; see Comment for chronological information and crossovers into other titles than Chronos)

Supporting Characters: The Countess (first appearance; a.k.a. Fiorella de Ravenna; also in younger incarnation at Chronopolis in between her last previous appearance in issue #2 and her main appearance in this issue); Mordecai (first appearance; the Countess' servant drone); David Clinton (formerly Chronos; last in .....)

Villains: Konstantin Vyronis (first appearance; a time traveler and a former member of the Goodfellow troupe, a band of time traveling nomads; in 1998; next in 1973 in the following issue); Hayden Glass (first appearance; a murderer of the twenty-second century)

Guest Appearance: Nathaniel Kent (last in Kents #???; in 1973)

Other Characters: Desmond Mikhalali Gage (first appearance; a Linear Man; dies; in 1998); Stephanie Wong (first appearance; the creator of the Nomo 2000, the foundation for the next generation of computer technology; in 1998); Johann (first appearance; a German; in 1960); the Beatles (in 1960)

Comments: Walker Gabriel had always been interested in science and more spicifically temporal physics. When he was thrown out of grad school he was approached by Konstantin Vyronis who suggested that Gabriel put his research to more practical use and before long Gabriel became an industrial thief.

Equipped with a special suit designed by David Clinton, the original Chronos, Gabriel was able to bend time around him so that he could perform his crimes while the suit streched milliseconds into minutes around him. On his 23rd birthday Vyronis hired Gabriel to steal a prototype tachyon generator for him. Everything went well until a Linear Man suddenly showed up trying to stop him from stealing the device. Unlike everybody else the Linear Man was able to move at normal speed like Gabriel and before Gabriel knew what hit him the Linear Man had knocked him unconscious. Just as the Linear Man was about to take the generator and bring it to the Vanishing Point for evaluation, Vyronis showed up and shot him. Gabriel then woke up and found the Linear Man dead and Vyronis about to escape using a special time travel device. As Gabriel didn´t want to take the fall for something Vyronis had done he tried stopping him, but instead he found himself hurled through the timestream only to end up in 1873, just outside Smallville. Here he was found by Sheriff Nate Kent who brought the drifter to the Clark´s farm.

The chronological information for this series differs from that of the rest of the series in the Unofficial DC Index Series, as Walker Gabriel not only appears in both the past, the present, and the future but also at various different ages himself. In this issue we meet a 23 years old Gabriel, as well as a 30 years old Gabriel and in two other minor appearances, one at old age and one somewhere in between his two major appearances. To be able to follow the chronology of Walker Gabriel each "version" will be treated as separate characters until one version ages into the next version.

The 23 years old Walker Gabriel first appears in 1998 and then in 1873 in this story. The 23 years old Gabriel appearances flow seemingly straightforward from issue to issue so no chronological info will be noted for this "incarnation" unless he makes an appearance in another title than Chronos or in a flashback to events proceeding his first appearance in this issue.

The thirty years old Walker Gabriel appears in 1960 and then at Chronopolis on pages 1 through 7, then in 1998 and during the Jurassic age on pages 14 through 16. So far this is the only appearances of the 30 years old Walker Gabriel.

This issue also introduces Chronopolis, a city out of time.

April 1998 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Steve Leialoha (penciller, inker)

Story: "Down On the Farm" (22 Pages)

Credits: John Francis Moore and Paul Guinan (plotters, scripters); Steve Leialoha (penciller, inker); Willie Schubert(letterer); Mike Danza (colorist); Archie Goodwin (editor)

Supporting Characters: The Countess (chronologically earliest appearance; next in issue #3; in 1461); David Clinton (in 1998); Alexandra "Alex" Damaskinos (first appearance; a member of the Goodfellow troupe; in 1873)

Villains: Konstantin Vyronis (in 1873 and then in 1461 in between issues #1 and #3; in 1461); Traven (first appearance; a Linear Man)

Guest Appearances: Nathaniel Kent (in 1873); Matthew Ryder (at the Vanishing Point)

Other Characters: The Linear Men (at the Vanishing Point); Desmond Mikhalali Gage (deceased; buried in this issue); Matthew Clark, Ethan Clark (Matthew´s son; owner of the Clark ranch; first appearance of both), Lilah Coogan (first appearance; Ethan´s girlfriend); Reverend Thomas Lang, Fiona Lang (his wife), Sam Lang (Thomas and Fiona's son; first appearance of all three; ancestors of Lana Lang); Silas (first appearance; a citizen of Smallville); Mr. Dunbar (first appearance; the Mayor of Metropolis; dies; latter eight in 1873); Locke (first appearance; an Ivy Town police officer; in 1998); Lucas Goodfellow, and the Lucas Goodfellow troupe (first appearance of both; a group of time traveling nomads); Lippi (first appearance; a servant of Fiorella de Ravenna; in 1461)

Comments: After having spent a month at the farm Gabriel went with the Clark´s to see a travelling theatre performance. Gabriel took a liking to one of the performers and after the play he went out back to meet her. When he found her in her wagon he saw that she was sitting around listening to a walkman. He then waited for her to leave the wagon so that he could investigate further. After she left Gabriel went into the wagon where he found a device similar to the one Vyronis used to send him back in time. At that same time Traven, another Linear Man showed up. Just as Traven was about to bring Gabriel down the woman returned. She then attacked Traven stating that he couldn´t have Gabriel as they had plans for him of their own.

The 23 years old Walker Gabriel appears in 1873 and then in 1464 throughout this issue.

May 1998 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Steve Leialoha (penciller, inker)

Story: "Renaissance Man" (22 Pages)

Credits: John Francis Moore and Paul Guinan (plotters, scripters); Steve Leialoha (penciller, inker); Willie Schubert(letterer); Mike Danza (colorist); Archie Goodwin (editor)

Supporting Characters: The Countess (chronologically in between issue #2 and #1; in 1464); Alex Damaskinos (in 1873 and then in 1464); David Clinton (in 1998); Jean Loring (last in Teen Titans Vol. 2 #16)

Villains: Konstantin Vyronis (last in #2; in 1464); Traven

Guest Appearances: Matthew Ryder (at the Vanishing Point); Jason Blood (in 1464)

Other Characters: Pino, Tomasso (first appearance of both; two Italian mercenaries; in 1464)

Comments: As Traven loosened his grip on Gabriel he tried getting away, only to be stopped in the attempt by the woman. However Traven had gotten back on his feet and used his gun to stun the woman. To avoid being caught by Traven, Gabriel then used the device to open another time portal and shortly thereafter he and the woman found themselves in Florence, Italy in the year 1464. The woman then told him that she was Alex Damaskinos, a member of the nomadic tribe of timetravellers, a group that Vyronis had also once belonged to.

The 23 years old Walker Gabriel appears first in 1873 and then in 1464 in this story.

June 1998 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Steve Leialoha (penciller, inker)

Story: "Reprise" (22 Pages)

Credits: John Francis Moore (Writter); Paul Guinan (penciller); Steve Leialoha (inker); Ken Bruzenak (letterer); Mike Danza (colorist); Chuck Kim (assistant editor); Archie Goodwin (editor)

Supporting Characters: 36 years old Alex Damaskinos (at Chronopolis); Fiorella Della Ravenna (at Chronopolis); David Clinton (in 1998, Death); Fiorella Della Ravenna (in 1464); Alex Damaskinos (in 1464);

Villains: Energy-Based Konstantin Vyronis (at Chronopolis); Konstantin Vyronis (last in #3, in 1464); Traven; Rangers (in ???? A.D.)

Guest Appearances: Rip Hunter (at Chronopolis)

Other Characters: Mordecai (first appearance, Android Goodfellow; at Chronopolis)

Comments: The 23 years old Walker Gabriel appears first at Chronopolis (End of Time) where he gets an upgraded Displacement Suit, then 1464 where he merges with his 1464 self, then the Rangers Future (???? AD), back to 1464, then to the present 1998.

The true effects of Time Travel become apparent as David Clinton fades from time.

July 1998 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Steve Leialoha (penciller, inker)

Story: "Legacies" (22 Pages)

Credits: John Francis Moore (Writter); Paul Guinan (penciller); Doug Vines & Dexter Vines (inker); Ken Bruzenak (letterer); Mike Danza (colorist); Chuck Kim (assistant editor); Archie Goodwin (editor)

Supporting Characters: Alex Damaskinos (in 1998 and then 1865); Jean Loring (last in issue #3); Esteban Luis Navarro (in 1865); Lucas Goodfellow (in 1865)

Villains: N/A

Guest Appearances: N/A

Other Characters: Teresa Gabriel (1st Appearance, Walker's foster mother, 1985); Michael Gabriel (1st Appearance, Walker's foster father, 1985); Man in a lab coat (1st appearance, ???, Chronopolis's Construction); Gravesend (1st appearance, ???, Chronopolis's Construction); Jean Loring (last in #3)

Comments: The 23 years old Walker Gabriel appears first in 1998, then Sumeria (???? A.D.), then 2113 A.D., then Gorilla City (????), then Rome? (????), then The Temple of Eternity, Chateau D'Arbanvile in France (1865 A.D.), then 11th-century China, then back to France (1865 A.D.), then Present 1998, then 1985 (Walkers past), then Chronopolis (end of Time), then back to the Present 1998.

A 10 year old Walker Gabriel appears in 1985 with his foster mother 8 months before her death.

A brief origin of the Goodfellow Troupe is told by Lucas Goodfellow.

August 1998 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Steve Leialoha (penciller, inker)

Story: "The Funeral Party" (22 Pages)

Credits: John Francis Moore (Writter); Paul Guinan (penciller); Denis Rodier & Steve Leialoha (inker); Ken Bruzenak (letterer); Mike Danza (colorist); Alisande Morales (assistant editor); Dan Thorsland (editor)

Supporting Characters: Alex Damaskinos (in 1998)

Villains:Abel Tarrant, The Tattooed Man (in 1998, and 1978), Teenaged Abel Tarrant (in 1978)

Guest Appearances: The Shade (last in Starman #??, 1998), The Atom (flashback to Chronos/Atom battle)

Other Characters: Susan Kowalski, Amber Fontaine, Miss Fontaine (David Clinton's wives, 1998); Jean Loring (last in #5) Locke, Tanhauser (last in #2 ,1998)

Comments: The 23 years old Walker Gabriel appears first in 1998, then 1978 in a tattoo parlor, then back to 1998.

More secrets of Walkers true powers are uncovered as he and Alex go through David Clinton's estate.

September 1998 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Steve Leialoha (penciller, inker)

Story: "The Killing Rain" (22 Pages)

Credits: John Francis Moore (Writter); Paul Guinan (penciller); Denis Rodier & Steve Leialoha (inker); Ken Bruzenak (letterer); Mike Danza (colorist); Alisande Morales (assistant editor); Dan Thorsland (editor)

Supporting Characters: Alex Damaskinos (in 1998, and The Temple of Eternity); Florrella Della Ravenna (in 2113); Cormac (Goodfellow troupe member, Temple of Eternity, Death)

Villains: "The Justice League Killer" (in 2113)

Guest Appearances: "The Justice League Killer" assumes the identities of Aquaman(only on the cover), Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow.

Other Characters: Desdemona Tamarira (1st appearance, supposedly met Walker in 2111, 2113); Police Force (in 2113); Transient Shelter Staff (in 2113)

Comments: The 23 years old Walker Gabriel appears first in the Star City of 2113, and remembers back to how he got into this mess in 1998 where he tries to travel to a time where he can find out how David Clinton knew his parents, but something collides with Alex and Walker pushing Alex to the Temple of Eternity and Walker to 2113.

October 1998 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Steve Leialoha (penciller, inker)

Story: "Ghost Train" (22 Pages)

Credits: John Francis Moore (Writter); Paul Guinan (penciller); Denis Rodier (inker); Ken Bruzenak (letterer); Mike Danza (colorist); Alisande Morales (assistant editor); Dan Thorsland (editor)

Supporting Characters: Alex Damaskinos (in 1685, France); Florrella Della Ravenna (See Comments); Genji Hitmoaro (1st appearance, in 2113 & 2452, Death)

Villains: The Metrognomes (in 2452, Metropolis); Gravesend (at Chronopolis, End of Time)

Guest Appearances: Baron Winters (in Washington D.C., 2113), Merlin the Leopard (Baron's Pet in Washington D.C., 2113), Saturn Girl and Spark of the Legion of Super-Heroes (2998)

Other Characters: Arretez (in France, 1685)

Comments: The 23 years old Walker Gabriel appears first in the Washington D.C. of 2113 where he and Florrella visit Baron Winters. While waiting Gabriel enters a room where he finds himself in an African 'Voo-Doo' ceremony. When pulled back to 2113 he meets with the Baron. Later, Florrella, Walker, and Genji as the guide trek to Metropolis 2454 to find the Ghost Train. Florrella and Gabriel get it working and pass through Metropolis (2998), The Old West (??? AD), London (1998), a Chronal Singularity Barrier, and end at Chronoloplis Station.

CHRONOS #1,000,000
November 1998 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Steve Leialoha (penciller, inker); Pat Garrany (digital cover backgrounds and frontispace)

Story: "Time On My Hands" (22 Pages)

Credits: John Francis Moore (Writter); J.H. Williams (guest penciller); Mike Gray (guest inker); Ken Bruzenak (letterer); Mike Danza (colorist); Alisande Morales (assistant editor); Dan Thorsland (editor)

Supporting Characters: John Fox: The Flash (in 85,269 AD, Metropolis; 11,021 AD, Hong Kong; and 1969, London)

Villains: Scourge (first appearance; 11,021 AD, Hong Kong); Chronovore (first appearence; 11,021 AD, Hong Kong)

Guest Appearances: Ambush Bug (in 11,021 AD, Hong Kong); Brainiac 5 & Koko of the Legion of Super-Heroes (in 11,021 AD, Hong Kong); Hourman of The Justice Legion A (in London, 1969),

Other Characters: Blood (in 11,021 AD, Hong Kong); Red Haired Man in Bar (in 11,021 AD, Hong Kong); Alex Damaskinos in Linear Men Outfit (in 11,021 AD, Hong Kong); David Clinton as spirit (in 11,021 AD, Hong Kong); The Beatles (in London, 1969)

Comments: A more mature version of Walker Gabriel steals John Foxes time gauntlets in Metropolis, 85,269 AD. He then travels to Hong Kong, 11,021 AD, a highly active time of chronal upheaval due to a temporal parasite.  There he drinks at a bar where Ambush Bug is the bar tender and two of his four drinking buddies are Alex dressed in a Linear Man uniform and the spirit of David Clinton.  Next, Fox finds Gabriel and Scourge shows up wanting the gauntlets.  They travel to 1969 AD, London where the Beatles are making their last appearances together.  Chronos gives Scrourge the gauntlets and catches him in a time loop.  Chronos leaves to Chronopolis where Hourman makes an eerie speech to things of things to come "there will come a day when we meet as adversaries."

"Dedicated to the memory of Archie Goodwin."

December 1998 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Tony Harris (penciller, inker)

Story: "Being & Nothingness" (22 Pages)

Credits: John Francis Moore (Writter); Paul Guinan (penciller); Leialoha & Rodier (inker); Ken Bruzenak (letterer); Noelle Giddings (colorist); Frank Berrios (assistant editor); Mike Carlin (editor)

Supporting Characters: World War III Reality Walker Gabriel (first appearance; October 5, 1998 in Livermore, California)

Villains: Anachronos (first appearance; in 1985); Wilson Sebastian (in 1985)

Guest Appearances: Destiny (in The Dreaming); Slaughtered JLA: Superman, Martain Manhunter, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Huntress, Hawkman, and Red Tornado (in Dream in Oct. 5, 1998 set-in Washington D.C.); Mentions: Blackhawks, Hunter, Suicide Squad

Other Characters: Nurse (in Oct. 5, 1998); 2 Curfew Soldiers (in Oct. 5, 1998); Amanda (in Oct. 5, 1998); Theresa Gabriel (in 1985 and new 1998); Micheal Gabriel (in 1985 and new 1998); Lizza (in new 1998)

Comments:This issue shows 6 versions of Walker Gabriel at various altered times.  The main one, seems more mature than the previous versions who have appeared in issues #1-8, but regardless is still the 'Prime' version.  There are three flashbacks to Theresa Gabriel, two of which have versions of a 10-year old Walker Gabriel in them.  The third focuses on Lizza after Walker supplants her in his place in time.  In the altered future caused by the first attempt to change history, Gabriel is put into a 13-year comma where he wakes in a hospital on October 5, 1998 during World War III.  He soon learns his mistakes, and travels to meet his alternate self, and uses the 'Tachyon Projection Field' his other self has created to travel back to the night of his mothers death to prevent the WWIII future.  the alternate Walker Gabriel follows him and is transported to The End of Time and goes insane.  When Chronos and Anachronos meet they fight but Chronos has succeeded in killing his mother.  They both vanish.

Back at The dreaming Chronos decides to alter his past forever and steals his baby self from his crib at Chronopolis whole his father watches in horror.  Gabriel then travels to the present to see the results his actions have wrought.  He becomes the Man-Out-Of-Time.

January 1999 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Tony Harris (penciller, inker)

Story: "Revisionary" (23 Pages)

Credits: John Francis Moore (Writter); Paul Guinan (layout); Steve Leialoha (inks); Ken Bruzenak (letters); James Sinclair (colors); Frank Berrios (assistant editor); Mike Carlin (editor)

Supporting Characters: Florrella Della Ravenna (at Chronopolis; last in #8)

Villains: Gravesend (at Chronopolis; last in #8)

Guest Appearances: Azreal (Constantinople, 1552); Clark Kent (Morocco, Present); Lois Lane (Morocco, Present); Baron Winters (2113), Genji (2113), Chronos I (???)

Other Characters: Over-Lords of the Dark Dimension (Flashbacks); Dulac (Constantinople, 1552); Emperor Constantine (Constantinople, 1552); 2 monks (Constantinople, 1552); Star City Detective (2113); Troupe Leader (Kansas, 1872); Vyronis (1998)

Comments: The opening pages of this issue occur prior to issue #9 and then pick up with the aftermath of Walker's actions.

Walker and Florrella confront Gravesend, who humbles Walkers curiosity by reviving Walkers lost time-travel abilities by giving him a second dose of tachyon particles. Walker learns "For the first time in my life, I was fully aware that I could not only move through time, but that I could change it, as well."

[Insert events of Issue #9.] Walker appears in his apartment as the owner in the new time-line enters from getting groceries. He only wanted to pretend that he had something left and vanishes.

Back at Chronopolis Gravesend shows, Florrella around Chronopolis and they come across a room full of 'extratemporal resonance' and they vanish as Walker reappears. At this point Gravesend find he can no longer read walkers Chronal signature, meaning he has altered the past so that he no longer exists in any time-line. Gravesend then recounts his origin of how he died, and was reconstructed to be entrusted with the Tempesthol (a vessel which contains the eternal soul of an ancient and awesome race of Over-Lords of the Dark Dimension). And in transport the contents were lost. It is Walker's job to get it back.

Constantinople, 1552 A.D. - As the chest is brought into the emperor and opened Walker appears and grabs the Tempesthold and learns the true purpose of the Over-Lords. Suddenly, the hold is broken as a sharp dagger pierces Walkers shoulder. The thrower is Azreal, whom Walker has to our maneuver in order to gain his barrings so he can time-travel.

Back at Chronopolis Florrella and Gravesend come to blows as she learns she can never leave Chronopolis.

Morocco, Present - Walker has a drink at a bar, as he tells the bartender what is on his mind and learns what he should do. And he vanishes as Lois Lane comes up to tell Clark Kent he can drop the undercover bit, because she got the lead.

Back at Chronopolis, Walker reveals he put the Tempesthold in "The future Superman's solar Fortress of Solitude--the one built in the hear of the sun." This enrages Gravesend and he unleashes the maintenance drones against him. So Walker leaps to Gravesend's platform, a brief struggle ensues, which ends with Gravesend being thrust into the Quantum Field Stream , which scatters his atoms across the universe.

After the fight, Walker and Florrella come to blows on the fact that she is preeminently stuck at Chronopolis and Walker leaves to clean up some loose ends.
1998 - Walker prevents Vyronis from stealing a tachyon generator.
???? - Chronos refuses to listen to reason.
Star City, 2113 - Walker the name of a shape changing criminal to a Star City detective.
Washington, D.C., 2113 - Walker tells Baron Winters of Genji's death in an alternate time-line.
And finally in Kansas, 1872 - Walker learns Alexandra Damaskimos never joined the Goodfellow Troupe and he rides off into the sun set knowing, "The future is all I have left… I have to make it count for something."

February 1999 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Tony Harris (penciller, inker)

Story: "Mad Genius" (22 Pages)

Credits: John Francis Moore (story); Paul Guinan (pencils); Steve Leialoha (inks); Ken Bruzenak (letters); James Sinclair (colors); Frank Berrios (assistant editor); Mike Carlin (editor)

Supporting Characters: Tsui Gabriel (see comments); Alexandra Damaskimos (see comments)

Villains: Lucas Goodfellow (at Gate of Eternity; last in #5)

Guest Appearances: Dr. Fate (inside gate); Metron (inside gate); Hal Jordan(inside gate); Abon Sur (inside gate); Hawkwoman (inside gate); Rangers (inside gate); Martha Kent (Kansas, Night of Superman's Arrival); Jonathan Kent (Kansas, Night of Superman's Arrival)

Other Characters: Dr. Faulkner (Gotham City, 1947); Guards (Gotham City, 1947); Mr. La Chance (Gotham City, 1947); 2 Orderlies (Gotham City, 1947); Gravesend (flashback); Goodfellow Troupe (flashback)

Comments: Dr. Welles arrives in the late hours at Arkham Asylum and is given a brief tour before being lead to a mysterious 'Mr. John Smith.' He was found in Chinatown screaming at the top of his lungs and he injured 6 officers before being subdued. Mr. Smith claims to be able to time-travel. The inmates room [inmate ahs been taken to shock therapy] is opened to reveal walls covered in designs of Chronopolis.

Dr. Welles arrives just in time to freeze the 2 orderlies from shocking the patient. Dr. Faulker rushes in to announce Dr. Welles's plan was delayed. The man grabs the patent and vanishes saying "I have every right. He's my father. I'm taking him home."

Back to Chronopolis Walker and Dad [Tsui] regain their barrings and Walker reveals "The last time you saw me, I was still in swaddling." Just then a member of the Linear Authority appears and blasts Walker. Tsui steps in and helps Walker freeze the person in time, long enough to learn it is Alex. Tsui takes her key stone (which he created) and after a clothing change, recounts the Chronopolis's origin, Walker's birth and kidnapping, the creation of the key stones and the Gate of Eternity, and the origins of the Goodfellow Troupe. Also reviled is that Lucas Goodfellow betrays and slaughtered all but Alex of the Troupe. When Tsui confronted Lucas, he was blasted with a disrupter which hurtled him randomly through time. Alex can't believe any of this.

Thus, they travel to the Gate of Eternity to shut down Goodfellow. But, Lucas appears and puts the 3 in a Coluan Containment Sphere and proceeds to override the gate's controls by placing all 13 of the key stones on the gate. The gates outer layer crumbles away to revile the master disk, which threatens to bring all of time to and end.

Walker decides to open his tesseract (portable extra-dimensional closet space) which leads to Chronopolis. When Walker reappears he disables Alex and Tsui's Containment Sphere and places Lucas in his own. But, the vortex is continuing to expand across time, and Tsui can't stop it form outside. Someone must go inside to disable it. Alex volunteers to overload the gate with the last key stone, but Walker freezes her and exchanges his good-byes to his dad, knowing he can 'theoretically' jump the instant he actives the key-stone.

11.18.1 - 11.19.1
"Inside the vortex, bits and pieces of every era are being swept up into the eye of the storm. Like an ocean riptide, it's point-less to try to fight its pull. All I can do is go with it. Have to concentrate on the task at hand. Activate the keystone before I get his by a lying mastodon, or something else. Now to jump to Chronopolis before the energy overload occurs… too late. As time explodes around me, the intricate connections of past, present and future become suddenly clear to me. Time is an ever-shifting spider web of interrelated moments whose patterns, once hidden, are suddenly made visible to me. I see the paths that lead to triumph, and those that lead to tragedy… … and for the first time, I am filled with a sense of genuine purpose. And with this revelation, I am reborn."

Outside, the gate is destroyed and the temple begins to crumble. Lucas is crushed to death and Tsui and Alex escape to find them selves in a tropical jungle.

Kansas - Martha and Jonathan Kent pick up a hitchhiking Walker Gabriel. They exchange a few words and then he exits the truck. He walks a little, thinking to himself, "I noticed the way Jonathan held Martha's hand while he drove away, and the way he finished each others sentences. They're a good couple, too bad I couldn't tell them why I came here. A little bit of history's falling to earth tonight." Walker continues to walk until he finds himself a tree to lean on so he can watch the Kryptonian Matrix speed by. "That's why I love my life. I have a front row seat for all the best events."

Fade out…


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