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Vampire Cheerleaders Welcome to Adam Arnold's Vanishing Point!

I'm Adam Arnold--one of a few online that you'll find by googling my name. Perhaps they're my clones? Or maybe I'm the clone? Or maybe it's all some big government conspiracy...? (Totally kidding on that last one.)

Joking aside, I'm a comic book/manga writer (Aoi House, Vampire Cheerleaders, Paranormal Mystery Squad) that also works as a book editor/jack-of-all-trades for Seven Seas Entertainment. I've had a hand in over 200+ comics, manga, and novels including such series as Love Hina, Pita-Ten, G Gundam, Boogiepop, Kashimashi, Dance in the Vampire Bund, and so many others. I started on my journey as a professional back in late 1999 when I co-created an internet fanzine devoted to anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture called Animefringe: Online Anime Magazine, which I wrote for and managed through the site's six-year run.

As for this site you're viewing now, I started Vanishing Point back in December of 1997 during my sophomore year of high school and it has changed servers and evolved numerous times over the years. The site started as a place to store my short stories and blossomed into a fan site dedicated to various obscure DC Comics characters such as Rip Hunter, the Linear Men, and the Walker Gabriel Chronos. My old short stories from high school are long gone, but my "vintage" DC fan sites still remain. They're largely non-canonical now due to a steady stream of Crises, reboots, and unboots, but they're still fun to look at for a glimpse at the Post-Zero Hour DCU.

If you wish to contact me, feel free to look me up on Facebook or LinkedIn.

DISCLAIMER: The character, story, and likeness of Rip Hunter and other DC Comics Characters are trademarked by DC Comics and are used on these pages without permission for informational use only.
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